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Full text of "Antioch News 10/15/1903"

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edgecftto The Republican 


e^|aa; Formulated 

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.••Sj*?*? '.; >" 

'" The Re ^'ican National Platform. 



JpjfofesUnir/lton'is' Gathered Hero arid 

^^Thertj^lii Onr . [ Jon nicy logs 
About Town. 

1 Elgin, ir.LTiyOct. 12 — Butter, firm, at 
, *0J*j; : I0p";li)t/:nfferod "nncU^ofd at 21c. 
^jsisl week 20#c;rlflBt year 23J^c. Output 
the/week 683,000 lbs.- ' 

Hunting coata atWebb Bros. :,. 

•;5Mra.;E. J. Aiken ^spoilt' tbo fore part of 
tiio week in. Aurora. 

.^ Rain coats nnd; rubber boots at Webb 



.Mr. R. 0. Hi Kg ins was transacting bust* 
lesa iiiClijcrigo AYednr^dny, 

Corduroy;': re vcrfloblo - coatB, the ' best 
made, ~at~We lib- Bros," 

.Money to loan on 'good 'securities at The 
State Babkof Antioch. 45tf 

: ' Tryour!J5© tea, three pounds for$L00, 
'Webb/Bros. .""-' 

Miss.Libbe Webb 'was down from Wau- 
^jkesha visiting her parents oyer Sunday. ; 

Mr. and Mrs .Lewis Savage and daughter 
lisa Lqla, were Chicago passengers Mon- 
■ *4!ay morning. 

':% Mr. and .Mrs. George Webb- and Mrs. 
^^^WiH Uodge were Chicago visitors Wednes- 

yMiss MauJe. Harden returned from a 
-■ftree weeks;'BOipurn at St. Paul and M in- 
'cenpolis,'Minn.; ■ . 

, ^Mrs. IVcd'Cbombcrs, o£ Wnukeahn, wob 
J .llii giiest of Mrs. Dr. Karr Thursday and 

■ Friday of fast week. 
wj::i * - 

, ;; _Wrlte:to.A Iden , B i di nger & ■ Co . , W nu- 
Keoan, ll[i,:for prices and terras' on new 

■ aridiUaedpiiii'iiosnndpripins. " 6tf. 


, j Josephs Coheq lias been qutto ill tbo past 
few^yB^V'/Hje, has a ee'rioaV affection of 

^^■r-Mjfs, » E; ; ; B . W illiama - nnd 
= [ter iilla ^started .'Friday for a two 
mon1h*^io"bi^ln!CaHf6mia. "■ 

Mi& EtbeiafeTiyer! ot-.Calcedon ia, W is.', 

visited pver'Sundaywilb her' parents, Mr. 

: . arid'lfra , jS i^eoitjrhny^r^ ■„ — . _, . .. Vj 

, Joseph Savage- hoi pure It used of Mrs'. 
AnnaJEnrr tbo property on Main "street 
south ofMiiB rosidece. ■ Consideration 81;E0O. 

Mra.E. N. Butrlck and - daughter,';' Mibs 
Ada,, 'started foriXibertyvillo,--- Monday, 
^wherBtbey wiilfprob^bly remain for tbc 
yr Inter. - 

.Tosepli Barnstable and family will leave 
this week for Latah, Washington, where 
Mr. Barn stable, has decided to permanently 
locate, i . 

Tlio. Ladies Aid aooietv of Ibo M. E. 
^church will give a public reception to Dr. 
and Mrs'.* Karr, Tuesday evening, Oct. 
20,*nt.that v churcb. 

• For-rent-the Niatri Welch place, one 
. ralle west. of Ftc-Becrans. For further por- 
U . ■ ticulars inquire at the place. 
W? Si w2'--. V . MAhy S, WELcir, 

■ VS.' : 

"', For Sale or; Rent— A nine" room house 

4 .-: ...with barn *nnd_ other buildingfrin Al con*, 
fy -"-^.condition in Xnttowi. Call or address J. 

■ , Jr'Bctrke, real estate agent, 'Antioch. . 2tf 

Mr. and M.ra. Abo Crowley left on Sat- 
urday, for Darnhdi III., where they will 
yiBit with Mr". Crowley'B. brother for tbo 
-next two 'weeks. 

As tho season for auction bills bus ar* 

■ rived we have something very attractive 
to Bbow t tbose who.axp going to have sales. 

Cal land 'Bee" what' we have to offer. 

■, . /-j ■ -'. .*" ■ 

Mr, and Mrs. John - Hancock wero Chi- 

V'/'cago poasenge'ra Monday,. J; 0, Jame?, Jr., 

'" At acting as operator at the depot during Mr. 

•/\ Hancock's absconco. 

For Sate-7Fivo thousand cabbages, 2000 
Hubbard equaab and 200 bushels of onions 
at reasonable prices; Call on or address 
: F. W. Taylor. Orayslake. 5w8 

. Have, a limited iiunibor of young 
. thoroughbred silver ' laced "Wyandotte 
".- cockerels which wo will soil, for the WBt of 

this month, for 81.00 a piece, ntour home, 
■yfinit house west of Milburn. Kellio Mc- 

Dougall, Millburnf III. 

', Wanted n Fann-rVTe want z to buy n 

fiiji :.'l-good farm with frontage on lake In Lake 

' ' '* 'i'ficounly, nearWiBconain Central railroad 

"Owner". addreBt,'Geo; G , Nowbury & Co.; 

.viMarqQotte B'ldgi; Oblcngo,' III. 5w2 

, : : Eov, S, .If,,/Swartz, of Yorkville,' who 
supplied. tho pulpit at the M," E. church 
la*t Sunday evening, delivered nu inter- 
esting address to a large audience, Spec- 
ial musio by the cliotr wna a feature. 

;/i At Beaver Dam],. Wia,, on Monday, Oct. 
■ 5th, occuiTed'the7,indiTiago of Ester W. 

'-Q'lrVjto Dr. Burnett;!); Warner, of Chica- 
•«o^Vl/r. Warner vis, we|l and; favorably 
( firi'pwn bero.j Ho 1 ia the son.of vMrs. :S, U, 
: ^Vonier, a former realdent of this place. 

. r- 

V AI1 wool pari ta 82.00 at Webb Bros. . 

•Unclerwcar'nnd.wdol Btockinga nt Webb 
Bros. ' - 

Dr. Taylor, of Mi!lhuni,;waa traasneting 
busiiieES in Antioch Tuesday. 1 . . 

-A- now line of sweaters for boye and men 

Alraon^Webb.Vof^Vynukegnn, waa call- 
ing on Antioch friends Tuesday. 

Afiili I trio of winter suits for boys and 
men at Webb Bros. . 

Hev, Wilson, who baa been supplying 
tho pulpit of tbo Christian chuTch, 
delivered -his last sermon hero Sunday 

Misa Webb" and. a goodly number, of her 
pupils went to nearby woodB - Saturday 
morning, to. gather. hickory nuta. They 
all enjoyed the outing. ' 

MrB, Emily Mann and family who have 
been residents of bur village for 'the past 
five years, will this week ".move to her for- 
mer home near Eosecrnns. Mrs. Mann 
leaves many friends here who regret her 

■ Mr. nnd Mrs, John Welch Bpont tho lat- 
ter part of lost and' the ' fore part of this 
weok in Aurora; Mr. Welch being a dele- 
gate from tho Antioch- M, E. church to tho 
Rock River conference. 

-Having received numerous, requests for 
consultation nnd .examination . I wish to 
say that I will bo in Annoch, Saturday 
Oct, 24, nt the residence PfH, J.Barber. 
Office hours. 1 p. m. to p. in. 

" Dr. C, H.. Barbery Eye Specialist. 


The Binaries I bend wear of the Benson for 
misses and matrons. Hats" for s t root wear. 
Dress hats, colors to match any costume. 
Any one desiring a genuine beaver, by 
ordcrintf can get any style for 82.50. 

Miis. Geo, Seymo.uii.; 

- At an adjourried meeting of the village 
board held at' the village hall Monday 
night, the board -purchased the vacant lot 
south- of the, old, cider: mill on Victoria 
street' and .will erect a pumping station, 
village ball and a place "for the Btorage 
of fire apparatus. The lot will he pur- 
chased , from . Mrs. Doolhtla and will cost 
$550, The- building, will probably: be 
erected at once. 




pwi Bar ■ 

MX¥mm:i5, ; loos. 

Hev, E. J. Alktn to LenVoTiTiflooh. 

■ ;, Tho Rock River, Conference' o^tneiMMjF 
jodiat church which has been '4n-Bes^ppJit 
Aurora for.the past week has finieiledaU 
seas ion nnd many important "cbanges;li3re f 
been made. Among those which will efRcc 
Antioch is the change of Rey,,E;.J. Aifin- 
from this placo to the Williard church at' 
Aurora, 111, His place hero being filled 
bjvRdv. W. C.Clewortb, who comes to ub 
from Chicago. 

P. H, Swift hna been nppointed as pre- 
siding elder of this district in place of C. 
E. Mandeville who has acted in this dis- 
rict the time limit' of six years. 

Rev, C. L. Hay, who baa been at tbo 
Lake .Villa church for the past two -years 
Is succeeded by J. W- Lee, Mr. Hay being . 
sent to. Haywood in tho western district. 
. Ifotonly ;'baa the people oE Antioch lost- 
an.e'xcollent pastor, but Antioch baslost a 
citizeniwho hue 'won the reapecj of nil who 

know him. He has 'built up a strong 

churclr.mombenihlp during bia fourypbrs. fa»: t<) r bfl -M Bed ia arranging 

stay among ub and it was due ip.fili^un-^J" ^ 11 '*/^^!^? niece then took a 

tiring efforts that * the ■ new -.M. E. church 

was erected.' Both Rov,. and Mrs. Alkiti ; 

leave many, fait friends hehiHd.who'airJ- 

cerely i>regrot their 'de pafture,', but' tb ey 

carry with them the bestwlsbes for buccos's 

In their now field of labor. " : ■■- "-'T "' ■■ •-'.">' 


' ■ : — ■ ' Vi&C 

CrlinhinPs. Confidence Cleverly Unljie'. 
— Stftlcniciit Is Secured iii ;\™cii f v 
Wtwi! stock * It u tchery. I r Descf i bjjtl •< 

Earl Ellsworth wns Ben tericed to tbo peui- 
tentinr}- for life Tuesday 'morning jut 
Woodstock', ;I1L, forcompiicity'in the mur- 
dea of his' father, mpther7and' Amos W. 
Anderson on;Fcb.;28, 1K02,' 
■ The sentence, pronounced by ^Judge'' G;; 
H: Donnelly, followed young Ellsworth's 
remarkable arid- complete confession, de- 
scribing in detail the stery;'of tho crime 
and acknowledging* his-partin it. 

The confession in tho courtroom Tuesday 
whs brought to light. and the guilt fas- 
tened upon the only Boriof the Ellsworths, 
aa a result of strategy and careful plnnnlng. : 
Ta the Bolutionbf "tho rayrjte'ry. andthe in- 
crimination of young Ells worth, 'States. At- 
torney L. D. Lowell, Jr. and'bia nssiBtant, 
D. T. Smiley, labored unceasingly and 
carefully led -the unsuspecting youth into 
nu admission of the 'facts. 

Ellsworth first admitted. h^'^LWo the 
hearing oE .the "state's niternq^ib^c n 8- 
Bistant, and several detectVveB*rfl^T^eekin 
a Chicago office, Yesterday he was^taken 
to the McHenry County court at Wood- 
stock and repeated his acknowledgment," '.. 

Stoically and apparently unmoved EIIb- 
worlh, narrated in broken ^sentences to the. 
court the manner in which ' ho nsaisted bis 
father, Benjnmin Ellsworth in carrying 
out a plot to murder Mrs.' Ellsworth nnd 
Anderson, the Intlor a retired farmetJivIrig 
with the Ellsworths. He told in droning" 
tones -how be nlono had committed tho 
brutal murdera which his father planned 
but only half finished, ending withrthe ast 
teunding recital oE " the Blnying-of bis 
own father. .' " 

Tho ionger- statement of young Ells- 
worthwae- made .in an office to which lie 
had been entrapped by Stato's 'Attorney 
Lowell, with-jthe.nid of. detectives. of.;thB 
Malt Pinberton agency. y-^ 

Following Ellsworth's release' under 88;- 
000 bonds a year ago the. state's "attorney 
tracked bis every movement in the hope of 
ascertaining tbe^facts concerning the crime; 

Convinced that, while the evidence was 
not .sufficient to convict the "son-yyoung 
Ellsworth knew, .eriough^aho'ufthli'telirder 
to clear up the affair, State's Attorney 
Lowell laid a' plot to entrap his man. 

'He engaged awomnn "detective to corae 

to^Hnrvev; III., where 'EllBwortu'.^acUi^ 

iiireH r position in". Sir au^tomobile i factor^ 

"orkiog through^hi* woman the slate's 


t Mr.- 'AnilprJTO arid he 
owp-'ateirs and T.wquld find 
, 'PPfc^ founilitrjeoidgun, 
VOSjf Uvjfaht' h£ abot'my mother : 
mjaapilb old ; 'gun c J "throw it 
Jy^iJPd to bo -sure he 
d.Moro I'werit away.; : .II 0a8 jd ho 
'XWt.himself, 'ana^ewanteT'me to 


■ IB I 




^not.t9 : le a y 8 'hihi-u1Stil be was dead 
1^0 me tbokey to a Bma |l secre - 
fu. stairs, nnd' told, moteget the 
fmtshiji, and give them to my 
ndlhen^he shot himself/ .Jjvue.lo 
"M m again if hewaa not dead, and I 
Jot m.ngam. /Mr. [Anderson crime 
towa ueandiabot hira 




^'^O d S CMdal 

ivp (1 


m c Confidence Alienated by m 8 

lrickcryRognrdlug. United sJates 
. , -u Ste i Wvldeudt " ~ 

Tiiere ar(riiiany-(Ji8cloBui 


Co, Abstractor Title,' Titles nS 
'* L. J.-.tiiirnoe, Sec. 


^8° : 

kCgflll, III.: 




ono in the courtroom was ioipress- R!^ f ^ d !" d ^o n steel c . 

Wd-the few Bnectnt^ moailj | «f rf « „ c ^ '-"-..a bull leader, the 



lawy. and; ofilcers of, the,conrt, ; hung l"$??! 1 ^ °°untry'a 8 p 0CU ; 

upon |ry,word of tho self-confessed \uZ ed ^ hB ^M ^totted ^bJT ° W ' 

logger do tq. say "Morgi 

fan 'a 

SnancialMifleouria^ has been „ 
rjcent developments and they will all have 
gun a i footstepa again.- - 
ThaVMoVgan did give the street an aw 

parent.. The biggest men in the 
Uve crowd-men who have /oat a 
mouey and ought to know-* 

Xflvoft^ngtii or nussia fltl ,i Jjlliat]t 

Threat of war in the Far East is 
natui grousing speculation as to the 
char, -.of the^^ruffgle thaV will 
even^f war is. declared, and aa to 

tho .cesvo success for Japan or^for 
Ruse according to the /trend of *y£ 

path^pan wtheTankeeland ofthe 

haneyteke^^^..^ e 

tcre,hintbe confines of tbeirislarid 
empj Ruam, on the other: hand, has 
an iibo donmiri/iima although .'h'er 

pcopywhole.arei;not.p a rticularly'in- 
telliJr. enterpriBingV. B he;mn8t be re- 
gnrcV on e ^ of tbo^oat powerful na- 
tionfhe earth, because of the eheer 

will no 
buying 'em 

^^^^^VAn extensive eVol 

reared by 

TbVpT^ 3 fa»«bVnd'et 

f h mJ ^ 8b, p.-q^:« soo oo 
\vvin'; > , ft ? d wife to w>-p - 

^allnce,;/ots 7 to 11 hit ft' 

t -j 

l oo: 


225"oo; ;. 



wnd of 

a telling 


of Morgan wa. none other than Churll M 

bchwab, Tlate- president of TeStee, 
poration. ■;•;/ - ' 

According to the story that ie in everT . 
body's mouth. just now, Schwab was al 
F^^bf^B of .the big- western 


unnatural .resourcea: -behind "that 
ngbjjrco. ;'. '" ■ '. 

/-Jjh.oa a comparatively p , verfu | 
unvb whole strougtfa- o£ whicll 
is- Urated at tho ; scene of the 
hr< hostilities, and in fighting on 
the will undoubtbvba^blo to give 


Padters five first-'cfaV 

ran {size from I^SOO'^ns to 15,200 


hhu^deak room 

who was in re« 
detective agency 

in the office of another Pinkefton man 
whose acquaintance Ellsworth rapidly 
made. He took a liking to this man and 
Boon became quite ^confidential with him. 
' Different stories of tho tragedy at Wood- 
Btock were told by young Ellsworth to his 
acquaintances. Finally Nolan, pretending 
to take pity on the young man, offered to 
help clear him. Nolan's friend gave the 
other detective a draft for 815,000, as much 
as necessary of which, it was understood,. 


.(a'J -i ..,[—■■ -irii.'"*"'* ^*r^r - i ■ 

i*6TB"-- ..." - • ■y^^v&BSSBbBtm 

Tenc^ler3 , lieadlng Circle. . 

Tho monthly reading circle met ak An- 
tioch in the school house last .Saturday 
with a good; attendance. The books' for 
the year are "Tlic Social Spirit in America'.' 
and "How to Teach Rending," . 

Mr.-ArthurOullidgoof Lako Villa pre ; 
dieted over the meeting. and tbo following 
teachers were present: Pearl and Minnie 
Lux, Olga- Lovgren, Mr. Eakel, George 
Bflrtlett, Delia Sherwood, Tesslo Cunning- 
ham, Lillie Wateoh l ,Lelnh Webb, Matide 
Smith, Jennie Welch, Florence Watson, 
Misb Collins, Miss Roomer, Gertrude Mil- 
ler and A. O. Gullidge. 

Tbo next meeting will be held nt Lake 
Villa the aecond Saturday in November. 
The lessiou for the next meeting is Chap- 
ter XX arid IV.V VI. '"'The Social Spirit", 
and Chapter I "How to Teach Readbg;", 
All teachers are urged to be preaont. ". 

Stated Attorney Talcott Strlckeii. 

State's Attorney S. D. Talcott lie's at" hU 
home in Wnukegari in an exceedingly pre- 
carious condition nB the result of: nn nt- 
tack of paralysis which came, upon* him 
shortly before noon Tuesday , 

Friends who had seen him early in tho 
day could hardly realize the .truth of the 
report. Even hia partner,: Leslio Hiiunn, 
who left him at Ibe office did not^tnow 
that Mr. Talcott waB ill. He worltejl.;nll 
the forenoon In as apparently as^gppd 
With aa oven. 

an m- 
tereotjn 'the Ella^qrth story,, and he was 
made. to ,'_reVt$ it ' over -again. The d is- 
closures he made at ibis'timo were sufficient 
toi'secitre^ uls "conyictjftp.^0n the plea, 
howevei, °f • eci 'riug a'more detailed state- 
ment in. tho preBenca of some one familiar 
with the- law, young.- Ellsworth wob made 
to'relatCjhiB confession once irioro, ... , 
..Upon' this occasion State'B Attorney Low- 
ell j". hia nssaistantj- D; .Tr- §ni!lei'I, L. E. 
Quentch. chafrmaa of the McHenry county 
board; Benjamin-Thrbop,' supervisor " for 
Nundn, and Matt W, Pinkortdn were con- 
cealed in an adjoining room arid-heard Liie 
story, which was also taken .down verba*, 
tim by a stenographer. 
His confession began "as follows: 
VI don't know where to begin. I will 
start in that morning I went down to the 
breakfast^ table; about 7 - o'clock. Father 
gave me a notice to pay the life insurance. 
Ho gave mo the money, and just as I went 
away he asked me to do something for him. 
He aBked me if I hud seen anything wrong 
in the house. 

"He wanted mo to go to the houaeand, 
watch. -I didn't want to, but I thought to 
satisfy him I would.. I got a. ladder" and 
put it against tho boa Be and went up to the 
uttick, and'.ho ahowed me a bole ha-had 
bored "there, nnd aaked .me to watch 
heard some one coming from below 

cl oea. battleship?, 
, Motrins to 15,200 
Hussia - has, seveifships of : the 
Bnnt, ranging fronv:li;0(W to 12- 

ranirom 9i5Q ^tonaV. tb DS50 

i tho 
-■- would be no change in 
tho would be nefther 
passed, reduced, nor poatpohed.. A B h 
day for the dividend . meeting . a p pr c£h ed 

fhoy bad bought coploualy of Steel com 
mon of Schwab's.' iriform a tion,5it t h e 

mgettinff ail^the, stock they wanted 
Somebody wae.feeding it;,out in Bl3 ^l 
ingly big lots,. It canm 

p rinlf i w,v ao a : wife to H n 

Hockefcller, w d ' 16 ' blk ? 
Otto Muehrcke to R.U'Vr" ',■•-•*■ 100 ° °° "' 

PPn A rli V . Ulx C,UD 8Ub. in 

P a 't£ n,nlt f WM Mp.q-oiv? 

1 ■ *• i30l»er nnd wife in P..t,^t 




10 oo 


Mr 9 . llargaret Borislett'et nl to R 
W. Vendy, lot 4-BomJ.-"* 
fcapie Point, w d 

^v *■ 


• * •'■.'.. . . .- " ;. 

300 00 


from the insiders. ' . uo ^^tionabIy 

. Th 'f Wlowad.tliwiump, The men who 
bpught on Ihe^chwnb and Morgan Ss 

k to Mowin AnS„ C fe e ™T 

Japanese Army^Servlce. ; ' 

there are German. taBtructor B : 

y_ Railway Ties, 

it Is calculated that (h.,'m, m . 

£WS5^*-: S 5i2S of 
£3S '„ s EST?- ™$™ 

timber supplies -of. th 


L . .JB>- 


rT : M 

a- world. 

Down in Tenneseee. 
laws, there are 

haio protected cruisera, 

fro tons to 4"" 

ein a_b/ eight, ranging rrom-: : d4S8 

g^Sr^ M^"^-M 

4 gunboats, IM^jHgj^l^^ 

D .Rockefeller and theStarderd Oil crowd 

teok the decision of tho dividend question 
out of Morgan's hands. R„t ffi 

on the 

cli lo.boata, twenty destroyofu^'two 
cr' ; no fighting,, value, find' six 

^ ,n ^^^haB,in'addi- 
ti« c battleships, armored cruisers 
atted cruiaers, only three belted 
g Itwillbeseenthat in point of 
n ear the scene .of the expected 
st io Japanese navy outclasses tbo 
R*vy, although -the individual 
h , armored cruisera nnd pro- 
Users of the Russian nnv/nre 
b ivier tonnage than the ships of 
t asa in the Mikado 'a navy/ 

larger available navy, Japan 
uthe advantage if the fighting 
ion the sea. But aa\he/strug- 
(be for'territorjfjand ae /Russia 
inon, the Japanese will have to 
i) put her out of Manchuria if 

But Schwab 

and ; every P»|^ttoVtojSi^S uS 
dividend. It is said that Schwab ie Jri 
the Bjuare and did what he said he would 

Ve Editor Explains. 

on^J?' PreaCbfir * at t^'conoluaion of 
one of h» sermons, ea id: '.'Let all in tho 

house who ere paying their debts stend 
1 In .! aBtl ^ e "rymari, woman and 

ft ' tT ' ° U l Wceptiob ' r0M to their 

and "vagr^ jt" r ' 

an honest Hving"or TnTent*adSe 
other method of doing their stealing 
Knoxvltl e Journal aDd Tribunei ,nff ' 

Farmfne In Alacka. 
Large sections, of Alaska are Bulled 
for farming and gardening. Such 

na.?^ °, atS ' Wheat ' Wi barley and 
fiax have been raleed and vegeUbles 
-Potatoes, turnips, beets, peaa 
ery, etc., grow In abundance. 



On tbo 

itoaccomDliah nnytbing 
vould therefore 

be da-fensivo 

every man not payDff uk deM8 

stand up. The exception noted, a care- 

worn, hungry-Ioobing individual clothed 

•n bis lost summer's suit, slowing as 1 te d 

J perpeqdlcular position. "How iij Z„ 

BBians.and their navy would" J .uV Mked the miniB ter, "that you' are 

e chicfly'for the. coast c efense. V»« B !'7 aB who can not meet his obli- 

. of: this kind. there, wotld ^ ^- T ' " l tm Q "ewapaper," he 

dol.jiumbe.nlV.'.ia tuelseffi ^^WV$t"u* the brethren here 

& ^^^nphb-woulaMaei' ™.° JU g ^^^ . W&fytoe* 
h !P.|XP?d '■■ RusBia'' : wou Id \ayB ' 
she cbuteritB hersoIf.with : 
ics-" 'Witb this view of ■„, 
preponderance "of : belipl 
ftt" Russia' would win, 'ibe 
b figh t hard, oiid ecienti ficafly , 
j power is tremendous, nndkie 
yorried into exhaustlou by a 
h will have to transport jher 
ngth by water to the pbint of ' 

Baby's Welflht. 
— baby's third blrthdav 
Should weigh thirty-one pounds i 
boy and thirty if a glr , 
measure nineteen and ' 
nehes around tho head and twenty 
Inches around tho chest 



ft should 




- Auction Sale. 

Having decided to quit farming I will , e lt 
nt public auction on the Wm McGuvte 
fajn. the next farm, .to Geo. KemaVdy 5 

niileseastof Aritioch%nendIe„So5 
October ( .B9,..(S8 m . 

.ufiocb, one mile north" of 
Hickory, on Tiiesdav" 


-$ T *|Let ub- prayAXeif aimbd the" 
e ^£^X>^ T |£s-Herald ■ ■ • 

-^^^ • -tit rm * ^^^^^^^^^"^^"^^fci * 

^<^* Io ^%t Surprise PaVty:^ 
: i>rj: Pleasant -gathering^ 

^ooplei^et "at ^tS3^S^:J^ 

Bridges In Scotland, 
leads tho way I a the build- 
bridges. The new cantl- 
ture Bhortly to bo operied 

^k,m honor o^srir P ri segi veKAS 
S tell. ^Rowling. Miss: Stella ftgS&2£ 
surprised, huMoon revived, ■ ha'dW„iS 
to entertain heV guests n^m^tl 
evening was very pleasantly ajent 

; % ; 

..*,-■ Plgsipair of 
n ss, s,n, 4h>rri e ^ Be Tder, -pos^uger^- 
horse- cnlfAatof fJ? w, At^^j^ 





I games, unUUbout T] 

1 San" fafter^th 
r.P**'. the 
I don't remember just what I ^ia'do P^ .'he.'s 

o lock when a dainty luncheon was served 
which wns enjoyed by all. : Games were 
again resumed untillabout 12 o 
erry, near Oban.^ls second when nil began to depart for the.V 
kgnUude to that which, homes, each and nil declaring S ? «■ 

Forth, ^vlng ... a mode, entertainer! *SSSSi?S 
aafollowB, The Misses Nehie Gau™ 
Lillian Turner, Elvia Gullidge, MauTe" 

of 500 feet. 



next. I might havo given the signcy^ 
a short time father- ■ rushed. up itaira 

1 .went down, ni^)%:}^ffi^' 
torn I foun'tT>a crinei aud|iooik-;l 
and went into tho^fcbm^'nck;o*f. ^ 
tie bad coriimenc^^BhppUng; m^ 
fell agninBt .moVa^^kriocked, .""' 

father" 1 .' ihot "my . mothe .., 


Claude Erograu, ur ! 

MR ,, buggy, go ton 8t of tame hay, 2 straw 

it^cks, 2 po^barrels. household furnure 
neyood stove, 15*cres of com in shock* 
80 chickens, 25 bushels potatoes. J. ££ 
pulleys a>drop C s, 2 tons of bailed h» 
T ^»»;fmervwaa all new last sZl 
Tho usual terms of Bale 

■ m 


■ Eo^aso 




Hbj. . , ■■"•".'-■*;— .*•*•■ 

• ■•—.."...fa Mono M 


Aran . . t- 

Ulddllnn.- "■'.*.'". , .*V:v".-v?'«. —.*I8,D0 : 
Glaton. "" "'■".■.'■^ 


HM'f- ■■• 



K-n," .-.'VI? ■ • 

r ; •' '•■ .'--•'■;;;■■■ 

:■ v. 

'Ml'-** v. 

.'■■ ■■- 


The Antibch News, 

A. B. JOHNSON,- Publisher. 




Chief, of Police Noble Walllugford, 
■ Councilman D. E. Hill and Patrolman 
HncJcctt, all of Nome, Alaska, have boon 
•arrested on a charge of blnekinall 
brought by Aimle Brown, a dance hull 
keeper, who alleges alio had to pay $700 
for protection. 

Two schooners nud one bnrge have 
been lost off the A'irgliila-Curollua coast 
and five men arc known to have been 
. drowned. Three large schooners .arc 
missing. The crews of the schooners 
were rescued, hut tlio barge wont down 
with all ban J s on bonrd. 

The Mercantile Club has authorized Its 
president to appoint a committee to se- 
cure signatures to a petition of a suffi- 
cient number of resident property own- 
ers to cull n grand jury to Investigate the 
alleged boodllug of certain members of 
the school board of Kansas City, Kau. 

If the courts sustain the Kuusns At- 
torney General, Who [ins rendered an 
opinion tii nt marriages performed in a 
county other than the one the, license 
was secured, several hundred Knnsns 
couples will have to he remarried. The 
opinion has created widespread discus- 

The Great Northern will spend $1,- 
000,000 In preparing Smith's Cove, 
Wash., Its Facllic steamship port, for 
the trans-Pacific litict-s, which will go 
Into service within eighteen months. The 
Improvements will occupy n year and a 
half and will make Smith's Goto harbor 
one of the finest ou the Pacific coast. 

Three men were killed and three oth- 
ers wore injured, one seriously, in a col- 
lision between Missouri Pacific and 
'Prlsco freight trains in the switch yards 
In Kansas City. The 'Frisco trnln was 
standing mi the crossing when the Mis- 
souri Pacific train ran into it, turning 
over a freight car, which fell on o crowd 
of men. 

" The use of drugs Is snld to have unbal- 
anced the mind of Mrs. XCntc M. Clcary 
of Jackson, a writer of novels and short 
stories, who has been adjudged insnno 
.- and ordered placed iu an asylum. While 
. Buffering from a fever In 1SD4 Mrs, 
-sCleary h) snld to have had morphine ad; 
'ministered to her, and since then, It is 
• snld, elie lias been taking the drug rogu- 
■J Jarly. -;- ' "... • 

■ In an opinion 1 "rendercd-by the Texas 
' Attorney G eii oral : it 3 Is. I i.cld -to ;bo ^uiila w- 
ful for birds or any ''part thereof "which 
ore prohibited la the bird and game pro- 
tection law to be bhlppcd, p!aeod:on>alo 
or purchased by 'persons withpr^'tho 
State, even though killed outside of 
Texas. This applies to birds, wings and 
plumage ou sale in millinery stores. The 
law will be enforced. 


The Stone opera house at Einghnm- 
ton, N. T., was destroyed by fire. 
> An nuti -dyspeptic club has been form- 
ed in Jersey City to promote simplicity 
of eating. 

Three distinct earthquake shocks were 
felt-ijt, Nevada, Mo. The movement wan 
from Wtf«! 'to east 

Walter Wilson, a "knockout drop'!, 
robber of New York, was sent to Sing 
Sing for thirty- tliroo years. 

Orrillo B. Smith, who has cheated 
hotel keepers In 'every big city In 'the 
Union, was sent to tho Cleveland work- 
house for three mouths. 

The Ellsworth homestead In Windsor, 
Conn., was formally presented to tho D. 
A. It. by tho descendants of the third 
chief justice of tho United States. 

A monument to commemorate the 
deeds of Maryland soldiers who partici- 
pated In the battles around Chattanooga, 
Tcrni., was dedicated at Orchard Knob. 

Two mills of the Illinois Steel and 
Wire Company at J oiler, employing 
I, G00 men, arc shut down, but ft Is hoped 
the su s pension will be but for a short 

Judge Shirns, In a decision handed 
down by tho Federal Circuit Court of 
Appeals at St. Paul, In the Christie case, 
severely arraigned the Chicago Board of 

J. F. Arondez, who Is n fugitive from 
the Netherlands and has been chased half 
n round the world, wns'-arrcsted In San 
Francisco as lib landed from n Japanese 
steamer.' v.. 

Gov. Van Snnt Is reported to be plan- 
ning to enter competition for—the' St. 
Louis world's fair trade by establishing 
n now fdsf line" of boats from St* -Paul 
to St. Louis. 

The. Farmers' Co'-bpcrntlvc Shipping 
Association, commonly called the fann- 
ers' tniBt, lias Incorporated In Nehrnska. 
It will handle grain and livestock, elim- 
inating the middle men. 

A break In tho Itamapo river e'ervt of 
wall of water twenty feet high down the 
Itnmapo valley, destroying everything 
for a distance of ten miles. Residents 
of the district escaped to the hills. 

William Jones, whoso real nnmo was 

Jnmcs Mcnley, wns hanged at Danville, 

Va, ( for tho murder of Jacob Leo Inst 

. November. Ho admitted three murders, 

but said ho was Innocent of Lee's denth. 

The case of Alfred Knnpp, tho '.'Blue- 
beard," sentenced to bo electrocuted Dec. 
12 for the murder of his wife, Ilanimh 
Goddard Knnpp, has been nppenled to 
the Circuit Court In Hamilton, Ohio, on 

The heaviest ralafall of the year caus- 
ed caormoiifl damage la the north of 
England. The roads were Impassable,' 
railroads were interrupted, bridges' down 
nud the valleys at the Dee and of the 
Tweed ilka Inland seas. 

At the risk of his life United Slates 
Senator Clapp slopped n runaway on a 
crowded street In St. Pnul and saved 
many pedestrians and Israel Boushnlo, a 
peddler, who was driving tho horse. Tito 
Senator was injured, sustaftilug severe 


. ' Rhode Island Prohibitionists nominat- 
ed Frederick ,T. "Jenks of Barring tan for 

The will of Frederick W. Guitcau of 
Irvlngton, N.Y., gives $100,000:. to Cor- 
nell University. ■_. , 

Tho Pittsburg Glass Company has or- 
dered another reduction In prices, 'appli- 
cable to glass used In making mirrors, 

H. O. Famham was arrested at. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., on the charge of Impersonat- 
ing a treasury agent for fraudulent pur- 

George Howard, known as tho "gentle- 
man burglar," pleaded guilty at Ilncken- 
sack, N. J., and was sentenced to four-, 
teen years. 

Five Bowdoln College students were 
seriously hurt and sixty others slightly 
Injured In riot with Brunswick, Mc, 
town boys over "nightshirt" parade. 

Two men wero killed near Merchant- 
vitle, Fa., by being struck by a Penn- 
sylvania Railroad train. They were In 
a buggy and did not see tho train ap- 

Mrs. Dwjgbt L„ Moody, widow of tho 
famous evangelist, died nt her homo la 
Bast Norllifield, Mass. Mrs. Moody had 
been Buffering for Boino time from an in- 
ternal 'trouble. 

An attempt to make Professor Lang- 
ley's flying machine fly ended In failure, 
tho aerodrome lauding In the Potomac 
River a wreck. The operator, Professor. 
Manley, escaped with a ducking. 
' Tho steamer Adventure, loaded with 
llmo, took fire on Lake Erie and was to- 
tatty destroyed. The boat was owned by 
Boychlag, Bchllnkert & Lowes of St. 
Clotr, Mich. AH on board escaped. 

Six lives were lost aad property 
worth millions of dollars destroyed by a 
record-breaking storm In New York and 
vicinity. In tho metropolis tho streets 
were transformed Into rivers and busi- 
ness stopped. 

Wilson S. Btssell, former Postmaster 
General, died at Buffalo. The end came 
easily and peacefully. Mr. Blfsell suf- 
fered from complications thought to ho 
oJdn to Bright's disease, although not 
well understood. 

The fiubmnrino .torpedo boat Shark, 
during a trial nt Green port, rammed tho 
torpedo boat Dnhlgrcii, Tho latter, with 
her crew of seven men, barely escaped 
■inking. Tho quick work of the thirty- 
seven officers and jnckles nt Grccnpoct 
oaved the Dahlgrcn. 

Notices have been posted In the thlr- 
ty-fivo and forty-inch mills nt the Home- 
stead Steel Works, Homestead, Tn., nu- 
nomcing a shut-down for an Indefinite 
period. This Is the most Important de- 
partment of tho Homestead Steel Works 
and employs over 2,000 men. 

Tho Inveutory of the personal estate of 
B. F. Jones, tho Pittsburg steel manu- 
facturer, shows personalty valued at $17,- 
230,003. Of tills sum $"u.Sro,Gl!j is In 
stock, $1,G40,0S0 In bonds, $340,490.8-1 
In cash, $310,740 In notes, and thcro is 
owing by various persons $58,719.82.. 

Frank and Thomas Ilchns, brothers, 
43 and 24 yunrs old respectively, and 
William Oonn, 41 yearn old, died in Phil- 
adelphia from the effects of wood alco- 
hol. They procured a quantity of wood 
alcohol from a drug store and with lem- 
on and sugar mndo a punch of the ex- 


All the gambling houses hi Milwaukee 
have been closed cud n committee Is In- 
vestigating "graft" charges. 

At the National Horse Thief Detective 
Association convention at Richmond, 
Ind., a membership of 1,100 was report- 

Circuit judges of South Dakota deny 
that a decroo of divorce has been granted 
to Mrs, Roland B. Mollneux of New 

Municipal ownership was defeated In 
Snn Francisco by tho voters, who refused 
to isstio- bonds to take over the Geary 
street coble line. 

William T. Baker, cx-nrcstdent of the 
Chicago Board of Trade, died at his 
summer home En Highland Park. His 
denth was sudden. 

Of three masked bandits who held up 
a street car at Aurora, III., one was 
killed by the police and another wounded 
la a subsequent battle. 

Sir Albert P. F. Coope, nn English 
baronet who became a saloonkeeper at 
Lumberlon, N, M. ( has shot his fifth 
wife, his sister- In-law and hlmrelf. 

William Schrocder of Pnpillon, Neb., 
fell Into n grain separator through losing 
his .footing when pitching bIi eaves to be 
thrashed and was crushed to denth. 

Ivory Rogers, the boy who confessed 
to the murder of Mary Prokash, a 13- 
year-old, girl, near Stillwater, Oklahoma, 
pleaded ;gullty In court and was iwn- 
tenccd 'to prison far life. - 
> Dynamiters blew, up the liomo of Con- 
stable ^Foster MeCorniell in Jopltn, Mo*, 
injuring two of his little children. Eirj 
mlty due to iirrcstB he had made among 
roughs led to the outrage. 

Robbers entered the court house nt 
Olivet, 8, D-, but were surprised at their 
work before they succeeded Iu opening 
the safe. One was captured. One ol 
those who romped was wounded. 

Lightning struck a tent In the Rock 
Islnud Railroad camp In Kansas City, 
Kan., during a violent storm, killed two 
men, Injured five others and shocked nil 
the occupants, about fifteen In number. 

The Ohio River steamer Sunshine 
struck n snag and sank at Gunpowder 
bar, near Madison, hid. No lives were 
lost. Efforts will be made to rnlse the 
bout, but the cargo will be almost a total 

Records of divorces la Cuyahoga Coun- 
ty, Ohio, show, five applications n day, 
and tho courts are unable to keep up 
with tho demand. Tho average for h 
year shows two divorces to every llvo 

Allen Shafer, one of tho State's chief 
witnesses in the Dewey murder coie, 
was fired at by masked men while on his 
wny to Bird City, Kan., and one of the 
bullets passed through liU arm, Inflicting, 
a dangerous wound. 

A high society scandal is snld to Iw the 
bafts of the- court Inquiry -orderod^-by 

posed to have been disgruntled ^employes, 
of tho Consolidated Company. - 

Four men :wcre"-kllled and twi InJ 
In a head-on 'collision between a'dqubj^v 
header freight train and' an extra eWflw' 
four miles north of Sttonta Springs, '***•# 
on tho Kaunas City Southern road. Tho 
three engines were .demolished. „- 

George Warner, aged :1G years, a eon 
of George" Warner, now In tho Loiila; 
vllle, Kyir-jiill on a charge of murdering 
Pulaski. Xecds,- a" Louisville. & Nashville 
rallrorid offlclal,' died ■ In Loganaport,'- Ind^- 
of grief over his father's crime," 

John Jr*Ryan, tho turfman, : testified 
before tho fodernh gram) jury nt Cincin- 
nati that ho paid nioaey^.to Dinlel^V.- 
Miller" of tho Foatoulee IJepnrtaqjit'iln 
connection -with "gct-rlch-qulck'' sehcmei 
on condition of being glTcniprotc^jo^-"^ 
A w est-boutid ..Che- Isoa . Park Ctri Iloy^ax 
struck n wagon eoutnlnhig^fourtaenj.pcr- 
sons at Thirteenth BtrcotjTand' Stewart,, 
avenue, in Kansas City, ,ICan> AJl*Uii : 
occupants of .the wagon were tbown to 
tho pavement and mora or. less Jdured. ! 
There Is a great deal of .esclbment In 
Silver City, N. M., and tho, Biiratmding 
country over a phenomenal gold itrlko at 
Gold Gulch. The' ore. Is of a peculiar 
quality and has not yet been cassl fled. 
Assays ns high as $0,000 per toi aro re- 
ported. ' j^ : 

Tornndoes look three lives InKansas, 
wiped out Allccvillo and destrced nine 
houses near Hamilton. Btx;aor© vic- 
tims wero reported dying and to others 
Injured. At Omaha a -windstorm blew 
down the new Union Pacific sb-pB, kill- 
ing ono mini. 

Daniel Gllmorc, an Inninto of the 
county poor farm, found a stlckof dyna- 
mite on the Northern Taclfie treks near 
Butte, Mont. A fuse and copsS'j?re^at- 
tached. Ho removed tho crpbslvoVln 
time to prevent tho wreck ofjtM North 
Const Limited. 

In an attempt to arrest nn escaped 
prisoner named John Frost, alia. Harry 
Egbert, wanted in Douglas Goaty for 
burglary, John G.' Silicon, n vt'trknown. 
attomcy of Bums, Ore., who w'a acting 
as special deputy sheriff, and Jn'c West, 
a rancher, wsro both kilted by F»L 

Albert T. Bossart was seriojf^y hurt 
la nn automobile accident at tbf Khiissib 
City Driving park,.where the fi« nnnunl 
raco meet of the 'Kansas Cltj7i,»tmiio- 
blle Association held. UosktI's inn- 
chine while nt n Standstill wns'nnaslied 
by a mu chine driven by D. F, l^aizeL 

Ed. McColIum)?n negro, wo taken 
from the county jnll In SheridD, Ark,, 
by. a mnsked mob, tied to n tht In the 
court house ynrdpuid shot to d*p. : Tho 
negro shot nnd,Berlousty.wou^Wl .Cou- 
stablu Crntcbfield'of Davis Cniirji -while 
the o Ulcer wns Bttcmpting to nn-lt lilin. 
Aunounccment is made of tli.e consoli- 
dation of the Isabella Gold Mln;,- Com- 
pany, the Orphan Bell and tlit Hhuplrc 
Gold Mining Company, which h ill three 
of tho best known and rnocttiltiable 
claims of the -Cripple Creek i tlstrict, 
Into the Isabclln Mines Com pa m, n Wy- 
oming corporation. 

M.ns. Sarnb B. B. Bohrer ol Council 
Bluffs, Iowa, Is contesting the w2 of her 
cousin, Mfss Mary Beach Tousejif New 
York, who died in 1809, leaving u estate 
worth nl>OHt $250,000 to be : dlcibuted 
among charitable 'and rel|gioi|i Institu- 
tions. Mrs, Rohrcr; alleges mctUl Inca- 
pacity and unduo influence. '. / 
; As a result of a well-orgaiwl .sutl 
partly succeskfiil attempt nt n«lt>Icsale 
delivery of prlBouers' at the Uul State 
pcnltenttnry one prisoner was ItiUfd, one 
guard was shot nnd- wounded, iriother 
was beaten nlmost Into Instability, 
tlirce prisoners wero wounded ltd two 
others under death sentences cieped. 

Football ns n htgh school ■ ^i£« was 
Odlcinlly discount onnnced nt n ti*ang of 
tlie Bonril ot w Education ln,,|Fwnpfjt,.' 
Neb. A. Tesohitiou wns pnssed| iirgiug 
tin: superintendent and tunchen k<r«af- 
ter to givij. It no encourageinrj*. Tho 
city has heretofore been reproVerd by 
ono of (he strongest teams In .Ht State. 

N. E. llnminoud, alias Bell/irtm is in 
St. Anthony's liosnltal In IJcm«, Col., 
has mndo n confession coveriii; ill the 
crimes with which he stands} iirged. 
Bell Is accused of hnvlng comiiiktd nn- 
merons forgeries, swindles aid mall- 
pouch robberies over the counter, l! M op- 
erations aggregating soineth::; like 
$300,000. . ' 

E.. Johnson, bookkeeper for '.tlit Com- 
mercial Bunking Company ofj frjladi, 
who wns Indicted by the last grill Jury 
on the charge of ombc7JdIiig 5-l^xi of 
the bank's funds, clinngcd hit ^ a f 
not guilty to one of guilty of hrtjtry In 
the third degree, whereupon hatrtt ecu- 
teiiccd to- the St Cloud rcfornmwy on 
the Indeterminate plan. j , 

Ex-Cong rcHSiiinn D. R. Ncls^lTeU- 
ncsBec forfeited a hond of ?5,0u , )lj full- 
ing to nppcnr in tlie District,' Cert In, 
Coffeyvjlle, Knn., to answer tleeinrge 
of secTctliig , his brother, Joh'ii .Vtijon, 
from the county olllccrs, and ai^iirfl t 
S200 has been offered by the'. 'cb'wj )joiii- r 
in I srio ne ra of Moiitgoinery,...Gfoiittj] for. 
the cx-Cohgressiuairs arrest.' "3 

A collision occurred lit the] itrbot nt 
Rncluo between the Dairy lin« i:ei\ner 
Fremont and the schooner Jl fi, ,S p'w- 
lnnd. One of the pasaengcrsAr^j i„ U| 
wns nearly killed, Tho jlbbolm til 
schooner crashed Into her stnllr^g 
struck U few Inches above horfhii. Her 
screamB and the crnriilng titnlK:. a, ]S( .j 
much excitement among the ijiutJc r e, 

Tho British ship Lytton* hni morucd 
to Snn rrauclHco and ex pin hied in fruit- 
less cvpeditlou to C'ncos IbJiind.^i'^iH 
Rica, In Hcureh of $0,000,000 It coin, m 

u.hi.fn.1 in lini'n liAnil lil,t-ij, rl till < ~_ ~ . 



■-,.■. ; ■•- 


n -flerco^icoldr ^ flgbt :botw>"tt4ho girls of 
j^, ; froshjrhnn and sopho'mor^-Tlasfles^' 
Wt'ftXrflVe "sophomore; girls tried-.:, to, 
'•rush" forty freshmunCglrli off tho: plat- 
form; Tables' and chairs were' o vcrturn- 
'cd^.tho president's oh air wns;smaslicdjto 
Places, clotlios wore torn, hats^wefe Io«t: 
and^yta blacked In tho -rough 1 and 'tnin- 

;/A' pistol -duel, between James Watson. 
and^Olint'; Cnntrell Ijwds , fought on the 
public ''square Iu Neosho',- Mo.,: In which 
AVatson" was killed.' VA.n old grudge had 
^existed botw>eii the- two moo for several 
years; Originating over n lawsuit.. When 
tho'.iieii met f rica to ' face on tho streets 
both\Tj*ere heavily armed, but Cnntrcll 
.wns':firBt to rench bis pistol. This was 
emptied Into Watson's body and also the 
contents of ContrclPs brother's weapon 
that^was handed to him, 

tin' a eouthwest gate on; links- Superior 
the schooner Pretoria broke away from 
the steamer Sultana off Cooper Harbor. 
Tho Pretoria waa drifting' across Lake 
Superior when she. was sighted by tho 
steamers Boyco nnd Gratwick and towed 
to an nnchorngo under Mnnltou Island, 
There Bbo was found by tho Sultana 
with her sails blown away, her anchor 
and anchor chains gone, hex- wheel chains 
parted and her windlass .'broken. The 
Sultana succeeded In bringing the dis- 
abled Bhlp to Sault Sto. Marie, Mich. 


cuts, and brutsea. Gov p cn theaff.ilrs of tho.Colo- 

. " William Bcnls, nn neronnut, wns al-j j. ft{ , Q . National Guard and which l&sVrc-' 
most Instantly, killed wliile^rnakliis ; n de v ; (Ultcd in, tlio-jrceall^ffall .dfaccra^hjgli, ip 

command st v Crj»j|ji50roek. * .',?. 

i Dynamite' ble^up several foot of the 
Algoma'-Central Railroad tienrtbo Con- 
solidated Lake Superior. Compnny'B, brick 

a do-, 
scent In Snn Francisco. 'He fell from a 
pnrncliuto forty feet to tlio : groiittd./Mniid 
Honney.Svho wns riding oirh fi treat car, 
leaned out too far In.nn erifloAvor to wJt- 

serted to have been buried in' tenvuby 
Fc'riiviaiia when Tcru w^ns strjuiiliuj f 0r 
Independence. When the Lyttin md lc d 
the Island it was found (hit s j^aat 
InndHllde find buried the allesul-iwjsiirc 

It Is alleged that an nttcmbt \ tt ttW ,„ 
mndo t" imiWoi). tho ' irnrr1 o ott v, Vmut) 
KIi Paso, Cripple Creek, Col*, mj that 
It wns , so succersf id that cvjii; fflra i„ 
the command, ..with tho excVpKon. a f 
three: who weroiabscnt, wnn^Lvj ^ \ x \ a 
bacli' r ,wtt) ; ajii[]?s.niid dinrAie:. xho- 
geQieR&lxty-eight^wn .weri| JonV j,„ t 
nil ■qfftbcm.-havsT&c'coven-d/ |. i i^,-.. 
i'KVjMpisoM^ppTaced' In ( U, , atti , 








VlJJ, ImtrCiTtl - 

f nrflerf^.vt*%*Si-JJl proj 

: fnrttfi! 

to; tli"' 

(t! thereby;." 
cWlll, of ' 

"A Minnie 





">*"' ' 



ncss Urn. descent, nni her head struck an ^ & { Sto. Marie. J They:a W 

Iron post.. Slie>wna.killod. 




A hurricane has swept over Germany. 
A portion of'tbo tower, 180 feet high, of 
tho new' cliy.bnll ht • Oharlottenbarg, n 
suburb of Berlin, has been blown down. 
A wall at the new baths of Dresden was 
blown over, killing four workmen and 
.Injuring eight others. 

Tho Mnrquts of Donegal Is the floppi- 
est man In £3ag)and. An heir was born 
to him the other day. The marquis, who 
Is In his eighty-second year, married Miss 
Violet Turning of Nova Scotia, who Is 23 
years old. Thojnarquis has been mar- 
ried twice before without having Issue. 

A terrifid storm swept over the Baltic 
and North Seas and a number of mari- 
time casualties arc reported, . Tho, steam- 
er FiiiHburg foundered In the North Sen 
and her crew of thirteen were drowned. 
The bark CInra went down off tho coast 
of Schleswlg and her crew of twelve 
were loat. 

Russia has notified China that .she will 
not evacuate Manchuria unless all her 
demands, presumably the eight points 
submitted some months ago, arc "com- 
piled with. Th fa may end anger tho 
American commercial treaty and -render 
the ninth -talked -of war with Japan 
measurably nearer. 

General J. V. Sanger, latterly In 
charge of- tho census work In tlie Philip- 
pines, has arrived from- Manila. As a 
result of tho con ens work the government 
Is. In fiosscsslon of 7,000,000 names, rep- 
resenting tlio civilized portion of tho na- 
tive population of the Islands, The un- 
civilized population is placed at about 

The Russians are taking no steps to 
restore tho government of New Cliwnng 
to the Chinese. On the contrnry, they 
flro hastening the erection of ertenslve 
government buildings and have added 
another gunboat to the naval force there. 
Reports from northern Manchuria Indi- 
cate that no movement has been made 
toward the evacuation of that territory 
and Russian officials aro discussing tho, 
permanent occupation of tho points now 
held as being the settled policy. The" 
Russian viceroy, Admiral Alcxlcff, has. 
bcen conducting joint naval nnd military^ 
maneuvers on a great scale In thd'vlciii-i 
Uy of Port Arthur," 1 Ninety Russian war 
Vessels of all classes were" engaged, 


For the first tlme^ln.hlslory tile United 
States pastotllca transactions exceed the 
billion-dollar mark In a year. 
' During September there. were 120 de- 
sertions -from the battleship Maine, or 
one man hi every four of the craw. 

SJr Thotiins -Llpton proposes to offer 
a $2,t>00 cup to be competed for In races 
across tho Atlantic by fast yachts of all 

The St. Louts exposition authorities 
arc arranging to have an exhibit of the 
Tchuelcho Indians of Patagonia, known 
as tlio most gigantic race "now living. 

A sharp Increase In the death rate In 
tho army Is reported, ...which Surgeon 
Goueral O'Reilly .attributes to -tho In- 
creiine lu tho number of native Filipino 
scouts. ' 

Large cities In the country show an 
enormous fulling off [u building opera- 
tions during tho present year because of 
labor troubles and tlio Increased price ot 

.11; G. Dun's WoekJy Review shows 
railroad cnrnlnguS.l' per cent over 1002; 
exports for week $1{18S,046 under 1002; 
Irregular, .trade conditions shown by 
Brndatrcet's: ' 

A hew publication by Ian Afclnren de- 
clnros tho world 1h on tho verge of tho 
"greatest religious rorlvnl slnco the days 
when Rome succumbed to tlio teachings 
of Christ In the first century. 

Tlio Wnr..Dcpnrtnicut has received the 
following cablegram from Gov. Toft: 
"Gov. Belts' reports tho surrender to 
Col. BandlioltK of the constabulary of 
thlrty-threo more riffes at Llgao, Albny, 
making 100 In all, Trouble Iu the prov- 
ince is reported nt an end." 

John D. Rockefeller dofentcd J. Pler- 
pont Morgan In the bnttlo for supremacy 
lu shaping the policy of thu United 
States Steel Corporation, the directors 
announcing n cut In tho dividend on com- 
mon £*oek In nccbrdnnco with tho de- 
mands o£ the Standard OU Company In- 

The Stnto Department In Washington 
Has been luforuied that the' American- 
Chinese commercial treaty nnd the Jnp- 
anese-ChlHeso treaty liad been signed ot 
Shanghai- The cablegram was sent from 
Stiniigbrd and wns signed by Minister 
Conger, Consul General Goodnow mid 
Mr ySpamflii, tho three commissioners 
wIio^?B^ t ! fltc(J > - M?° American Chinese 

treaW^'- &<&'£:** 

dtlonal.vsympntky strike, af- 

te9,00£.orgnuizcd-bridgo and 

idrbnji ■,Wjbtkera-*'ln tljb United 

1- 'Can ada;-Js. scheduled to bo 

KjaVfov/ weeks'.**. ^Pittsburg will 

' " #000 ;. me 6;^ completely tying 

go" and structural work there 

out of ..employment "^tliou- 

iOtti'cr:r"raftt>Irhthb "city. 

bo .rnjBJfnipnthyTwlth the 

i^Kan.', ln t fwrfrAN:ARMY'OF CROP REF 

eoplo, there yru \ /-£-.*"■•-'• '— — 

* »• I^M Th'kn^SSpiOOO'Turii In Infor- 

"'.:..- motion to Uncle 8am. 
-In gathering; tho necessary Information 
conl:Vrnlng.*"Uie' cropa, Uncle Sam em- 
ploys, no yiwi" thtn 250.C00 reporters 
NlnoHentbj of tho people being directly 
eoncorncd with tho outcome of the wheat 
and corn cropit is natural that grant of- 
fort'should'bo mrido lo get nccurnte sba- 
tlEtlcs", Property in thousands of west- 
ern towns goes up w down just ns tho. 
.crops- are' grown, and merchants experi- 
enco prosporoiw or dull times, ncoordlng 
to lh« size of tlio crops In their neigh- 
borhood, Tho basis of tho crop report- 
ing system Is the greeting of one^f armor 
to another t Vllowis.yoiir wheat, John? 
His reply Is given to someone else, the 
news finally gri» Into torn*, and Uicxo the 
correspondent of tlio government dmwi 
his own conclusions and telegraphs them 
to the Agricultural Department, 

In this somo locality may bo a corre- 
•pondent of some Arm of brokers. His 
opinion as to tho crop may ho different 
from that of tlie government, as It often 
la, and n 'dirferoncs of. opinion and an 
uncertainty about tho crops la that region 
will «Mit In Wall street. 

Sometimes this dlfferoneo of opinion 
in local observers may extend .over aa 
entire wheat belt, whero -millions of 
bushels aro grown annually. Such a 
condition oneo prevailed lu NoriJi Da- 
kota, and a Arm of speculators la Chi- 
cago lent a trained expert into tiio field 
to mak« examinations. It cost them $2,- 
0*0 to kara his opinions, which proved 
to bo wrong, enuring them to loso $25,- 
000 by buying wheat. Whllo tho govern- 
ment agents may err In their estimates 
thoy generally oome nearer to tlio situa- 
tion than anyone else. 

Thcro ars thirty-eight special observ- 
ers stationed In various porta of tho 
country and each of theso hna hundreds 
of reporters under his charge. Tho ob- 
sorvam mako as nearly correct reports as 
possible, but In th« samo neighborhood 
are. ot3»crs who are sending in crop ra* 
parts directly to tho Secrctary of Agrl- 
cultnrs. In fnot, In every township thcro 
hi soma special correspondent who sends 
In reports to the government about the 
condition of growing crops, 

It Is tho mort complete system of ver- 
ification afforded anywhere, Tho tele- 
graph toll paid by ubo government in a 
season runs Into tho hundreds of thou- 
sands of dollars. 

When nil of these reports como whirl- 
ing Into tho Agricultural Department at 
Washington, there Is a groat denl of work 
for rha' clerks. Expert crop estimators 
aaro employed, and from tho reports of 
each community a composite report la 
Issued, being a corroct and enrcfu] com- 
pilation of all tlie estimates. Thcro li 
na guesswork, for every telegram and ct- 
ory report is compared and a balance Is 

benkof the .b1avComWnfc^^g^;r , 



R, ^a." Dun ft Go's 

Weekly£Revlcw of-TradC 
says; ..jfe' * -£ 

from thojBductlon In blsif-. 

furnace activity, manufacturing planti' 
are more .'.fully, engaged, and- i«r- 
eral cuconraslng reports are received,. 
particularly ns to footwear. Wholesale 
and jobbing trade is well maintained, 
many cities reporting a larger Tolusis 
than last year, "Latest returns' of fgipV- 
clgn commercp at this port are farorabla, 
exports Increasing,^ while Imparts de- 
rcrcaso ns compared with the soma w«tk 
last yoar^^ Ball way earnings thus fir 1 
available for' September exceed those :of 
1002 by 8.4 per cent nnd surplus earn- 
ings Id JD01 by 10.8 per cent, >' 

It Is practically .certain that a reduc- 
tion of pig Iron output . will be made, 
averaging about. 20 per cent, and 'this 
concerted acllon to prevent accumula- 
tion of stocks has already had a senti- 
mental effect on tho market, Inquiries 
Increasing in number and extent of ton- 

The week has brought few changes Id' 
quotations. Oar shortage has begun to 
cause trouble, but tho diminished neediV 
of blast furnaces relieve the situation «t": 
Oonncllsvlllc, where the coke output has 
been materially curtailed, 


Pastel v, urLLEn 

Truo Hills Ajjralnst Attornejn Miner 
and Johns of Cincinnati* 
Daniel V. Miller and Joseph John*, 
attorneys, wero Indicted by tho United 
States grand jury at Cincinnati, charged 
with conspiracy to 
bribe, Miller wss 
employed ns second 
assistant to -Attor- 
ney General Tyncr 
of tho pQstofuce'Do- 
parhneut Joseph 
Johns "was an attor- 
ney at RoekvlUcr 
Ind., where ho was 
arrested May 2T. 
Miller wns arrested 
tho sasno day In his 
ofuecs nt Washing- 
ton. Tho allegations 
upon which the arrests were based was a 
cUargo of conspiracy la accepting a 
tfribo from John J, Ryan ot J. J, Ryan 
& Co., turf commissioners. 

Prior to their arrest, postofflco Inspec- 
tors hod recommended that a fraud order 
bo Issued against ths Ryan firm, sus- 
pending all Um mail. Ryan and Judge 
Ouksslt went to Washington to nruuo 
their enso, Attorney Miller represent- 
ing tho other side. Ryan claimed his 
company had enough money to pay all 
depositors In full and, ns a result of the 
honrlng, Acting Attorney General Chris- 
ttnncy recommended that tho postoulca 
Inspectors mako another Investigation. 
They did so and a cocond time a fraud 
order was recommended. 

A few days later, according to tolo- 
grumd produced before tlio grand Jury, 
Miller telegraphed Johns to doal with 
Ryan. A meeting wbb hold nt the Gib- 
son House between Johns nnd Ryan, In 
which Ryan 'paid 54,000, of which 
$2,500, wns for a fnTornblo decision on 
the scheme allowing Ryan's continued 
ubo of tho mails nnd $2,000 was for 
revising Ryan's odvertirfng matter so 
as to conform to tlie ruling of tho. At- 
torney General. . Ryan, it Is averred, 
paid tlio amounts in checks, which are 
held ns evidence against Johns and Mil- 
ler. - " 

King Peter of Servta formally denies 
tlio rumor that he has been assassinated 
yet, . 

Evidently no man with a weak heart 
should engage la tho business of raising 

Curtis Jett admits that ha bnd a fair 
trial, but perhaps that 1b the reason ho 
wants another. 

Girls who were beginning to lose hope 
should dicer up. Llpton has joined a 
bachelors' club. 

Turkey is buying supplies of powder. 
It can purchase the stuff only In Chris- 
tendom, but, of course, business Is busi- 
ness. ^ 

WJiflo- tlio Balkan war cloud hna not 
shed much water, It has loot In tho past 
few. weeks barrels and barrels of hot air. 

A farmers' trust might cut down the 
risible supply of trustful farmers that 
lend Joy to tho existence of tho bunko 
man, " 

Beirut may be trying to qualify on the 
new capital of the Turkish empire when 
, tho Sultan has to pack his grip and mors 
cut of Europe. 

;.' .', With a> heavy snowstorm to his credit 
'•Vnd^R'I'arop. in : tho temperature of 60'de-. 
■.trees.; ths .Butte weather men mutt bi 
Sfcfc3r*kirf*d **U .wonder,- ■ ■' 

■ r/^ - - ■■ - ■-«■-/ ■ *' - ■.-.- .-- 


With practically six 
days devoted, to tlio cele- 
bration of the city's Arte 
centennial and the entertainment of icv--' 
era! hundred thousand visitors from all 
parts, It is characteristic of tlie energy 
and adaptability of the citizens to un- 
usual happenings -tbnt tho progress ol 
business Buffered no Interruption. That 
the event chronicled was beneficial to 
trade is emphasized In an Increased rel- 
ume of sales both In lending retail lines 
and throughout tho Jobbing district k , 

The promise of avcrnge crops at prices" 
which compare favorably with previous 
years strengthens confidence In the fu- 
ture course of business generally, and 
western merchants are now found to be 
replenishing their r.tock more freely. 
Mercantile discounts are taken more fre- 
quently and local and country collec- 
tions show well. 

Grain shipments hare - exceeded the 
5,000,000 bushel mark. The markets re- 
cord a largo volume of sides, notwith- 
standing quieter demand for export and 
milling purposes. Canh wheat (s reported 
to bo lessened, but other corcnls'aro In 
nmplo supply. 

Compared with a week ago 1 closing 
prices show wheat advanced. 2% "centa. 
Corn on further Improvement ^of the 
growing crop declined X% cents^tipu oats 
weakened % cent. , f^?jfc. 

Llvo stock receipts, 8f0.0S5. lipatf>, nra 
8 per cent over th>;- correspond ^nc^wejek 
of last year. . Exec rjM^^JWo "of '5 cents* 
per hundred weight , In Hiogs^iprlces are 
unchanged,- 'notwithstanding' unusually 
heavy arrivals." -.Olio day's, receipts of 
cuttle, 44,415' head, exceeds' tho highest 
number hitherto recorded, 

, • • i "t ) 

Bratlntrcst'ii Trade Review. 

Bradstrcet'a < Weekly. Review of Trade 

Mixed trade and crop conditions still 
present thomBclvcs, although tome Im- 
provement In tono Is noted whero crap 
estimates, ns In the enso of corn, show 
expansion. Lower prices for ccreola 
point tho way to future large business, 
and Induce a larger foreign Interest in 
our farm products. Trade reports vary 
with sections considered, tho br'st reports 
coming from th© ; Southwest, the North- 
Wcrt and tlie Pacific coast. 

A really favorable feature/ this week 
Is the Improvement . of collocllona West 
and Northwest, the reflection of the be- 
ginning of the movement of delayed crops 

Chicago — Cattle, common to; prime, 
$3.00 to $5.10;' hogs, shipping grades, 
fi.50 to ?H.05; Bhcep, fair to choice, $3.00 
to $3.85; wheat, No. 2 red, 78c to 80e; 
corn, No. 2, 44c to 45c; onts, etandnrd, 
85c to 37c; rye, No. 2, 52c to 5£c; hay, 
timothy. $8.50 to 512.50; prairie, ?0.00 to 
?il,B0; butter, cbolco creamery, 18c to 
20c; eggs, freak, lCc to .lOcf potatoes, 
52c to 00c, "■ 

IndlnnnpoIis^Cnttlc, shipping, ?3.00 to 
HJS; hogs, choice light, $4.00 to $0.30; 
shesp, common to prime, $2.60 "to 53.25 1 
wheat. No. 2, 80c to 81c; corn, No. 2 
white, 4Ce to 40c; oats, No, 'J white, 87<T 
to 88c.' •.'— 

St. Louisa-Cattle, $4.60 to $5.50; hagi, 
$4.50 to $5.55; sheep, $3.00 to $4.00; 
wheat, No, 2, 80c to S7c; corn, No. 2, 
43c to 44c; onts, No, 2, 85c to 30c; rye, 
No. 2, 53c to C4c. < 

Cincinnati— Cattle, $4.25' to $4-05l 
hogs, $4.00 to $0.00; sheep, $2.00 to 
$3.80) wheat, No. 2, 8(lc to 87c; corn, 
No. 2 mixed* 40c to 47c; oats, No. 3 
mixed, 37c to 08c; rye, No. 2, 02o, 

Detroit— Cuttle, $3.50 : to $5.00; hogs, 
$4.00 to 55.05; sheep, $2,50 to $3.25; 
wheat. No. 2,- 83c to 84c } rorn, No. 8 
yellow, 47c to 48c; onts, N«. 3 white, 
87c to 3Sc; rye, No. 2, 55c to 50c. 

New l'ork — Cattle, $-i'.00 to $5.00: 
hogs, $-1.00 to $5,00; "Bheop, $3,00. t» 
$4.00; wheat, Ns. 2 red, SJc to S2c; corn, 
No. 2, B2c to 5.1c; . nnhv No. 2 white, 
40c to 41c; butter, cramie'ry, 18c to 20cj 
eggs, western, 21e to 25c, ( 

Mltwnukee — Wlicnt, No. 2 norllieni,- 
81c to 82c; corn, Ne..3, 4"c to 48c; onts, 
No, 2 white, 87c to 88c; rye, No. 1, DOo 
to 57c; bnrley, No, 2, C3c to 04c; pork, 
ntcsn, $10.00. 

T.iledo— Whent, No. 2 mixed, Slc^ 
83c; cocn, No. 2 mixed, 47c to 48c; q 
Nri. 2 mixed, 87c to 38c; rye, No, 2," 
to. COc;.. clover Bccd, prime,, $0.75. : . 

Buffalo— Cnttlo, cholco sliltiplng etcera, 
$4.50 to $5.50; hogs, f a | r to, prime, 54,00;' 
to $5:00; sliccp, fair to choice, $8.28 to, 
$4.00; Iambs, common to choice, ti.00 to, '* 
$5,85, '- "v^- ' ' ' 

- A'J, 




j r- 


- . 



h i 


i ,.'1 







jtff;; - 

. ■ V-it- 

it, ' 



I 1 '1 





4 M 



■'TV..-: • ■■ . ' .', '■. ?.«.'• SJ> ••■'.>' y 3 ,> 


Immense liofler.ln Cnrnlns'a Dlatill" 
ary la Hurled 250 Feet. 

11 With a terrlnc 1 ! crash that could be' 
heard for blocks, n huge copper boiler 
In Coriilrigy distillery hi Feorln blow- 
up, killing aeveu men nnd seriously In- 
juring five others. Every innn In the 
big structure "ht tho time, was killed," the. 
wounded being workmen who were out* 
side or In. other buildings near by. Tho 
Immense boiler carried nearly half of the 
building nway when H storied- on its 
.flight of 2fi0 feet. The structure, which 

.. wna five stories high, was 'wrecked. 'The 
holler is twenty foot long" and eight feet 

( Jn'dliini'cter, The great cylinder of cop- 
per cr.-wlied through the oast wall of the 
cooker room nnd on through the mill, 
as if bricks nnd mortar hnd been tissue 
paper, shot In nn obllqifo nnd' downward 
course through rJio air, cut down a large 
■tree In Ita flight, scattered a. pllo of lum- 
ber as if benms and timbers had been 
so many straws, nnd lauded 200 feot 

. awny from the start of Its flight. Three 

'of the four walta of (be building were 
blown out. Great gaps were rent In 

' them from top to bottom, pulling the roof 
with them. Nobody has* a clear idea of 
how (be accident occurred, AH that can 
be said la that tho explosion occurred or 
thnt tho cooker gave way. The damago 
to the building mid machinery was esti- 
mated by Manager Peter Casey at about 


Kxpoaltlnn Just Over Bloat Successful 
— Blnce Hour J Wm Formed. 
Tho most successful State fair la the 
flfty-oua years' history of the Illinois 
, ( .Stnto board of agriculture was tho ono 
lntely held In Springfield. Every one of 
the eight days .of; t bo exposition- was a 
record-breaker In quints of attendance, 
gate receipts and number and quality of 
exhibits shown. Cinte receipts for .the 
f weelc approximate .$51,000, which Js $10,- 
*G00 In execks of receipts of any previous 
exposition. Weather conditions ^.wcro 
ideal throughout the eight days of tha 
fair. Although 'rain fell thrco or four 
times, It was always at an hour when 
attendnnce at tlto grounds was not In- 
terfered with and the downpour proved 
boueficlnl on erery occasion. Members 
of tho board of agriculture are greatly 
elated over the success of tho show, pro- 
npnnccd "by practically every cxhibit&i 
the. finest In the country. Expressions 
Obtained -.froin/; various mcrabera of tho 
State board Indicate that, In eplto of 
criticism^ aroused .by opening tho. fair 
, gntbfttasl Sunday, It will bo voted at the 
ajrtia] meeting of the board next Janu-- 
hold-- another eight-day fair next 

-^roar. C 



■t' 1 ;' . 


"Farinhotiae Demolinticil and TVamtn 
Occnpanta rnjurod Seriously. \. * 
A severe sronhpassed tVo miles south- 
east of Princeton Saturday evening, klll- 
im three persons and destroying a large' 
nmount of fnrm property. Tho dead are ; 
Mrs. Charles F, Sherwln, Mr». Alvlra' 
Shcrwln, mother-in-law of If rw, . Charles 
P. Sherwln; Miss Emma Welsh of Tis- 
kilwn, visitor at tha Shcrwln house. 
Charles P. Shenvln suffered serious In- 
ternal Injuries, but will recover. The 
storm started two miles southeast of 
Princeton. At that place It destroyed 
a rteiv residence erected by J.» P. Cater 
this year. Tha hurricane next, struck the 
residence of Mr. Sherwln, where the 
three 'women In tho hotisa at the time 
wcro, killed 'and Mr. Shcrwin, who was 
about to enter the house, , was seriously 
Injured.' At tihe residence of Mr. Cater 
tha family escaped by going to the cel- 
lar, Tho Sherwln house was entirely 
blown away, and tho women, who had 
, iiot gone to fho cellar, wcro blows Into 
the yard. All of them died within two 
hours.after tho storm passed. 

: "pound auii/nr op huhdke. 

John Knlat of Poieti Convicted of BUt- 
lim Leon lHnU, 10 Yeara Old, 
John Knlat was found guilty by a jury 
in Judge. Gary's court in Chicago of the 
murder of Leon Hints, 10 years old. Ho 
was sentenced to. twenty years? Imprison- 
ment In' tho penitentiary. The verdict 
was reached after two hours' delibera- 
tion; The evidence showed' that Knlat 
and nintc had been on unfriendly termi 
for some time and came to. blow* near 
tho Hints home in Poaon. Mrs. HIate 
■ testified .Uint she had stepped between 
her 'soo. and Knlat, but that Knlat had 
deliberately reached over her shoulder 
nod- stabbed' her son la tho neck- Thin 
was denied by tho defendant, who said 
tho boy attacked hltri with n dinner pail 
and that the stabbing was done acel- 
dentally. Ho also pleaded self-defense. 


Bnperrtaor Mleelng ShortuRB la A»«, 
anultoA In liqllevtllo Courthonae. 

0. E. Dompcy, a supervisor of East 
St. Louis, vr^a assaulted and severely 
hurt by County Clerk Qeorco K. Thomas 
Jn the [niter's offlco' In- tbo'court' house at 
Belleville. Dempcy ia ehnhrman of tho 
commlttca which examined the books of 
tho County Clerk and reported a. shortage 
of $10,10-1.0"). When Dompcy called on 
Thomas for tlio monoy^tho latter asanulb- 
cd him. The men -fought all orer bbe 
elllcc, overturning chairs and desks. 
When the combatants were parted by 
persons attracted by tho noise Dompcy 
wa* badly used up. Thomas claims that 
any iricorrectnesi In Ms nccounts Is due 
to bookkeeping ; that ho la abundantly 
ablo to and will make good aby short- 
age, - - ; 


Kleve* Slandred fitrlko liecana* Itnw 


Eleven hundred miners in tha Spring- 
field subdlstrlct-qult work because the 
^ operators In 'tho district, have not com- 
ir plied with tha law which requires, them 
fT'to furnish washrooms and other conven- 
iences for tho miners at their shnfts. 
This' law' was pasaod by the last Gen- 
eral Assembly, and tho operator! have 
ignored' it 'on the theory that It ll un- 
constitutional. "-. . - 

State New* In Brief* 
Jilted by his awoethenrt, Frank Bor- 
hosll killed himself at bis home hi Chi- 

Two hundred .and tour persons ikkI- 
dllrjg milk In Chicago nro operating with- 
out lleenecs. 

, Oharles'WcBt, aged' 37 yeara, commit- 
ted bbIcIiU' near Warren by-hanglag hbn: 
bqH to a tree. 

nnrry I'etcraon.ngcd 22, "wna burned 
to death at tho Illinois Steel. Company's 
mill In South Chicago.," 

James. W. Uopklne, aged SO yeara, 
dropped dead nt'Uis'clo'c of the services 
at the Hftvensivood Baptist Church. 

Ulinnlicth Habecker of Pcorln .was 
killed by the caw on. the same .spot 
where her husband was killed a few 
years ago. 

Seven West Pullman saloonliccpcra 
were fined S20 each for selling beer to 
minora, on evidence collected by the 
Christian Endeavor Society. ' 

Mrs. Mnyberry of Kewartee, after bid- 
ding her husband nnd three children good 
.by, walked into the garden and swallow- 
ed strychnine, dying a few minutes Inter, 
A man bearing a card of tho Stable 
Employes' Union of Chicago, with the 
name William Connors, fell, down an 
arcaway iu Peoria, fracturing his skull 
A! storm tore away roofs nt the house 
of correction in Chicago, and tho terror 
stricken prisoners were drenched In their 
ceils. Damage amounting to $5,000 was 

Frank Snyder of Mays vi lie, Mo., and 
Miss Francea Blackburn were to bnvc 
been married in Jacksonville, but Snyder 
failed to come. 'His absence Is unex- 

Tho body o£ J. M. Wilson, tho sov- 
oraiDcnt storekeeper who was- buried be^ 
rtcath. the ruins of Coming's distillery 
nt l'eoria, with ulx other men, has been 
roebv tired. 

Mnjor B. J. Hanna of Kankakee died 
ttiero of apoplexy while going -aboard a 
train. Ho served In the Oun Hundred 
and Thirteenth Illinois volunteers dnrlne 
tho Civil War. 

Tho raid on Spnnglcr's gambling resort 
at Springfield has led the proprietor to 
declare that he will prove that money 
has been paid by gamblers to city ofll- 
ciola for protection. 

Tho safe In tho mill of J, M. Schaitz- 
hoiscn, In Cofttcshurg, was blowrT the" 
other night, nnd tho robbers then went 
to tho more of E. Price and blew .the 
safe there, securing $200. 

Qiddo Borons, a young man 21 years 
of ugty was buried beneath a ninss of 
fallltig slate at mlno No. 5 of the Madi- 
son Coal Company, Mount Olive. Death 
was almost Instantaneous. 

Gov, Yates has revoked his proclama- 
tion issued last December prohibiting the 
importation of cattle, sheep . and, a wine 
from certain Eastern 'States where foot 
and mouth disease had appended, 
-rT Stealing, a kiss from Miss/ Martha 
;Hoppo and then offering to mnke. amends 
by giving; ; the angry young wouian 5 
cents* wortii of candy Is the crfmc^cljn'rgv 
cd against Policeman Edward- Eelscr^of. 
Ohlcago. ■ ', ■- ' - r ;/7 

F»jr refusing ta play la the" Ch'ldago 
eentci'nlal parade three bands, and posSI-, 
bly four, whlcli arc connected with the 
State militia, have been dismissed front 
the ■ military service, forfeiting a large 
part of their Income. 

Plana already Smve been set in motion 
with n view to having repealed by the 
noxt Legislature some of the legislation 
granted to union inbor. The Illinois 
Federation of Labor Is awake to the 
movement and will combat it. 

Horse Trainer Gleason has sued the 
Springfield' board of agriculture for^ ?5,- 
000 damages for breach of contract in 
fftlllnt; to light' the Coliseum for him. 
Gleason was arrested on a charge of fail- 
ing to return a borrowed drum.- 

,Tho first Chinese baby born in Jollet 
arrived the other day at the homo of 
Mr. niid.Mr*. Man Long, o.Chlncao cou- 
plo- whose wedding was celobratcil In the 
Central" Presbyterian Church with much 
pomp. Tho baby is a gtri wejgliWff Bix 
'pounds. .' 

On the some spot where two years ago 
his father. w*» killed John Deninekwas 
fatally' Injured in the Ilepubltc iron and 
steel mill at East Chicago. "Upon the 
application of his widowed mother young 
Dentnek wna given employment In the 
mill tho previous week. 

George Shelton, a railroad policemen, 
fatally shot -B. T. Parker, n negro claim- 
ing to ho from Chicago, in Emngltnm. 
Parker, with another negro and a Avlilte 
man, "got off a routh-bound Illinois Cen- 
tral train upon which they Were stealing 
a ride at midnight, and when they were 
ordered to «tbp they ran. 

A Burlington passenger train left the 
main track through, nn open switch at 
Benrdstown a'nd dashed. Inio. a string of 
six loaded oil tauks en the side track. 
Two of the oil tanks exploded, setting 
tiro to tho cars and sheds near by. The 
mnil ear of the papaongor trnln was con- 
sumed and the train Is-Oswrcck.: All -the 
train crew nnd passengers escaped, wllh 
but slight bruises, 

Charles E. raider, proprietor of two 
Springfield restaurants, disappeared mys- 
teriously, and with Iiim went the pro- 
ceeds of n big State. fair business. It is 
charged tiiat lie took a woman wJth him. 
Ho left' a note for his wife, In which he 
said he would not return, Mrs. Grelder 
is not downcast, but, on the contrary, 
has set about to bring order out of the 
chaotic state of the restaurant affairs, 
and hopes to pay oft tho creditors. 

The largest beehive that has ever been 
robbed In that section of tho State yield- 
ed 200 pounds of honey and gave .the 
"robbers" an unusual experience. Bees 
took posraslon of an abandoned house 
belonging to . Andrew Nicholson, four 
miles south of Stitlmnn Valley.' .Recently 
Mr, Nicholson determined to maka use 
of the building, but found It 'occupied by 
the- busy tribe .and set about to get it 
out. It required tHo nld of two .other 
men, but the reward was both big and 


Grunt'; Old* IfoWo- to; Ueconiav tha 
>Pr 6 pVrty of. tli oTClly. 
Gen.. U, S. Grnnrti^ former home>^at noon likely tc'- become tho pifipj; 
erty of that city.- Gen. Frederick^*!)?; 
Grant has written Uint ho dcslrcsVto con- 
vey the houso to tho city, to bo used* 
f or soin o . pu bl I c ' p urposo, nnd the' ' A Id err' 
men will speedily net In the matter. This 
was the first homo used by Gen. Grant 
nftcr the brenking out of tho Civil War* 
and .be spent much time'there from Au- 
gust, 1805, until he went to tho White 
House as President of the United States. 


Iowa;. It . 
i-NcurJH a 

lCanrfb; ;. 

Mlssoti r 
.Tcitts t' 

Indian . . 

Gcorgii .... 
fTcunc* to 

Keutut V 




Art; nti 







It wna from the porch of this dwelling 
that, tho general first ottered, the his- 
toric words: "Let us have peace." It 
was Samuel Ilugklett, father of tbo man 
from whom Gen. Graot purchased the 
house, who lent Grant the money with 
which to purchase his colonel'" uniform. 


Woin rifi'a JicVcnao for lXusbafid'a X>o>* 

of job. 

The grand jury on a charge of murder 
in the ' first degree has held Mrs, Ida 
Culler, who la accused uf poisoning Ew- 
ii rt ClieckflOeld, a 0-year-old boy, at 
Bunker Iliil. Tho Guilcrs had charge, of 
c milk dairy, herd ; and Ewart- was. the 
son of tho superintendent sent" to sup- 
gilaht Gullcr. Mrs. Guller's husband 
had, up to several months ago, been i a 
the employ "of tho Union -Dairy Com- 
pany In Bunker Bill During July he 
xvaa notified that his services would bo- 
come urmccc3T<ary to the company, after 
Aug. 1 and that J..W.'ChccksfieId.wouId 
be stationed there in his stead. Sub- 
.iufjuently Mr, Gheckn field, with- his in- 
valid wife nnd little goo, -arrived. On 
the- night of Juiy/iT" little .Clarence 
Ghccka&cld' went to tho dairy company 
for his milk. When ho camo":homo bs 
said Mrs. Gullcr had given him. a piece 
of candy nnd thnt It was Very bitter and 
asked for a drink of water. He was giv- 
en a part of the milk be bad just 
brought home. This did not relieve Itho 
pain nnd his father risen took hini to the 
well and gave' htm a drink. As booq as 
he swnllowcd the water bo went iuta 
convulsions a'nd died shortly after, 

* Condition la. Ghown b# tha 
' Govern iiicht 'Report, : 
lOnlhly report of tlie chief of the' 
)f statistics of . tho Department 
griculluro shon's the,- condition of 
;oa Oct. 1 to have been 80.8, as com- 
pared with 80.1 ono mouth ago, 70.0 on 
Oct- 1, 1U02, 52.1 nt the corresponding 
dflio-.iu 3D01 and a ten-year average of 
77.7.-. ■>• 

^-Tlio-fotlowini; tabic bIiowb. forl'each of 
the twenty principal corn States; the con- 
dition, en Oct. 1 of the "Just .three years 
and tkat on. Sept. ,3, .1003, -wliJi tho ten- 
year. 'averages: : :i '- .- ; 

Oct,1, Bept.l, Oet.l, Oct.l, 10-yr. 


wet 1 


...71 " 


...78 > 


fl&B- ' 

:if.&t " 






ipl .."7.01 

^ ...... S7 


HWt'm ..71 

nla ..Tfl 

States. .80,8 

01 - 

1WK. ]001. 

oi *>: oi: 

70 ^ 'M" 




A 88 



. SI 
. 51 



70.0 C2.1 



Thehrcllminary estimate of tho aver- 
e y Id per acre 'of apring wheat la 
H.4 b uheiB, nubject to revision wheu 
Bio fir il wheat estimate 1b mnde. 

The following tnblo shon's for the 
Stnt«B invtng 100,000 acres or upward In 
spring cheat the average yield per acre 
this yi P nnd the find cstlmato of aver- 
age j-1 11 In 1002: 

'| 1003. 

!l bu. 

alliuie. 4 •■ 73.1 

Kortlii Pakota *...... 33.3 

Sourli : Dakota ....,,... ,. 14.2 

I own 

i * p ■ * i - , * 



12, 1^ 12.3 

Crto 1 


I •*»«**•* • t t * 4 



It olicr t Tliom paon Accused of PartTBrlee 

? HUinj* In to tho Tbonanndav 

,. Hobert 'iHiompson, once a highly re- 
spected resident of Will .County, is t 
fugitive from juatke. 'Jho Brand iury 
returued fifteen .Indictments agaliwt him 
for forgery njid- swindling,. ,Tho Indict- 
ments wcro flupprpsaed for servicer as it 
was feared that. Thompson would' either 
kill 'himmlf or leave tho country \ If he 
lenrnefT'of this .action," * Armed wltfc tae 
necessary wnrratits; fhc sheriff started to 
urreat the man, but he could get no trnce 
of b)m, and It Is aaiiounced that ho had 
probably dlaappearcd for good. It la ru- 
runiored that he has gone to South 
America. Several months ago It was 
charged that Thompson had forged notes 
on people in Jolict and elf « where amount- 
ing to thousands of dollars. Thompson 
admitted guilt when he appeared at a 
meeting of victims, but pleaded so hard 
for a chance to pay every penny back 
that leniency was' shown. It was learned! 
recently thnt Thompson hnd been gam- 
bling on tho Board .of Trade. Hla trans- 
actions ^ero not on the right sido of the 
market'"and ho neglected to, keep his 
promise to his- creditors. Then they 
quietly secured hla indictment. 


town 1 ... ., J*.... 

Wtscohtln ...... 

Mlimawtii .VwV. • 
NcVrtlts. ...X.. 


New jVork ...... 

Pennsylvania ... 
Oil In f i. 

i a I m • * • S 






bu, - 





00. 4 






















31. C 


ED. 7 



34. & 



Kebrnsu" ...'. 12.0 

Wasblplton .,.,..., .,,, 20.G 


• a • a a * m MUMttotit — ' J ■ * * 

23. 2 

TotiilL'UiiIU'd States ......... 11.4 

The 'average quality of spring wheat 
in S5.C, as compared with 87.7 one year 

ago., ; , 

Tfic prclimtnnry returns indlcntc nn 
oat ci >p of nbout 787,000,000 ibushcls, or 
nn or rage of 28,4 bushels per acre, as 
compr rell with 34,5 bushels ono year ago, 
25.1 1 1 1001 and n ten-year average of 
27.U. ! 

The fallowing table shews for each of 
tho' te i principal oat Stutcfl the averages 
of ylc J tier acre for the lost three years, 
with he /tc n-y ear a v era rcs : 


23. 1) 


82. a 

Ihdte'd Btates ... 28.4 

Thedrcrago for quality in 70.0, agalnat 
B0.7 In 1002 and S3.7 In 100J. 

The prellmlunry estimates of the yield 
per atn of barley Is 20.4 bushels, against 
5ft) one year ago, 24.7 In 1001 and a ten- 
yenrfivcrago of 23.8,- The average for 
Quality is 83.4, agalnut 87.3 last year 
aud;£3.2 in 3001. 

Tho, preliminary estimate of yield per 
ncre^of fryo in IB.*! bush e In,- against 17- 
tast yenr, 13.1 in 1001 and a ten-year nv- 
erageof 34-8, 

.Tlia average a mtlity is S3.4, against 
01. B last year and 80.4 In 1001.- \ 

The average condition of buckwheat 
on 0ct.;l was 83, ns compared with 01 
one roontlt ago, 80.r> on Oct 1,'-1002, 00.G 
at the corresponding date iu 1001, and a 
ten-jear average of 70.7. 

The. average condition of Qax'on Oct. 
1 Van 74, as compared with 80.5 ono 
month' ago and' 80.3 "bu Aug. 1, 1003. 

ThVavorngo condition of potatoes on 
Qct. 1'wns 74.0, against 04.3 one month 
ago, 82.5 on Oct 1, 3902, 5-1 at tho cor- 
responding date In 1001, and a ten-year 
nverage of 73.1. 

ThVsverngo condition of tobneco ou 
Oct 1 wna 82.8, as compared with 83.4 
ono month ago and 82.0 on Aug. 1, 1003. 
Tho "nvcruge condition of rye on Oct 
I was flO.0, ns compared with 03.0 one 
moalh ago nnd 02 on Aug. 3, 3D03., 

Tha report also Includes fruits and va- 
rious minor crops, which will be pub- 
lished In delnll In the crop repo rt 


DAMAGE OF 84,000,000, : 

Fateraoa - and Parnate In a. Terr lb [a 
PI lab t— Otber Placoa Fare a* Bndly— 

-' Thovunnd* Arc Uotu«l«aa— Sltlia Are 
Cloaed nnd People Idle, 


F. M. Monko Convicted of Matf enaanc* 

and SIlBfenatuice In Ofl\c#. . 
' The jury which board the evidence la 
.the canu of tho people against Francis 
M. Menkc, Mayor of Matteon, on v trial 
before Judge Henley in the city court 
for misfeasance and malfeasance In office 
returned a verdict finding the defendant 
guilty of three counts of the Indictment 
The nttorneys. for the defendant Immedi- 
ately entered a motion for a new trial 
and tho Mayor snys.that ho will taito the 
cane to the higher courts. If Judge Hen- 
ley sustains tlto verdict of, the jury the 
statute makes Mayor, Menke subject to 
a flue not exceed lug ?10,000 under the 
criminal code find, t^p bo: ousted from 
ofHco under the city and village set The 
specific charges upon ' which" Mayor 
Menkc- was convicted nro of allowing Ja- 
cob Berry, n saloonkeeper, to run with- 
out a license after 'tho Council had re- 
fused him n . permit nnd taking money 
from the city treasury other than his .sal- 
ary, tlia same being for tho dieting of jail 
prisoners and smallpox patients. 

The people of Paterson, N. J., now 
realize tho extent of the great, flood 
which began ITYhiay, Nearly two entire 
wards, taking in. tho manufacturing sec- 
tion, have been under water, 'Monday 
morning thousands of men, .women nnd 
children employed in different mills and 
factories found they could not go to 
work on account of 'those, plants being- 
shut: down. Hundreds of these '-people 
have also been driven from their homes 
R&dhave neither food nor shelter. 
{ Tho heaviest damngo In Paterson waa 
to the manufacturers. At. present it Is 
impossible to give an acctirnto idea of 
the- total loss, hut conservative estimates 
are about $2,000,000. 

The health authorities have a difficult 
task before them in devising means to 
prevent an epidemic of sickness in tho 
flooded territory. The people who were 
forced to lenve their homes will not be 
allowed to-roturn until the districts are 
is a sanitary condition. 

Paasnlc Conditions Uetter. 

Tho flood conditions in Passaic and 
vicinity ' wcro considerably improved 
Monday. Tho high water mark nt the 
Dundee dam, which wns 01% inches nt 
midnight had fallen two feet in the 
morning. Wellington was under water 
and several hundred persons took refuge 
In the public schools. Four or five hun- 
dred residents of Walllnetou are being 
sheltered In tho toirn hall and school- 
build lags at Pn&naic. 

Tho loss' from the. flood in Passaic is 
estimated nt about $2,000,000, without 
any Insurance.' This does not Include 
tha loss to workmen who are thrown out 
of employment temporarily or the loss 
sustnlued by. manufacturers by the Inter- 
ruption of business. Nearly every mil] 
is closed. 

At DuUbnvtllc "fifty or more houses 
were .washed from their foundations and 
many overturned and: wrecked. 

Trolley connections between Passaic 
nnSPatersotihara been re stored. 

Owing to the interruption of railroad 
■traffic by tbo floods, New York City hns 
been suffering from [ta most serious milk 
famine since the big blizzard of 1888, 
Conservative estimates are that only one- 
tenth tho normal supply is being distrib- 
uted nnd several days must elapse before 
conditions are again normal. 

Iteports from. nil sections on the coast 
show heavy seas, with soma damage to 
water front property and small shipping. 

It Is estimated Uint tho havoc wrought 
by the flood near Trenton, N. J., (wilt 
cause a loss of nearly $1,000,000. Nino 
bridges, each built at a coat of from ?Q0,- 
000 to" 3100,000, which spanned tho river 
tit various points betwecu tlia re and Eas- 
ton^ were corned awoy. 


One Hundred Years Ago. 

A reward of cents was' offered tA 
Now York- foe William Goldsmith, nn ap- 
prenticed tinsmith who had run away 
from his master, 

Tho Spanish, intend ant at New Orleans, 
refused to turn Louisiana territory over 
to *ho United States and -the Spanish 
minister remonstrated against occupying 
It by force. - . 

Tho first anti-slnTery society was, or- 
ganized hi New York City- . 

.Samuel Adam*, leader in the American 
revolution and signer, of the declaration 
of independence, died In Boston a± the 
age of 81 yean. 

The United Startes warships Oonstltn- 
tlen and Nautilua anchored In the bay of 
Tangier*, flred several cannon as o wata- 
ing to tQio Emperor of Morocco, and se- 
cured tho release of .the American con- 
sul and an American brig, 

Seventy-five Years Ago. 

The cam pa I sn scheme of taking straw 
Totes was started "by American politi- 
cian!, who polled every public meeting 
to show the rektiro popularity of Presi- 
dent John Qulncy Adams and Andrew 
Jackson. - 

The architect of tho capital at Wash- 
ington reported that 51,740,718 hnd been, 
spent to that date in its construction. 

Genera) Andrew Jackson was coiled on 
by friends of President John Qulncy Ad- 
ams to explain Ids alleged . dishonesty In 
tha Chickasaw Indian treaty. *•- ' 

A fltogo coach with two decks, capable." 
of carrying rixty passengers, snd with -a 
tender for bncgaire; •^asXcomptcted. for 
the Toad.bctwcen.Bordentown, N; J.; and 
Washington. - ~ ■ ..'."*• :-',;. 


Catchea l*utunklri Thief by-a Very Blra- ; 
\ pic Induction. 
A Itockford farmer has developed Into 
a reni Sherlock Holmes, having caught a 
pumpkin thief by tho deduction theory. 
The farmer wna raising a huge pumpkin 
for- n show in Eockford. SoJi«jput o£E 
picking It until the In st mia u'tey ! that it 
might grow to its full pr6porjlpn«/,WheD 
ho wont to bring It in '•thojpumpkln was 
gone."' Belloving^AWtbo' a 
take It to the nbtpJ^thp^iPnr 
the , b tub "" civ ^ vineTorid j-jt 
tlto show, iiatlli.uo^snwrtf^'fl 
"wHopper^'v^TUcn ''ho" 
etem to the i/rtub : oE- the 
was ■ readily, seen ;; tiiat 
flt.V.The ncswcoinor,ith 

Met" would 

k*eut off 


"Bucky" Freeman carries off the palm 
for lonir-dlBtauca hitting. In the Ameri- 
can League. HIb season's recprd Bhows 
B8 twobaso hits, 20 threo-base . hits and 
13 bcraornne. 

Jimmy Britt, the San Francisco light- 
welglitj Is In". the Bnst with his mnnager, 
liarry. Corbett, to close terms for a fight 
with Joe Gn'ns, tho colored | champion. 
Tho men would fight for the Lightweight 
championship. The TLoaemUq . Club of 
Sau Pnmdsco has offered a suitable 
purse. ( 

Chance, of the Chiengos, aud Shcck- 
ard, of ;tho Brooklyns, had a grand fight 
for base-stealiitR honors in tho. Notional. 
Each of them has 07 pilfered bags, to his 
credit, {which is certainly a fine record 
and Ivdoubie the number of bases stolen 
by 'Dave Fitltz, who heads the Ameri- 
cans In this respect. 

llnni Wagner, Pittsburg's" star player, 
leada die Nntlonal ' League lit batting 
this setnon, according to tha oGlcial fig- 
ures ot President Fulllam. In 120 games 
Hans ramie 182 bits, giving him nn aver- 
«Sft ofT.3flSi His great rival, Napoleon 
LnJeieHa the premier bntsmon -of tho 
American League, his percentage (uuoffl- 
clal) t6r the soason^iolng .354...- 

.Pltelier McGlnnit^rils intorostcd^n nn 
Iron foundry at South. McAllister, I. T„ 
and makes It r iiiflf fo%work »a%hjs trade 
for at Uast^wq-moath^durhlg-tho win- 
ter,' Ho says u^at^fi^. ieod'-eeason 
ot fast ball on.'a.lo.caiteim;tt,,harden8 
hlnV'anl bo-la In fiaea^r^fflfti. spring 
rolls »und"'flgnln^39p» [bWEjUblng; a 

bns^*n wheu^thoisottson clftsn,'- He 

when ^thdjJHUiBOU cl6se«.'i He 
(ot -the leogops^who/pwy in .pair 
rturiag tho;t^te.--m6n%s i a>rij( 


tihoy'jsp;"nbt giv 

bnrkeitjo -»*t.' 

their bnir^Vi'l ^, T «"f; k- 

'leir-bodlja a. 


Railway m Practically Iaaao Ultima* 
turn to Tralu'lSmplcore*. 

Itailroads tlirougliout tho country are 
waging war against the use of intoxicat- 
ing liquors end tobacco by employes en- 
gaged In operating trains. Tho flat has 
gone forth generally that employes who 
drink, or who frequent places where liq- 
uors are sold, are not safe men to entrust 
with the lives of patrons nor with the 
valuable property transported by the rail- 
roads, Total abstinence Is essential to 
ecrrice In the operating department of 
every railroad centering in Chicago, and 
so far 'M known of every important rail- 
road in tbo United State*. 

Tho rules which have recently been In- 
augurated against tho ufio of tobacco 
nro not as stringent as those against 
liquor, but generally they proscribe the 
use of tobacco while on duty and when 
about stations and on . the property of 
tho railroad companies. At - for the 
cigarette, the order against It Is almost 
as severe as that againBt^whlsky. 

The revolution which da being effected 
in these respects Is shown iu tho new 
rule books which many of the manage- 
ments of the Chicago roads have just 
issued. Without a single exception theso 
books contain tbo following, or rules 
which ore similarly framed! 

'The use of Intoxicants hy employes 
while on duty ia prohibited. Their ha- 
bitual use, or tho frequenting of places 
where they are sold, la suuidont cause 
for dismissal." 

"Tho use of tobacco by employes when 
on duty in and about pnssenger citations 
or on passenger cars Is prohibited." 

While, the rulea ore new practically 
the ssmo on all road«, some are more se- 
Tore than others in their enforcement. 
Not nil tho railroad* sesame to toy 
whether an operating employe may drink 
when off duty, whifo henceforth not a 
fow, tha Hock Island, for .example, will 
discharge men for "freqUBntinit aolooas 
whether on "or off duty. 

lllie reform has been brought about 
solely with the Idea of Incaee&lng the 
safety In train operation, and ofilcials de- 
clare that tho prohibitions, hare decreasr 
ed wrecks and accidents fully £3 per 
cent. . . . - . 

TelcrmpUc Bre-viitea-. 

Six porlcRna were killed by n larmM 
nesr Perry, Kan. Ono of them measured 
ebr feet from tip to tip of its wings. 

Ferdinand Sohendel, n prosperous Ger- 
man-fanner Jiving -north, of Wellsville, 
JCnn,, was kicked and fatally hurt by a 

Wnltor H, Turtle &, Co,, shoe manu- 
facturers of Lynn, Mass., have failed on 
account ef a itrlko and boycott of their 

Cornell Uairerslty opened with a large- 
ly increased attendance, President Schur- 
mau announced tbat.8,S45 students were 

The employes of all silver shops In the 
United States nnd Canada hare made a 
demand for a nice-hour day and fen 
hours' pay, the new scale to go lato effect 

jam i, vm.: 

The plant- of .the Ferracute iracbino 
Company of Bridgeton, N.].3„ ■ wa« de- 
stroyed by fitc, entsiltog Vices estimated 
at $100,000 and throwing'. 200 : persona 
font ot work. * 

''^VTiilo working, pn.thp now' coffer of the 
(.Terouto and "Niagara Power Company 'at 
.Niagara .' Fairs ' BoViraTd Dell, fell, into the 
•fapper rapids and^« ■ owrted^ orer. the 
Iwrteshoa falhv . *--r v -. 

■ u 


'.*: IW 


'j-r-ki'- ■ 




fifty Ytf&fflf.Ago; v 

, -Plans' wera^ announced .for tha enlarge* 
,TnehV9ot 'the capltel at Washington tad 
rfJB^jfri&nslon of fbc grounds surrounding ' 
It !'' 

. Possession of Cuba by the United 
States was declared to be "manifest des- 

The American fishing ressel Winged 
Racer was nclzcd by the British at Glou- 
cester for refusing to leave port, when 
ordered. •• > 

The Groat Republle, ef 4,000 tons bur- 
don, and the largest merchant ship In 
the world to that time, was launched at 
Fast Boston, Mass. 

forty Years Ago, 

One hundred Wisconsin and Michigan 
cavalrymen who were escorting General 
Blunt through t3io Cherokee reservation 
were attacked by 000 rebel guerillas un- 
der Quantrell, who killed fifty outright-"^"' 
and murdered tho wounded and members 
of the regimental band, whom they took 

General Joseph Wheeler's rebel caval- 
ry were attacked by General George _ 
Crook's force near Farmington, Term., 
which cut them in two, captured 200 
prisoners and 1,000 small arms, and aent _ 
tha remainder ictreating southward. 

A second supply train witii 000 -men, 
bound Tor General BosecVfli)** bcaiegea 
army In Chattanooga, was captured* at 
SfcMInnvlIlo, Tenn„ by rebel cavalry un- 
der General Joseph Wheeler. 

Thirty Years Ago. 

Three million dollars in currency fmut 
taken to Chicago to help stem tho Black 
Friday panic. 

Connecticut voted to abolish its second 
capital at Now Haven. 

Tho famous New York Graphic bal- 
loon soiled from Brooklyn Cor a thirty 
hour voyage to Sweden, and . landed 
eighty miles away .In Connecticut. 

Eighteen residents of Mcmphla, Tena'; 
died ot.ycllow fever. 

The New York State Dctneerartie eon-". ' 
riintlqn at' Utica denounced Preeidont 
Grant and the Republican party for their 
failure to punish participants in the 
Credit Mobiiler' fraud and declared two 
vfca presidents were guilty. 

Forty-five pereons died of yellow fe- 
ver at Memphis, Tetiii., nnd twenty- two 
at Shreveport, La. 

Twenty Yeara Ago. 

■Postmaster Gcnernl Walter Q. Grwih* 
am woe sued for $301X000 damage* by ,. 
the New Orleans (Ln.) NaSHonal Bank be- 
cause of his order forbidding postmas- 
ters to Issue money orders payable to tt 
as depository of 'the Louisiana lottery. 

Foreign residents of Canton, China, 
were cut off from ths romniuder of ths 
"city- and hourly threatened with massacre . 
by tho natives. 

Evangelists Moody and Saakey sailed 
from New York for a revival tour in Irs- %> 
land nnd England. 

President Cheater A. Arthur paid tax- 
es aggregating $0,542 in New York City; 
William Waldorf Astor, aggregating 
$100,000; and W. H. Yandcrbllt, 

Ten Years Ago. 

Stonewall J. .Do France,. the notoriou* 
batik forger, was attested at Detroit, 

Senator Arthur P. Gorman, of Mary- 
Innd, was accused of blocking repeal it 
tlia Sbccsnan .silver purchase law hi th* 
Senate, ' 

Slam and France settled their differ- 
ences over Anuam. 

> Rio Janeiro wsa bombarded by Bra- 
zilian' rebel warships under Admhr*JL. 
JJello,- • .. : f. .j j- -^/ ! 



'■ i~ - 





E ,l 

i ■ 
J ■ 



b- I 




- hm 

■ nm 




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^(B^OHNSQN, ^: Publisher 

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THE SETTS flusr*ntM>» a larger Bonaflde 
. ClicnUtfonln Wemrn Leke County, tnau 
-AnrfwrFnuHihcd In Tho State. 


. Them is said to b£ no anarchists in Ser- 
Yia.'.Thoy tire nirdid of the Servian offlcera 

Would it help tbecaee.if Liouteaimtgoy- 
ernor Tilliiiim should turn etfttes':evidenco. 


. Chamberlain .is a strong unionist, but 
not of the kind the labor luen want. 



'* ClluiU Iulo tha ; Tiffany Baud Wagou. 

, -; The following from the Libcrtyville In- 
dependent of Octobnr 2, shows the way tbe 
wuiaVis blowing: 
'"^"Supervisor Tiffany, of Antiocb, is 
Conceded" to bo a candidate for the republi- 
Jcon 'Domination for Slate Senator. Be 
V^and his friends have the past week care- 
f>fulty sized up the situation with tbe result 
r- ; he'.will in a few days so nation ucei A. if. 
Hy^tenrna, of "Waukegnn, has announced his 
•• tairididacy. Others are said to bo cnndi> 
■ : dates, but of that we know nothing. 
"• -Itfght now Mr. Tiftiny and Mr. Stearns 
> are the only avowed candidates. Mr. 
'• Tiffany, as cboiruian for two terms of the 
Lake County Board of Supervisors and the 
i Board of Review bus proven bis efficiency 
i and that he U a safo man in positions of 
public trust. He is a man of the people, 
young, energetic and withal substantial 
and reliable. As n republican he is truly 
representative. The beet and safest thing 
the other "intending candidates" can do 
13 to gracefully climb into the Tiffany 
band wncon. Such notion will do more to 
bring together certain contending factions 
in the republican ranks than could possible 
anything else. With A. K. Tiffany the 
generally accepted standard bearer Mr. 
Stearns will not be able to arouse sufficient 
dissenting interest to keep up the now lire- 
booW fight his determination to land the 
plum leads him to so persistently inaugu- 
rate aB each campaign approaches. 


It is hoped that Senators Ball and Alice 
of Delewaro will not imitate the colleagues 
from South Carolina and carry their quar- 
rels to the extent of n pugilistic enraunter 
on the floor of the United Slates Senate. 

Io consequence of the recent riots tbe 
Russian government has declared martial 
law at Gomel. However, tha difference 
between martial and" other, law' is very 
slight in Russia. 

It Set 'Off. Some Nitroglycerin, and a 
Big Explosion Folio wad. 

An accident, one of the most ex- 
traordinary on record, has juat oc- 
curred, at some new oilfields In the 
Baku district of Russia,; .an the bor- 
ders of the Caspian sea. 

One of the big "gusher" oil wells be: 
came choked, and, with a view of 
blowing It clear, a number of iron 
drums full of, nitroglycerin were 
brought down from Derbend and de- 
posited overnight In a large shed 
which was used by the men- as a sort 
of canteen. 

The steward of this, estabiisment, » 
Greek .named Darlos; opened one of 
the - drums for some reason best 
known to himself, ajid "decanted" a 
small quantity of the" dangerous liquid 
into a long thin glass 7or mixing vod- 
ka.- -.This lie placed on a shelf behind 
the bar; 

Shortly afterward there entered a 
workman named Borkovltch, who was 
famous for the boisterous' hilarity of 
his manner, and especially fur his 
loud, reBonant laughter.. 

The Bight of nitroglycerin In a vod- 
ka tumbler so excited his risibility 
that he gave vent to a series of sten- 
torian guffaws. This set the half-filled 
glass "ringing," and the treacherous 
con tents exploded. 

The concussion sufficed, la Its turn, 
to explode the rest of .the stuff in the 
drums, entirely demolishing the shed 
and killing five persons, nil who were 
In it at the time. 

The barman escaped through hav- 
ing gone down Into the cellar Just 
previously, whence he distinctly heard 
the laughter, followed by the musical 
"singing" of the thin tumbler and the 
two explosions. — Stray Stories. 

It is still uncertain whether "General 
lilies is to be the Massachusetts candidate 
for the democratic presidential nomination 
or ex-Governor Hogg's candidate for (sena- 
tor from Texas. 


Mr. Lang says that Athens was spved 
from intellectual perdition only by having 
no printing presses, and no newspapers. 
He must have been thinking of the yellow 


Russia and Austria have just informed 
Turkey that reforms must bo carried out in 
Macedonia, If the massacres continue 
there wont be many left to enjoy the reform. 

One man was killed and several wounded 
in^u not .between socialists and anarchists 
in Vermont. Most people are surprised at 
any difference between them. 

At the speeches of the Boston reception 
to the Honorable Artillery Company of 
London we find no reference made to their 
■war record in South Africa. 

Street preaching la forbidden at the 
"National capital. The members of Con- 
gress must have a monopoly of speech- 
making in Washington. 

U Mr. Brynn does not put the brakes on 
the wheels of his prosperity ho will soon be 
one of those pultocrats that he has held up 
to public detestation. 

Pormer Senator Butler expects that Bryan 
mil holt the democratic party. _ Soma dem- 
ocrats hope he will and all republicans 
hope he will not. 

The inmates of Kentucky prisons are 
deeply interested in politics. Present Gov 
ernor Beckman holds the record for grant- 
ing pardons. 

Mr. McClellan is not so certain that he 
will be elected mayor of How York, that he 
will at once resign his seat in Congress. 

When Alaska becomes a -state there is 
"Tittle danger of her jofningthe Silver party 

if it will be still in existence. 


Possesion is said to he nine tenths of the 
law. la the case of the disputed Alaskan 
territory it is apt to be tea tenths. " 

H Admiral Cotton attacks Turkey, the 
Sultan will think that the European con- 
cert is playing ragtime. 

If the slump in steel stock influences the 
Steel bonds, Mr. Carnegie may realize his 
nmbition to die poor. 

Modesty prevents Senator Gorman from 
naming his choice for the democratic pres- 
idential nomination. 

American free traders point to England 
nhd the English protectionists sny look at 
the United States. 

.When the South "'goes republican Mr- 
Bryan will revise his' ideas oh "too race 

question. '• 

Successor to^Wv^T. HILL. 



Drugs, Druggist Sundries, 
.Stationery, School Supplies, 

. f .Tefr "■ " """ 

Perfumei;iPaints and Oils. 

»v . i 




■" ■'■'[ 

It's mighty disappointing when |pu' 
- ant and flahed all day, f i'Jj 

And hud to grin and bear It wrili; thn 

riirh All eot away. 
You've done the very best you couliiwllh 

hooli mid line and bait. V 

And nothing else rentnlited except toirtist- 

to hick mid wall. ■-£■" 

You may as well take comfort in tfli lazy.. 

summer day' H5 I ' 

And feel the breeze and watch ttteinllt- 

Ing shadows fn lite bay, . jl 
And Oo your uesi. to tell the truth when 

you go home at night, £' - J 

'Cause there's no use kicking; if th fish 

refuae to fclto. 

A Remarkable Clock. 
August Mermet of North Adams, 
has- built, a clock which is 48 inches 
high and 12 Inches leeii. It Is made 
of mahogany, white holly and white 
maple and 1b very pretty. It lteepa 
good time and on the hour and half- 
hour strikes. A hell rings, fine elec- 
tric lights light up and a trumpeter 
comes out of closing doors, which 
open In front. The clock Is glided 
with gold and silver, and it required 
three months of Mr. Mermet's' spare 
time to build' It 

Fear for Old Cathedral. 
Peterborough cathedral, at Peter- 
borough, England, one of the Quest 


^* $ tlA 

And Avhcn the years are paeslng'-^most 

- as HwUtly as tha days. ;l " 

And you ilnd the thlnguyou long)! Tor. 

have all turned to other wayu 
It's better to appreciate the laUght'a ond< 

the song 
Than take a solemn vow thai al tha 

world Is going wrong. 
It's hard to bo convinced that you huva 

Struck a losing chance 
No matter it the same be love,»cdbl- 

tlon, or H nance, {• '" 

But tho days are full of sunnhlne autth* 

stars all shine at night 
And there's no use kicking- if the fish 

refuse to bite. 
—Washington Star. 

Cremation Figures. 
According to statistics pabllsl 
Paris, 2i),470 dead bodies were crcnat- 
ed Inst year in Prance. The -United 
States comes"" next -in the llatvith 
15,080, Italy, with only 4,393 hodles 
cremated during the year, has tvtuty* 
eight crematories, the United §utea 
twenty-six and England only n)c?. 

ib«l in 


Wai-aCoaffrmaSi..' 1 

PobtlikdTmaihb, Oct. 17, 1902, 
,■ I consider "Wine or Cardul superior 
to any doctor's medietas I over used 
and I know nrhoreof I encnlc 1 suf- 
fered for dido months with suppressed 
menstruation whieh completely pros- 
trated mo. Fains would snoot through 
ruy back and sides and J would novo 
blinding headaches, My limbs would 
ewell up and I would -feci- no weak I 
could: nob stand up. I naturally felt 
discouraged for I seemed to bo beyond 
the help of phyilalanB, but Wlno of 
Cardul came as a God-send to mo. I 
felt & Chang a for the better within ft 
week. After nineteen days treatment 
I menetrontod without aulTorlng the" 
agonies I usually did aadaoon became 
regular and without pain. "Wine of 
Cardul Is simply wonderful and I wish 
that all suffering women knew Of 1U 
good qualities. 

Treasurer, Portland Economic League 

Periodical headaches tell of fe- 
male weakness. Wine o£ Cardui 
'"cum permanently nineteen out of 
every twenty cases of irregular 
menaca, bearing down pains or 
any female weakness. If you are 
discouraged and doctors have 
failed, that is the beat reason in 
the world you should try "Wine of 
Cardui now. Remember that 
headaches mean female weakness. 
Secure a 41.00 bottle of Wine of 
Cardui today. 

Radium In Utah. j . 

S. T, Lockwood has succeeded' in 
extracting radium from the carhntlte j 
deposits of Utah, and expects • to jr&'j 
duce It on a commorclol . basis,. uMt.. 
gives up Its radium somewhat eadpr 
than the pitch-blonde from whirl It 
has been extracted In laboratories. 

Yet Few Realty Obey, j 
Of the brides led annually to the 
altar the Christian world over, a 
measured but extremely moderate) 
percentage refuse to repeat the vords 
of the marriage service binding tt*m 
to obey as well as to love and honor 
their husbands, 

His Natural Mistake. 
"Good heavens!" exclaimed AEsar 
Hen Pekt, the Assyrian architect of, 
the . tower of Babel, startled oiil of 
I his Bleep. "How did my wife, get 
here? Yet that is she talking out-* 
Bide! 1 ' It was a natural mistake. The 
confusion of tonguen had begun, 

Middle Age structures in the country, 
1b showing alarming signs of decay, 
and leading architects are busy for- 
mulating plans for the preservation of 
the magnificent build log. 

Find Writ of George II. 

A court document, Issued in 1741 In 
the name of KJns George II of Great 
Britain, and bearing bis se*l, has been 
unearthed In an attic of ea old house 
in Sandwich, Mass. It is r-n execution 
against one John Hyland, Jr., to satis- 
fy a Judgment obtained by James Otis 
of Barnstable; father of James Otis, 
the. American revolutionary pioneer. 

It appears that the principal saw- 
mills in. this section wire in those 
days located at Scituate, and there 
was' much trading between Sandwich 
and Barnstable. Prlvato documents 
and court records go to show that 
James Otis bought lumber of Hyland 
previous to 1737. aad that when their 
business transactions closed there was 
a balance of J29 9s. Cd. In f*av6r' gf 
0-tls. Palling to get a settlement. Oils 
hroUgbt suit, andjy the Jlo^ment Just 
discovered shows, ' was awarded the 
full amount of his claim with an ad- 
ditional allowance of £3 for costs of 
CQJirUnrJ Jte wrjt. . 

In the writ pow"Sr Is granted to the 
sheriff of v'ie county or his under 
sheriff power to seize the body of Hy- 
land, place him in the Plymouth Jail 
and seize" his lands, chattels and goods 
until the amount and fees mentioned 
are paid. 

New Memoir of Andrew Jackeon. 
A memoir of Andrew Jackson Is in 
course of preparation by Rev. Dr. J. 
B. Bassott, a member of the faculty 
of Trinity Method I Bt college at Dur- 
ham, S. C„ who has spent several 
months In Washington gathering data 
for his work, - 

Electric Line Parks. 
.Rural parks to the number of 3G2 
are maintained by (he/trolley car 
companies "of the .United 8tates. 



Soft and crooked bones rhean 
bad feeding. Call the disease 
rickets if you want to. The 
growing child must eat the 
right food for growth. Bt nes 
must have bone food, blood 
must have blood food ant I so 
on through the list. 

Scott's Emulsion is the ri ght 
treatment for soft bones in 
children. Littledoses every iay 
give the stiffness and shipe 
that healthy bones should have. 

Bow legs become straigljter, 
loose joints grow stronger and 
firmness, comes to the soft 

Wrong food caused (he 
trouble. Right food will cure it. 

In thousands of cases Scott's 
Emulsion has proven to be the 
right food for soft bones in 
childhood. -**— 

Send for free sample, 

SCOTT & BOWNE, ChemJate, 

4O0-415 Pearl Street, New York, 

ffx, and f i.oo j oil druggltU, 




Lightning Follows Wire 800 Feet and 

Discharges a Blast. 
. .It. waB a peculiar freak oflightnlng 
which sent Martin Stevens, a miner 
at : Franklin Furnace, N. J.', to his 
dea'h. He was very much afraid of 
lightning; and said that he was glad 
he worked underground where' U10* 
lightning could not get at hjm, ' '; 

.It was his custom whenever a Btorm 
came up to run into . the ' mide. en- 
trance. He" did not think that, the 
lightning would chase- him [.under- 
ground and slay him there, -but that Is 
exactly what It did. -" 

Stevens was engaged In making a 
■blast ready for a charge, when sud- 
denly the lightning struck the electric 
light wire outside and ran down the 
wire 100 feet into the mine, where it- 
crossed with tbe discharge wire which 
Stevens was using. 

As a consequence the blnst was dis- 
charged while Stevens was working 
over it and he was blown to pieces. — 
New York Herald. 

~- Condensed History, 
A reader -submits this diagram as 
history of the world In Ave words. 

Fitness 'of Things. 
The automobile that completed Its 
tour from the Pacific coast to Hut- 
linglon, VL, on Friday, had to tow 
back ; to town another broken down 
machine that was run down the jl!ao 
to meet it This Incident supplied tbe 
thing needed to produce a spectacular 
finish. . 

Only One American Vessel, 
The great * port of Hamburg, accord- 
ing to the last. annual report receiv- 
ed, ships .with a .registered tonnage 
aggregating .8;G88,Q00 tons and hut one 
vessel be'aHgg 1 4hai^.rderlcau r .flag ca- 
tered duffiig'uie-'yAatVi- 

. .'■''''.'■ J ? '.'. ' ' "-V.;*.-. v 

A I^ndcm^appond'ifefile assurftneo 
company now' lSBueaispeclai' policies 
BuaranteolTJgvto holtjecn'-all 'thVnjedi. 
cal,; surgical t Knd nUral'hg expensed up 
to the^amml'tft Insured, Incyrrj&dilj * 
attacrbf , thltf;malady. * * i jj?«' "I 

■His idea" (a that peace leads to plenty, 
plenty to pride, prjde to ,war, war to 
poverty, and poverty to peace, 

Qiiedf F^ftaH of tfifc BYaTrh 1 *" 

# England laBt year a case occur- 
In which a delirious woman re- 
covered her mastery of a language 
which she had been unable to speak 
for seventy yenra. She had been horn 
In India and the first form of speech 
taught her was the native Hindostanf 
for her nurses; At the ago of 3 Bbs 
had been removed to Europe, living 
In turn in France and Germany be : 
fore going to England to complete her 
education. Afterward alio had re- 
tained her proficiency In French and 
German, but all hut a Tew words of 
Hlndbatanl had passed from her mem- 
ory. In her delirium she talked fluent- Hln%(Hni;,and friends nhout her 
who-kaiiirtk&HkhgMBO were able to 
follow her .-Hayings; 'to her nurses as 
sherecanea*IiaT!.'.cpnr^a!«lons lri In- 
dia ot ^eV^y^cars -earlier. Then 
the tallt^ftfiged:' ' Surpassed into 
French and^irom that. - to; ; German, 
h Jle rwhetf- she ; wa'a s riearlng' recovery 
^utterances \ • cb an ged . to •: Engl I sb . 
ban flhe^co'vered ..all recollection of 
hdcata'nb:had;agBLiri. left ben. 

; " 

30 -" : 82" 



Are nlwaysHhe lowest, if you .will.teko" the quality into consider 
ution^tFen 'there is ■tho. large assor tmenfc; that .gives you ia rang* 
for choice, • Fall' goods. ore patting in-come in and lookaruond 

Children's Fleece Lined Underwear^ 

Prices and sizes are as follows: , 
Price 10c 12c 14c 10c M 20c .Me 
Size, 10 18 20 22 24 '20 .28 


special value- tit *' • ' ' " 


special value at > • ■ » ■ 


extra good, per pair. .- 


sizeB 26 to 34 ■ * • • ■ " ' ; * ' 

COMFORTERS— ynru tied-both sides covered with fancy QQq 

COTTON BLANKETS-grey, tan or white with fancy bor- gOg 

ders tit' ■ ••••■•■■• * .....•#■•..■... ^^ **^ **. 

Other Cotton Blankets at $1.00, S1.60 and S2.00, f pleadid values. 

■ WOOL BLANKETS iu mnuy sizes nnd colors S8.00 to S3.00 

COTTON BATTING— specials per roll at 10c, ;8c and 5c 





Graduate at 

CtilcaKo Musical College, 

will accept a limited number of pupils 

Vqcal ; or i Piano : Instruction 
Anltoch, III 

rr\ N. nONSELLT ft CO. 

JLoaa and Diamond Brokers 

118 Dearborn St.. ClilcnRO.llt.. 

ueiweeii wnstiliiKton ami Mnill5on. 

ntlejstbaiictiflt. Atbalf tbe price jtm par tbe 
regultir stores. ■ DeclBUlyl 



Odlco Injsbeater liouse on Lake street 
'■i: ^-. AHTJObH, ILLIU0IB 


TlS-lroD^'BaflDW Investment Cn 

■ $$? ■ _ 

haft Monay To Loan 

on good improved farms at 5 per cent in- 



If you want Insurance, either on vil- 
lage or farm property, fire oi cyclone, 
I enn write it lor you in the best com- 
panies and at the lowest possible 
grice. Agency for the Security 
. ightningRod Co. of Burlington, Wis 

L. B. GRICE, Antioch, Illinois 

J. C. James, Jr., 

Jutilca of tha. Paaca. 

-All Legal Business 
■Prompt! j Attended lo 


Form andTilloge Fira Insurance in inde- 
pendent companies, 

Spatial Aganl Prudential CoXife Ins 

R. W. Churchill, 



U/ill boio ^UjtioGbeuoryjuesda> 


Trade Marks 
Copyrights &c. 


Anrono londlim a iketch ind awcTlptlon taty 
eilr n»Cor)n(n our opinion treo wiiolhcr art 


Bh Jlunii ft 

fprdal notice, wllhout elmr^o, in tnt 

. _..Jf: 


" rlciir conn 

jo. Oldott euflncr Tor lecurlniipu 
Pntonw inkon..turon?b Jluna ft, CO, racelTO 

on 1'ateuui 

at on 1 8. 

ulna la probnblr imtonUblo. p 
(roe. Oldott nitencr for ■eourina 

inula iiUan turuush JIuuu ft i 
nl notice, wUhoatcbKruo, lu tno 

Scientific American. 

AbfindaomolT lllaiiriitod irieklr. Tjircest clr. 
cuUtlDD ot nnr (Olentina Inurnnl. Tcnui, 13 a 
MWI tout months, |L BOl&hrtil notncjctlcr*. 

. J" Bt, Wnihlniiton, U. C 

^Z?>, : I.w'JlplvB FREE. OF UHAROE. to 

nitin filleted, n jiosltlr" cure 
' ouj, Er/slpelfiB, PI It 
it reiinr.fiion't.iut . 
WILLUil&a.-WoBt iiai s t,, N« ff .York 

■ , lor Kczt'imt, Salt 
niieciuj.ErrslpelnB, FiIm and SkluUUeasoj.- in- 
Btnntrelief.^ijoii't.iutter lormer. Write F. w. 


Marble and 
" Granite 

Cemeter) Work 
of Every 

ti .- 

Correipoadcnco ' -^ 
Solicited ' -*f^ 

^flrGcnefxelit.' .-** 



T) A.WILUA1I3 ■■>■' 

Office at Wjltlnnu Bros.' Store, AimooB, III 
WA 11 Notarial Work proraptij and accurately 
attended to, 37tl 


Veterinay ^Surgeon 

Antloch, Illinois. ' 
Colla Cailratad al lha old.llma 
prlc» ol 31,00 aach. , 



J. F. In^alls&Son, 
Jawalara t and t Optlolana, 
1 2 Genesee St, Wa ukegan, II! 



Editorially Fearltsa 
Cootlttonlly Rapubllcan 

Ncwb from all of the -world — well 
written, orifrinnl Btories— AnsworB 
to queries— Articlea on Health, the 
Home, Kew DookB and on Work 
about the Farm and Garden. 

The Weekly 


Ib a member of the Associated 
PrcsB, tho only western newspaper 
receiving the entire telegraphic 
news service of tho How York Sun 
and special cable of tho New York 
World— dnily reporU from over- 
2,000 special correspondents 
throughout tho country, 


Subscribe for the 
Antioch News and 
the Weekly Inter 
Ocean one year, 
both papers $1.50 








:■'- A 












for hot summer weather. You will 
surely want: them. . Come now while 
assortment is good. We are adding 
to our Dress Goods stock fresh in- 
voices every week, embracingall the 
summer atttractions and latest nov- 
elties. Agency Butterick Standard 
Fashion Company's patterns. 


A Fully Equipped tiiil$hof Em- 
bracing Plumbing aid Pipe Fitting 

Low Prices on American Field 
Fencing. Some Styl ?s only 25c rod 



The choicest assortment of sjaple 
and fancy Groceries represented/ on- 
ly by the best goods manufactured. 


Fruit and Vegetables 
Received Daily 



From our Staff 

of Able 





t- v 


JTra, Jiimea Leonard was in Grnyslake 
Monday on business. 

Mr. John Cribb nnd -friend visited in 
Wnukepin Sunday. 

■ Mre, Jiii*. Kerr is entertaining n niece 
from Iowa 1Mb week. 

Miss Olive Nelson spent Saturday and 
■ Sunday at her homo here. 

Mrs. "W. (i. BarnBtnblo entertained 
friends the fore part of the week, 

Mrs. C.'L. Hay went to Aurora Saturday 
to join her husband at conference, 

Mr.'M. Murpbey has moved his house- 
hold goods into the McNulty cottage. 

Jos, Kerr is enjoying a viv-ation from 
his duticB in the post office thU week, 

Miss Florence Watson commenced her 
school in the Ueab. Hilt district tiro weeks 


^* Mr.BndvMrB.-IIenry'Curl came from 
__ iCiti^Atho Qrut'of the ■.inoath.n.nd havo 

Z 7 ' : , taken clx£?*(ijjJC %• ."Tubman farm; ?. 

cr.-;_-r- --';•' -■•-■»-, .; 

MiaB>Martlia Richards* has •- accepted- a 

position aa telephone. mrTflt Auburn Park, 

We are 6orry to. lose-Sisa Martha from 

our midst. ;..:«•• '■ 

* " . ' • -"* " 

■ The ladies of the Angola cemetery society 

will meet' with Mrs. B. Hamlin on Oct. 

20 th, Visitors always welcome, Adtlie 

Monzcr Sec. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Meeker anddaugn- 
ter, of Libertyville, spent Sunday with Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Joe Pester. Mr, and Mrs. Meeker 
expect to start for England some time this, 

Late Saturday night, tha ico train, in 
switching, ran into a carload of wheat 
which was on the track, and wheat was 
greatly scattered, beyond this, however, 
no farther damage- was done, 

The household goods of Mr. and Mrs. H. 

I A. Douglas were shipped to Chicago last 

Friday and Mrs. Douglas followed on Satur- 

, day. Thoy leave manjr. friends here who 

regret their departure, and tlieywillbe 

very muchmisBed. 

Miss Mildred Hanningion will entertain 
! the Current Events Club at Allendale next 
Thursday October 22. The following iB 
the program: Quotations from Edmond 
Spencer, business. England 1485*1647, 
* Mrs, F, Kerr; England 1547-1572, Miss 
H. Richards; Current Events, Mies M. 

■ »•» 


The C. E, Bocioi on Friday evening was 
n succcsb. 

Geo! Tburwell ia building an addition 
to hia bouse. 

Mibs Bell and Ella Hall are spending a 
few days in Chicago. 

Mr. and Mw. Churchill visited over 
Sundny with' relatives at McHcnry. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Higloy visited rel- 
atives at Uogera Park over Sunday. 

On Saturday Ed, Druce had the misfor- 
tune to. have his thumb cut off in a corn 
binder. ■ 

Jlr, Jonos nnd Mr, Trice, of Chicago 
were tbo guests of F. Davis and family over 

Mr. Andrew EfingerV little two-yoar-old 
girl who baa been dangorouBly ill is now 

Rising Sun lodge A. F, and A.M. enter- 
tained several members of Liberty lodge 
Monday evening. 

Mr. Harden of Antioch will eoon move 
his family in the upper rooms of the J. 
Hook, Jr. building. 

* Mr. Baratow has moved his family from 
Gngcalaka into tho upper rooms of Mrs. 
Sadie Meads houso for the winter. 

The Church Aid society will meet at the 
homo of Mrs, F. U, Wilbur, on Wednesday 
afternoon October 21. Visitors cordially 

Mizpalr Camp .It. N. A. entertained 
Gurneeahd lvanboe camps on Tuesday 
evening. A special program was given and 
a pleasant evening was spent. - 


■J, Martin spent Sunday in Chicago. 

For'bargains call at tho Loon Lake store. 

\Ben Smith -is. entertaining his brother 
from Olito. _" 

Mr. and Mra^Geo. Wedga took in the 
city Monday. 

..Mrs. A. T. White and daughter Cora, of 
Waukegan were seen on our streets the 
past week, 

. Mr. and Mra.,Gullidgo yisited in^-Wau- 
kegon Sunday with tkelr^uiughtjr^Mrs^ 
James Strang. - ' *Jjtt0&$:j& 

Mr. C. Doolitllo, of RSjin>^ancl rfeic^ 
Miss liny Elevens, of Chicago "calfed on 
relatives Friday. ''^H 

Mrs, George Kerr and Edna spent the 
past week at Virginia, III, the guests of 
Mra. Anderson, 

Mrs. Eugene Sheehan and children via- 
ited in Chicago u few days last week, with 
her mother Mra. Gaw. 

Miss Keltic Smith who baa been spend- 
ing the summer with her sister in southern 
Illinois is now at home. 

Mrs. Wm. Sheehan and Mra. H. Hoff- 
man visited at Zion the past week and 
whiio there went through the Inca factory. 


Dan Nellie, of Chicago visited his broth- 
er over Sunday. 

H, H. Welch, of Chicago, called on 
friends lost Sunday* ■ . ■ . - 

Mlm Katie.O'Hare returned to Chicago, 
Tuesday morning. 

Elmer Murrio and Mis\Dora Dixon 
spent Monday in Russel. 

Mr. and Mn, Ray Lewin returned to 
Cbicago Sunday evening. ,> . 

Mr, Polcr' Anderson entertained friends 
from Chicago lost Sunday. 

Mr. Chase will move his family to their 
Milwaukee home this week. 

Miss Mamc Eddy visited at her home in 
Kenosha Saturday nnd Sunday. 

Robert Patch and Elmer Murrla. re- 
turned from North Dakota last Friday. 

Misa Mary lreno Nowell returned Satur- 
day evening from Kenosha where she has 
been spending ft few days with friends. 


Waltor White Ib on the sick list. 

Olive Sorenson has returned to 




"We are so sure-- of the superiority of our school over 
other business schools (no. matter where) that we will 
pay one-half expense of a visit of prospectives to 
the College of Commerce. 

nth year. Students enrolling almost daily. 

Kenosha College of Commerce. 

" Several of the larger scholars commented 
school this week. 

^Thomas Galiger, of Fort Hill, visited 
his parents Sunday. 

August nnd Otto Boekelmnn, of Chicago 
arc visiting their sister at this place. 

Mr. Soren Sorenson and family visited 
with tiia brother at this place Sunday. 

Mr, Hubs Sorenson nnd wife visited her 
brother, Mr. Olson, of Rollins, who U very 

sick, - . -^ 

Mr, and Mra. Ernest Hook and .other 
relatives of the late Mrs. Robert 'Hook 
wish to thank the kind neighbors for their 
many acts of kindness during the sickness 
and death of our dear mother. Especially 
do we wish "to thank the singers at the 
funeral and all who contributed flowers, 
and also the ladies of the cemetery society 
for decorating tho grave so beautifully. 
And they also wish to express their regret 
at having over looked publicly announcing 
their appreciation at* an earlier date, 

The now minister come3 next Sunday. 


Miss Luell Ames spent Inst Thursday in 

Teacher's meeting at Waukegan next 
Saturday. - 

Tho Ladies' . Aid Society' met at Mc- 
Guire'BlostThursday. - • -; 

MrB. Pickles fc on the Bick list. Dr. 
Jamison is attending her, 

Mrs. Eva Taylor, daughter of Geo. Ken- 
nedy, is homejrow Chicago. 

^The"wind of Wednesday night, did its 
work well. * In some porta of tho town it 
hatted, thua adding to the'uproar. 

The Young Ladies' Church Improve- 
ment society meets with Mrs. Eva.Tay'or, 
Oct. 24, to finish the work on hand. The 
young Indies met with .with Miss Maud 
Frazier on Saturday. 


. MiBS Elsie Gray spent Sunday with her 

-Wm, Penitro visited the county sent on 

. Ward Rowbottom was a Chicago visitor 
last Saturday. 

Mrs. John Shotliff and daughter went to 
Antioch en Friday. 

0. M.. Bishop had business in New 

Monster on Saturday. 

i 1 ■ * . 

Miss Lula Rowbottom visited at Pleas- 
ant Prairie on Saturday. 

Wells Curtis .and C. E; Williams had 
business in Burlington. Saturday. 

Mrs, A. A. Burgess is- visiting her 
daughter, Mra. Geo. Ela of Rochester, 


Mrs. Mary Shotliff, who has been visit- 
ing for some time in Kenosha, returned 
homo Saturday evening. 

Mrs. Frank Lane, son and daughter, of 
Kenosha, visited her sisters Mrs. Stevens 
and Mrs. HollisLer, last week. 

The Good Time Club held its bi-monthly 
meeting at tho ball on Saturday evening. 
A good time was had by all, 

Mrs. Paul .Utt hns been visiting with 
friends here the past week. Mrs. Dtt was 
was formerly Misa Florence Benedict, of 
this town. 

Jessie Christian, daughter of Rev. nnd 
Mrs. 0. P. Christian, is quite Bick with 
fever. A nurse from Marshall, Wis., is 
caring for the little patient. 

Tho street from tho corner of the Bur- 
dick property ncroBs tbo road tb.tbe depot 
is in deplorable condition and should be 
repaired at onoe, Tho MdcwilltVa. he-low 
street grade and with everyiotn,'. people 
wishing >to go to the: tlepoi^baye to wade 
through mud,-, Wo carfsee^o^ason why 
the property owners , in : th'e^yiUiRe . should 
not have the sidewalks repairea.,at town 
oxpense, especially Main Btreetvfrhera the 
walka aro.usod by so niany-peo^botrnn 
tho village" nnd from ou}of towfi^-'Most of 

after a'arfc*--' T 


Mi * .Carrie Graves has returned from 

The Ladies Aid society meet with Mrs. 

G. -vottz Thursday. 

t, - 

M». Joseph Barnstable -and daughter 

wer{ Trevor callers lost Friday, 

Mr. P. Ross arrived tliisweek with eight 
enr loads of sheep froni the north-west. 

i ■; 
M^rs.' H. £. Robbins spent last week in 

Milwaukee visiting her sister, Mra. Douir- 


The Liberty Cemetery society will meet 
withMjssSarab Patrick. All are cordially 

Mrs.'d. Williams, of Antioch and grand 
daughter, of Michigan visited at Mrs. Will 
Tnylqr'B Friday. 

Rev. W.-H. Moore viBited bts parents 
ut Soilhfieldr Minn., last week after taking 
in tha convention. ■ ■ \ 

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and the Misses 
Kruckman, of Wilmot were caller* at H, 
0. Patrick's this week. 

Notice of Final Report. 


STATBor Illinois,) 
I.AIK . County, . } 

In tlie Coiintr Court of Luke Count)', November 
term, A. D„ I'm. 

■ In trie nmtter of tlie Inst trill i»u\ leftament of 
Anrcelinft Olcott. ilecrated. to (leoree It. Olcott, 
Shlrler Olcott, II rs. S. Authonj, Mra. Tina Rocb< 
Tllle. llrs, Kate Adnint, Mrs. julln WUlte, Jerrffr- 
sonTInrp, Yriend Ilnrii, Sime 'llnrp, lieU^ at law, 
as\-\sees nnd legatees of mU deceased. 

Ymiare herebr iioun&l tlint tlio imilerslsn^il 
wlironTuesdny th(> linn dnrol November A. D. 
1903 lit tlie bour or 1(1 o'clock lu tlie lorenoon or 
mat do; in tbo Countr Court room lntbe Court 
Houso In tbe City ot Woujccgnn. In said Lake 
Countr, present lo said Coutitv Court Ills anal ac- 
count and report as executor ot the lost will and 
testament or Anecltne Olcott, deceased, nnd ask 
to bare tlie same nnji roved ami snld estate de- 
clared settled, and to be dlschnrged from bis 
ofllce ns executor, nt wlilcii time and idacejou 
mnr appear as you see fit so to do. 

J. J. BUBO, Executor 
of tbe Inst will nnd testament ot Angellne Olcott, 

Dated Oct. 6, ID03. Cw5 


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h- per month 

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sewing machines will 
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t G. Nelson 

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ness 1 hnd-dhcompoiscd* hlnv-nod' th»t h»; 
was unusually Irritable nnd nervous. 

VI am sorry I could not come, to too 
as.- usual," sho began, l>«t ho ^Interrupt-, 
ed her by saying crossly: . ' ' 

"Oh, yes; I dare say. Stop nl apolo- 
gies nnd while wo are . 'alone loU me IE 
you obeyed "my orders Inat night. 

"I did," faltered tho poor girl. 

"Did'tho tiling, work well Tasked he, 

"It did. I had no trouble in the Tow- 
er, flt all; but, 0, Sir Reginald, soma-, 
thing terrible has/hapi'icued!" 

"What?" exclaimed • thu «'ck man, 
starting .up in so 'sudden a manner that 




,,/AND THEIR causes, 
V- — > •--■'.-•- - 

Tariff Doet Dot Cants Their Growth— 
Are Step lii Involution— Vlnntice* of. 
Gountrj^ Kevle-wetl and Prosperity: 

Trnceil to Republican Legislation. 


Senator William B, Allison spoke at 





CHAPTER XVI.— (Continued.) 
"ButT;Slr Regiuald compelled mo to do 
ft. I begged and entreated him to excuse 
too; I-:told hhn It was sinful, but he B«w 
into a passion, and biule me disobey him 
,«& the peril of his, everlasting displeas- 
ure! f SIr,' I was homeless, and he -was 
•fck't What was I to do?" 

"Forgive me! You poor little girl, I 
,wnir fast 'and cruel in my Judgment. You 
were, indeed, obliged to execute the vile 
plana of the baronet. There," ndded he, 
-tenderly, as ho drew- her hands from her 
fnyo, and with his hnndkorckief wiped 
way kertonrs; "weep no more; 
■ipre not to blame. Child, giro mo your 
lid in token of forgiveness." 
"Then you do not despise me?" 
lj.VDesp1sc.you7 No1 no1 l «»»ly,*» h * 
ijjped; he was about to say "love you," 
t. remembering his vow', ho added soft- 
t'"plty you."- 

'? Yes,- you may pity me! Oh, auntlo, 
turtle! why did I ever promise you to 
eme to. this wretched place?" was her 
Ailing cry. 

^ttll holding her hand In his, and also 
Utlu'i from her the candle, ho turned 
ud led her down the long, steep stairs. 
Only onco did Ethel speak, then sha 
nicely said: 

.^Slr licgiaald will he very angry If he 
wrs of your entrance here! Must ho 

"I will think It over and let you know 
40-ffiorrow. You must sleep to-night and 
w-S..** w cover from this nervousness." 

bey aeon reached the bottom stair, 

entered the corridor. Then Ethel 

vfiernborbd that her work was hut half 

ic, and the rest could not be occom- 

'islml until Dr. Elfensteln had left her. 

Umlng to him, she said: 

//' '.'Will you kindly tell me how you en- 

>" /,/• lured this place? You must leave me 

: - >/Jio.w, going silently as you came." 

/ "I will. I came through the ruins. I 
r £-snv you open a door and reach for a 
■~lV/ basket, then I Instantly entered."; . 
', ""But: surely, I'fastenod it again V 

• "You were ho agitated, you forgot to 
'■(do It. I ccrhalnly opened It, without dlf- 
.. 'Acuity, and crept after you, eager to 

solve, the mystery of the haunted tower, 

. -which I then, for tho Drat time, began 

'I ^io connect with your movements; But 

.you are weary -now, ao I will lcajc you, 

and rot urn as I came.", 

Giving back the candle, he took her 
nndilnd wns just saying, "Good night, 
Sji Nevergnil," when suddenly both 
f*£d short In their walk; both turn- 
deadly pale, as a short, strange, load 
rt, close by their cars, Btnrtled and 
founded them. 
/ *• Then, to their horror, something darted 
'toward a them, a huge form swooped 
past, dashing tho candle to the ground, 
"thus extinguishing It, leaving them In 
total darkness and gloom. 
' *'0h, what is it? What is it?" cried 
tho terrified girl, as sho nestled close to 
her companion, while he, scarcely realiz- 
ing what he did, threw bis arms around 
her form, to protect her from ho knew 
not what. 

Suddenly a wild, unearthly laugh, or 
. 'yell, floated to them from the other end 
of the corridor, nnd as it passed, Dr. 
'Elfensteln pressed tho girl he held closer 
to his heart, and laid his check against 
hor frightened face. 

"Oh, do not Leave mel I shsll die! 1 
ehnll die!" gasped Ethel. 

"I will not. You are not so afraid 
now, and thus, close to me, ore you, 

"No; not so fearfully afraid as I was," 
Gently atroking her hair, the young 
man felt, even la tho terror, Inspired by 
itfheir dreadful position, a feeling almost 
of rapture steal over him, as be held 
[her thus close In his arms, with hers 
(dinging to his waist But suddenly, 
calmer reflections came; he felt this thing 
must be seen to; whatever presence hnd 
been near them must bo discovered, nnd 
that ho ought to follow up the sound. 

"Child [" he whispered, "whatever has 

|been near us, I know by that, lant cry, 

■has escaped Into tho ruins, through the 

!dooT by which I entered. That being so, 

.»'' -■■**, ual"iir- a Bty'cii try y° u to a p'acfl of 

Wety, 'then search 'around to see what It 

dd have been.", , 

Instantly, 'thenflt flo*ihed over Ethel's 
4nd, that the ape, Sir Itcginnld's choice 
>ncenled treasure, had escaped, and that 

■ he knife sho had so carelessly given him 
iad done the deed,' He had cut bis way 
jut Oh, the terror this. thought thrust 

Into her heart wna almost unbearable! 

■ jAt once, she boenme, as It; were, a dead 
.weight again in the doctor's arms, 

Then another thought cnma thnt Im- 
tpnrted now life. Her oath had been tak- 
■en never to reveal tlio existence of that 
'nnlnial, nor of the concealed room. In 
«rder to keep this vow, Dr. Elfensteln 
mum not' examine the premises. 

She know well now. the' moaning' of 
.that first report, Tho beast had knocked 
down the iron shelves, burst open tho 
ipnnolB, nnd In consequence a light would 
'ehow the doctor that opening, and tho 
Toom beyond. Not ho must never exam- 
ine this corridor. Nerving herseJf for 
{& new tnsk, she said: 
" ''Doctor, I cannot consent to being loft 

* moment hero alone! Nor wjll I con- 
fej ise'nt to your exposing yourself further 

Jto-ttlgbL Take me,/ , tben,"to my room, 
and we will lock up this placo, and you 
con steal softly from the bouse another 

• "But, -Miss Nevergail, surely this 
lought to bo Investigated." ^ 

"Oh, no, please do not Investigate! I 
eannot nllow It, cannot enduro It!" 
As she spoke, .« long, deep shudder 

• - (passed over her frame, nnd the doctor, 
noticing it, knew at once that her nerv- 
tous system could stand no more, there- 
lfore, felt It w'ns best to yield. 
j "Shall I not, at least, light tho canr 
'■die?" . • 

J'No, nol I cannot bear It!" murmured 
ittio poor girl, horrified at tho thought ot 
(What a light might reveal. 
' ["Tell rao, then, which way your room 
kos, and I shall 'carry you thither at 
■ I* "Straight! Just beyond Uib door by 

way, my- room lies opposite its door," 
sho returned. "But, Indeed, doctor, I 
can walk, if you will only let mo hold to 
your arm, I would rather, 

"Well, be" It sol" returned the man, re- 
leasing her, yet still retaining her hand, 
which he drew under his nrm. 

When they honrcd the door of the ruin, 
however, Ethel felt n strong current of 
nlr upon her check, which revealed the 
fact that It stood wido open, and -In- 
stantly a deadly fear of tho horrible 
creature that had escaped, being a til I 
near, seized her, nnd again she shrank 
closer to -ber friend, while her faltering 
stops told of deporting strength. 

Without n word, Enrle Elfensteln lin- 
ed her In his arms, and so passed Into the 
passageway. Remembering that his 
presence there must be kept n secret, tho 
young girl whispered: 

"Step softly; let no one heart" 
"I will," ho breathed back, and guid- 
ed by the dim light under tbo door in- 
dicated, ho .passed through, emerging 
from the open' wardrobe, Into tlio bed- 
room beyond. ~ 

Placing .her In a large easy chntr, he 
Htepped back, closed nnd fastened both 
doont, then returned to her side. 

"Please, doctor," she murmured, "ox* 
(Tmlno every part of this room before yon 
go, to be sure the dreadful— the dread- 
ful," she hesitated. . 

"Yes, I know," he Interrupted, "and 
you will' soon sec you are perfectly safe." 
Obeying her wish, he then made a 
thorough search of room and closet. But 
na ho supposed, nothing was to bo seen. 
"Now, how' will you leavo tho house?" 
she murmured, anxiously. 

A sly look back towards' tho corridor 
caused her to exclaim, In a whisper, as 
alio laid her hand entreating!y on his 

"Not there, doctor, promise me you 
will not return to that placo this night, 
but will go directly home." 

Again Enrlo yielded to the pleading of 
tho sweet girl beside him, and again an- 

"Tben_ I must cither drop from your 
window or go through the hall. Stay! I 
ree a strong strap around your trunk. 
It Is tho very thing! I will fasten It to 
the balcony, and so slip down by its 
aid to tlio ground, Arc you willing?*' 
•: "perfectly. Doctor," she whispered, 
""do you know I should have died from 
fright had you not been there ?" 

"Yes, I know; and now, before I say 
good night, I shall mix you a compos- 
ing draught, and then you must promise 
me, to go instantly to your hod, as »oon 
os you take in the strap, and close the 
window, and tho lust thing, swnllow the 
preparation I shall leave. Will you do 
this, In return for my not Investigating 
further, what I see you do not wish ex- 

Ethel hesitated, then remembering that 
she could not see Sir Reginald that night, 
she gave the promise. 

A moment more passed, and then the 
strap had been fastened, the doctor had 
whiapcred "Good night," and sho watch- 
ed him disappear amid the darkness mid 

Darting out, sho secured the strap 
without trouble, fastened down the' win- 
dow, and. soon slept under the effects of 
the nnodyne ho bad so thoughtfully left 
for her use. 

Well Indeed was It for her that she 
could sleep, for without some rest the 
could never have borne the terrible ex- 
citement that awsited her In the aearlng 
hours of the coming day. 

it caused him to fall back with a groan,) CUnton, Iowa; . Saturday night ou the 
although he kept a firm grip ou tho armjl.wuet Issues In tho campaign nnd made, 
ho hnd seined in his excitement regard-^ nmpng other tlilngti, h clear nnd forcl- 
lcsa of the fact that his tight grafp cans- bio exposition of tho (rust situation iu 
ed her to turn pale with p"alu. _ : J tho United States nt'thb present time. 

.■{ibe; Senator pointed out that tho 



The next morning Ethel ntteaipted to 
rise, as usual, but found herself so lit 
with a sick headache that the attempt 
was vain. Every time sho lifted ber 
head from her pillow, It throbbed wild- 
ly, while n blind dlsziucss en me over her 
to such an extent that she felt ft were 
bettor to keep still for a while until It 
pasted away. 

At nine o'clock a servant came to her 
room, and she sent an excuse to the 
family for her non-appearance- About 
ten a messogo came from Sir Reginald, 
asking how soon she could come to him? 
She returned for answer that her head 
was still In Eiich pain that she feared not 
until afternoon. 

About fire Dr. Elfensteln called to see 
his patient, and his lordship at onco re- 
quested him to look after his secretary, 
saying that sho wns not able to come to 
him, while he was most anxious to see 
her. ' Mrs. Fredon wns then dispatched 
to Miss Nevergnll's room to prepare her 
for a visit from the doctor. 

As the young man entered, he was 
really startled to see how wan and pale 
tha excitement of tho alght before, and 
ft fejv hours' Illness, bad made her. Sho 
had made several attempts to rise, and 
had succeeded In dressing herself, hut' the 
exertion had overcome her, and once 
more she had' been obliged to recline up- 
on the bed, while her large dark eyes, 
and black dress, made her cheeks seem 
nlmont like snow. 

"Oh, doctor!" she sighed, as be ad- 
vanced nnd took her hand In his, "Can 
you give me something to stop this head- 
ache, so that I can go to Sir Reginald? 
He has wanted me all day, and has sent 
for me several times, and I must sec him, 
but I cannot seem to get titers." 

"You havo done right to keep still. I 
will give you a remedy thnt I think will 
cause you relief in an hour's time. Un- 
til then, you should try to sleep," 

Prepnrlng a liquid, he carefully held 
the tumbler to her lips, saw her drink 
It, then throwing a light shawl over her, 
left, saying as ha did so:, 

"It you sleep now, Inm almost certain 
you can visit his lordship In tho length 
of tlmo I mentioned." 
'It scorned that tho medicine, and his 
calm, kind words did soothe her, for at 
once she fell into the restful sleep so 
much needed. Tlio-nnp proved quite a 
long one, and ft was, seven o'clock in the 
evening before she crept through/the hull, 
and with a trembling^frame but head 

greatly relieved, entered'SIr Reginald's 
ptilcb. you entered, 'through a pns*ag*- presence. At. once she saw that her Ill-r 

jT ma ■ 


\ •■.^..- '■- - ■ . ■,...j _y y 

"I dread telling you, but just as I lci;t 
tho Tower to push back tho pnneia/a 
frightful noise of a heavy fall came. 
tfhen a [urge monster darted out, dashed 
the candle from my hand, and with [° 
howl disappeared, leaving me half ; dcat. 
with fright." . / 

"Girl! girl!" yelled the infuriated mnn 
his face turning purple with rage, "whnl 
Is this you toll me? Gone! Escaped! 
Speak!" ndded he, roiiRhly shaking her 
by the arm. "Tell mo It is a lic-^a .lit 
that you snld just now!" i 

"No, Sir Reginald," returned the pn)jtd 
Ethel; 'it is tho truth. Whatever yov 
hud there got out hist night and ran *o( 
through the ruins!" J* 

"What did you do wrong that math 
this happen? Answer, or I will tear yol 
to pieces I" '■ f 

''Release my nrm, sir! You are cn» 
hi your rage! Yon hurt mo!" 

"Speak then. How did he get out d' 
his prison?" 

With a [ftltcriug voice the frlghtenei 
girl, while writhing In his grasp, mu.* 

"J dropped the knife on the shelves i 
few nights before and forgot it, t 
whirled around, nnd I knew by tho cry b 
gave that ho had It." 

"Idiot!" returned the enraged bclai 
before her, ns ho gave her nrm such) 
fearful wrench that It dblocntcd uhe cV 
bow. "Out of my sight; out of my lioutt 
this Instant! You have rp.incu me will 
your carelessness! Not another uigbt 
shall you sleep under this roof!" 

Once again ho raised his nrm — thli 
time to strike. But fortunately, wlti 
a moan of pain at tlio Injury she had £ 
rendy sustained, the had darted bad. 
and so the blow descended on empty ak 

Without another look at the man b*- 
rore her the_poor young girl crept froa 
his presence, nnd dragging herself bat! 
to her room, fastened herself in, whlli 
aho sought to prepare for her depnrtun. 

With her arm hanging motionless b 
her side, and nearly wild with pain, ati 
opened her trunks nnd thrusting her val- 
uables Insido ns well ns sho could wili 
ono hand, .she locked them nnd droppri 
tho key into her pocket. 

Fearing, sho scarcely.- knew what, sh 
put the package of papers- her aunt had 
given her, with her purse, nlso In hn 
pqeket, that she might ba certain of their 
safety. Then hastily "putting comb, 
brushes and night nppnrcl ia a haxd 
satchel, she paused to rest. 

Advancing to her window, she found 
that a heavy rain was still falling, nliil 
that darkness was oven then over tin 
oarth. Throwing her -wntcrproof oyer 
her shoulders, with its hood drawn over 
her tint, she opened her door and glldd 
through the hall, down the stairs nnd 'cut 
of the front entrance, fortunately wtlV 
out being scon by any of the family. :j 

As she had passed the sick man's rooa 
she knew by the sound of many excltei 
vuio's within that they had gone to his 
assistance,, and she Judged he must ban 
Injured his hip.- hy his passionate freni;. 

While she pitied the man, she fcarei 
him, and never breathed freely until out 
side the.door. Then with n hurried step 
she passed down the ramble. 

Once avaiy from the house nnd hcyosi 
tho reach of Sir Reginald's wrath, sit 
paused to consider whither she should 
go, nnd what she should do. 

As she pnuscd one thing seemed plait 
Sho could do nothing until n physlclu 
attended to her wounded arm. In ordir 
to hnvo this accomplished, It was eri- 
dent thnt she must seek Dr. Blfourteb 
at his home. 

She Hhrank from doing this. Still It 
could not be helped. Her nrm couli 
not bo raised, and on that arm she de- 
pended now for her dolly bread. 

Once In the road beyond she cotild at 
lights in windows of dwelling houtti 
far down the road. The first of thta 
she knew was where Dr. Elfensteln liv«J, 
and hope revived onco more, nnd ifci 
pressed an, thinking soon to be Iherc, 

(To be continued.) % 


' a\$su mp Uon s that If nil so-called trust 
made goods were placed on the free 
list the trusts won hi be abolished wns 
a false and untenable one. IIo pointed 
out how American trade bad been built 
up by tariffs and how Impossible It 
would ho to 'abolish them. 
'Tho currency system also came in 
for a good shnre of the speaker's at- 
tention, and he said that In his oplu- 


Itxperts Bar thnt Germany's Couiiucr 
clnl ltl*e Um Keen at lirctit Coat. 

• Prussian military authorities arc be- 
coming alarmed at what they term the 
degeneration of .the German youth. In 
countries like Germany, where n tens 
of- military service la required of evert 
able man, the examinations for anaj 
fitness are' pretty apt- to indicate jtbi 
true state of the nation's health, arvl 
when seventeen out of every thousand 
applicants havo weak hearts, It Is no 
wonder that. tho authorities decide 
there Is something wrong. 

Between the years JSStnnd 18S8 lis 
annual overuse of persona vttth heart 
trouble was low, only 1.5 per thou- 
sand, and high-water mark was raiicii- 
ed In 180S, when tho arcings v-aj 
found to be 1T.4. 

Perhnps the heat opinion on jtlie 
cause of this state of affairs is last 
offered by Dr. Strieker, an army Bur- 
geon, who has given the matter care- 
fubstutly. Ho declares Hint ovcrwnrfc, 
irregular exercise, and tm moderate 
mid too early use of tobacco and fnUi ranked next In importance to tlio 
tariff and was equally maligned and 
abused by Democrats, who were op-? 
posed to existing conditions working 
for prosperity. 

In opening his speech Senator, Allison 
said that the campaign In Iowa this 
year wns remarkably devoid of State 
Issues because of the fact I bat the 
Cummins administration bad been bo 
efficient that there wub no opportunity 
for 1 criticism. In fact, be said ibe Dcm- 
ocrats In their convention had by Im- 
plication complimented tho Governor 
nnd his other State officials, 
- After an extended review of the 
growth of the present (nriff system to 
Its greatest efficiency Senator Allison 

"It Is contended that the protective 
policy Is tho basis of what arc known 
as trust combinations In our country, 
and thnt If these are to be crippled. or 
destroyed the most effective weapon is 
free trade In trust made goods— that is 
Id say, -that goods produced Ja other 
countries of diameter and quality sim- 
ilar "to those produced by a trust In 
this country, shall be placed on the 
freo list. The effect of this, of course, 
would be to place all goods- of Hi Is 
character Imported on the. free list,, 
whether competitive goods were made; 
herb by a trust combination or by in- 
dependent factories, competing, Willi 
the trust, thus allowing world 'wide 
competition In tills clasB of goods. 

"This plan is Impossible ;of execution, 
even If otherwise effective, ns It would 
lead to endless contests nnd conflicts 
In the custom houses am) Jn the courts 
on the question of what nro trust made 
goods and what arc goods of like char- 
acter produced here and also produced 
abroad. >, 

Kepcnl Would Cripple All. 
, "According lo the census ot 1000, 
about 12 per cent of manufactured ar- 
ticles were mado by what we call 
trusts in ihls country. Thnt percent" 
ago has Increased since 1DO0, but cer- 
tainly docs not now exceed 20 per cent 
of "tbo total product. Ilut if tbo Dem- 
ocratic proposition were enacted Into 
law those producing the remaining SO 
per cent in competition with the trusts 
would be -punished nnd crippled and 
it may be destroyed through no fault 
of their own, but.jjy the action of tbo 
trusts producing the 20 per cenf, • 

"If Inrlff duties are necessary to pro- 
tect our producers against forcigu com- 
petition, tlull? not only those who' are 
In combination here, Ipit also tlio Inde- 
pendent manufacturer, must suffer 
alike if the necessary^ protection Is 
withdrawn. Is it possible fo devise a 
more effect) vo method of destroying 
^ho protective system than this pro- 
posed, Insidious method of withdraw- 
ing protection from trust mado goods? 

"The basis of this proposal Is a false 
one, The tariff Is not tho foundation of 
these combinations, nor does It pro- 
mote them In any material degree. 
Whatever their origin, It cannot bo 
found In our tariff laws. If it were 
io found, then these combinations 
would bo confined to those manufac- 
turers benefited by the tariff. Hut It 
so happens -thnt ninny of theso com- 
lilnatlons, mid the largest ot them, 

lcauls are responsible for much ofttbe'uaycno relation whatever to the tariff, 
trouble. Another point to vrhiclilths tmt havo grown up without tariff pro- 
Doctor calls attention is the practice tcction, and wholly outaldo of It. 

"Tho Standard Oil TriiHt Is a consp le- 

pra dice 
of putting children at work too early. 
As tliey often are required to toll be- 
yond their strength, the strain, '-fflih 
irregular hours" ot reaVtesults In prem- 
ature brcakdownsr-wlifchi tboTDoctor 
Is positive, havo*mdcn7 to" ^ojjvtth the 
general smndnrdVf^e'n It It.^YaBbl ng- 
ton Tost.' , V, */:«.>,&"&'. ' • ' 

People nro'heyer BoJcnreleflB as when 

tious example of this. There Is not now 
nnd never has been any dutjr on its 

product.';:,£-£>" . 

; Showing; tn aMIre slight tariff former- 
ly pat on bhevgrado of anthracite was 
now repealed; tho Senator continued: 

' "it is •Rald*|tbero..Isl a*-Melf. combina- 
tion tbpt:M»?^K': tl '"coiiU : br.prlcos and 
limit, prod&tioh'; because- of tbo tariff. 

they have a blglot^of explosives There* Isi-ddty., upon live cattle Import- 
around, t - ; - ',:'" ' . ' I ' I cd. The wpeafof this duty would help 

' v — ^, ; ■^'■'M ■' ,.*»!«•' thart^ihJuro this combination. 

Dank reeoi d^jsbow some Burt&iJDiP ! **}$?£ > VKg&S, W*^ ■, ,; M „„ a~.~~a 

'<•■ ■■■ 

I nWbJ* would no>ni tiTe-BlIshteat degree 

affect '■Mtg'.vodntrot;- oyer ;r.tbo*; market-to 
tbo ; extent it. now has; There , is no 
plnce frbm^tvlilcb dressed medt.cbuld bo 
Imported lir competition) w itli.piir pack- - 
eirs. Wo export ; to Canada: more en ttle : 
and ineat products than wo 'import from 
there. ". . " • . ^ \ ' :-"'■: 
-"The cotton tie trust is complained of 
ns . a^monopbly 1 n 1 1 1 c Southern States, 
wh ere" raw.', cotton Is -produced. This 
monopoly has iiojjoiieilt from the tnr' : 
iff, as jcottorT ties are on the free list.. 

"Tho -'Wilson-Gorman bl» put agri- 
cultural Implements on the free list,, 
with no effect whatever .upon the prleo 
nt home or abroad, . Tho present duty 
of £0 per -centum Is of no value to tho 
manufacturers, and I "understand, they 
bo regard 'It, nor does it affect homo 
prices In the slightest degree. The 
skill In produellon and the Inventive 
genius of our "people as respects this 
clnss of-nianufncturers pre such thnt 
our Implements go the world around. 

"Wo bare for .the Inst few yents 
largely Increased our exportatloiiB In 
Iron and steel, nnd It seems to mo that, 
with our great natural resources In ibis 
regard, and the competition that will 
inevitably continue In their production 
In our. own country, wo will In the fu- 
ture still, further Increase pur asporta- 
tions of iron and stcjel. Duties on them 
may require adjustment becnuse of 
changes In production and consumption. 
Yet the United States Steel corpora- 
tion, which Is the largest producer, 
'contributing more thnn one-half the 
total product,' has substantial compo- 
tlon, which lins been Increased since 
the organization of the corporation, and 
largely Increased during the last year. 
Prices of Its products wore abnormally 
increased In 1000, but they are now di- 
minishing and will continue to fall. 

Trusts I'nrt ofjivolutlon. 

"Trusts or combinations In our coun- 
try havo Inrgely lrjcrcnsed ,\vllhln the 
last few yeara, not because of our tar- 
iff policy, but rather because they are 
part of the economic evolution faking 
place In the world's production. They 
exist In all countries having protective 
tariffs, nnd they exist as welt In free 
trndo Euglnnib Jinny evils have result- 
ed from tbcin, but these evils cannot 
be traced to our tariff- policy, nor arc 
they confined to nur country. They arc 
seen ou the continent and in Great 
BrNnfn as, well. 

"Effective control of trusts must be 
bad through national and State regula- 
tion In co-operation. Our greatest law- 
yers believe tliey can ho so controlled. 
The laws upon our Federal statute 
books providing for national control 
have been placed there by the Republi- 
can party, Including the effective stat- 
ute passed by tbo last Congress. 

"All parties ngree that whatever can 
be done ought to be done to minimize 
and remove as far ns possible the evils 
which exist because of these' combina- 
tions. But It Is plain that the adoption 
of free trade and tho abandonment of 
the policy of protection is not one of 
these remedies. 

4t The heresy of tho freo coinage of 
silver at, the ratio" of. 10 to 1, without 
the nld or consent of any other nation, 
Btlll Ihiggrs'hHhe Democratic parly In 
many Statos;,and was only defeated in 
the vlowa Douiocratic convention thfs 
ycar^after a hot contest on the floor of 
-tho convention, 

'.---"t'do'not underrate the service to 
tlie ^country - of lending Democrats, 
called gold Democrats, 'who continu- 
ously combated this heresy. They gavo 
significant aid to the sound money 
cause, though In a minority In their 
party. Tills Is especially true of Presi- 
dent- Cleveland, who, In 3803, exerted 
the whole power of his' administration 
to secure the repeal of the purchase 
clause of the Sherman law nnd thus 
rendered to his country a 'distinguished 
service. Ills courage and that of other 
Democrats co-operating with the Itc- 
publlcan party Havcd the country from 
the silver standard. 

Ool4 Poller I* Bt«b1c. 

"Can there be a doubt that this pol- 
icy, sustained by the Republican party, 
aided by Urn gold. Democrats, has been 
ot lnestluinhlc value to every Interest 
In our country? 

_ "Tha gold In circulation on the 1st of 
October this year was more than a 
thousand millions, .Including gold cer- 
tificates, whllBt In 1800 it was about 
?550,000,000, and It was only $125,000,- 
000 In 1S70, when specie payments 
were resumed. This Increase of gold 
and other forms of money was contin- 
uous until the panic "of 1803, when It 
was Interrupted, and It has been con- 
stant sluco 1SU0, _ 

"It Is claimed by ottr opponents thnt 
it is a part or the policy of the Re- 
publican party to place tho volume of 
money within the control of tho banks 
of the country; but the slightest exam- 
ination of the situation shows thnt tbo 
national banks practically havo I Ittio 
or no control over the volume of mon- 
ey, because the total amount of nation- 
al bank noles Is only about ouc-slxth of 
tlits -total volume of the money circula- 
tion, nnd, whilst there Is no limit to the 
Increase of national bank circulation, 
the tendency being to Increase, there 
Is a limit by law upon the power of 
the banks loMiJiilnlsli their circulation, 
tbo statute providing that bank notes 
may bo retired at tho rate of not moro 
than $3,000,000 per month. . 

"Tho other arc-six tha of the circula- 
tion embrace gold and gold certificates, 
sliver and silver certificates, green- 
backs and treasury notes, each nnd all 
convertible Into gold nt the will of the 
holder, gold, silver, greenbacks and 
treasury notes all being legal tender in 
the payment of all debts, public and 

Tbo Senator finished by prophesying 
tho renomlnation and re-election of 
President Roosevelt next year, 

Ono of tho^most prominent oil mag- 
nates in Ijob Angeles la a woman, who 
ts sald^'.to control about half of tho 
Whole product- . , 

.'- rTV.CrJS-V^ ' '- - - - ■ 



George -B, McClcDan, who. wa#;nomi- 
natcd r .f or mayor '. of- Now . York" by ..tho; 
TwnaiftDT Democrats, Ijas been a mem- 
ber of Congress : 
from ..' Now York^.-. 
since 180&V Ho is' 
88- years old and 
was born , In -Gerr 
many, .while bia par-, 
ents were on a visit 
abroad, -ns was 
graduated fro m .- 
Princeton In 1888, 
nnd after two yenrs 
of newspaper work 
In New York, as re- 
porter und copy 
.OM. A irqwLLMC. ^nder, was appoint- 
ed auditor of tho New York nnd Brook- 
lyn bridge, continuing in that position 
until -'1802, when lio was elected presi- 
dent of the board of aldermen. lie. has 
been a member of Tatnmnny llnll since 
1837, has boon n delegate. to every Dem- 
ocratic State convention since 1SS0, and 
was a delegate to tho national conven- 
tions of 1800 and 1000. In Wic last Con- 
gress ho wns n -member of tho ways and 
menus committee. 

-: — :• 
Col, Henry A lex nnd or Greene, who 
has been chosen press censor by the -War 
Department, occupied a similar position / 
n few years ago at 
Manila, IIo Is a 
. native of. Now York 
nnd -12 years of nge. 
Entering West 
r*oint In 3870, he 
wns graduated In' 
1870, won the rank 
of first licntennnt In 
1880, and saw bct- 
vico In the Wert, 
Ho was with ■ the 
Twenllo^i Infantry 
In Cuba, mid thence 
was sent to the C0L - <"^e. 
Philippines, where' he participated In 
many battles. In 1000 ho was mnde a 
major, was advanced to assistant adju- 
tant general lit 1001, nnd n few months 
Inter wna promoted to bo colonel. 

Deputy Sheriff Luke Brannon of But- 
ler County, Ohio, rescued Joseph Splvey ' 
from a mob of Oxford citizens Intent on 

lynching him- "and 
'J carried tho uncon- 
scious man Into tho 

jnll. Among his 
f;V\ neighbors ho baa 

been known an fear; 

less,, but his. attitude 

In fighting his way 

through the crowd 

nnd cutting the ropo 

that wrb strangling 

Splvey gained , him 

much popularity _ t .. 

among meJiy/.of 'tho' ^ ^^ * 
lukk niiAJiSos, residents .^or.'J .tho V 
county, lie fs 4T yeans old^a^wide^ar^-'-^*^ 
nnd hns two children. lie "Is-a'rloveT.of * *?'• 

sports and has been' identified wlti his , 
home baseball team, -. 

Mrs. Bradley MsvUn, whose daughtor 

Is tlio' Counter*! of Craven, has been rut- • 

pricing society nt Iter country scat In 
Unlmacnan, Scot- 
land,' with her dis- 
play af-fjewels. It 
appears that nt re- 
ceptions nnd dinners 
Sirs. Martin Is In- 
clined to wear nil 
the gems in ber pos- 
session, ller mold- 
en name wns Cor- 
nelia Sherman, and 
sho Is tho daughter 
of the lata Iaanc 
Sherman of New 
York City, a man 

who owned ninny millions, Bradley Mar- ; 

tin la a lmvyer by profession, but baa not"' 

practiced for many years. Do was a 

captain in tho United States army, for a 

short time during tha Civil War. 

William Raymond Morley, ex-sheriff of 
Socorro County, New Mexico, former- 
halfback of the Columbia College eleven, 
Is again coaching 
tho boys on Morn- 
ingtddd Heights for 
the coming cam- 
paign on we' grid- 
iron, snyB tlio New 
York World, Mor- 
ley's football ca- 
reer wns brilliant, 
and with Harold 
Weekes, ho Is the 
idol of tlio Colum- 
bia undergradu- 
ates. Ho played 
halfback on the . 
team that' beat 
Yale In 1800 and 
was halfback and captain of tho clovon 
that vanquished Trinceton the following 

-•' — '•' 
Many bibliophiles will envy the title 
accorded James O. Young of Minneapo- 
lis by tho foreign pross, though none 
will deny his right 
to bo termed tho 
"king of books." 
HIb collection, 
which Includes 
many thousands of 
volumes, is un- 
doubtedly tho most 
unique In the 
world, embracing 
as it docs not only 
sumptuously bound 
and first editions, 
but hundreds of 
copies signed by 
tho authors, many 
of vKiom are dead. 




j. o. youwo. 

Buglo and Go the! of Chicago nnd o Lit- 
er creditors, having filed a petition for 
a receiver for I ho O. J, 'Fletcher Candy 
Company of Kansas City, Mo., bankrupt. 
The liabilities nro glvep at about $100,- 
000, but tbo assets are said to bo suffi- 
cient to pay, all debts. 

John Peats, a oolo red newsboy of Chi- 
cago, got too ontcrprlslng and hag been 
ludlctod by tbo" grand Jury for defraud- 
ing tlio strect'rhilwifly company. Ho had 
been giving a; transfer with each paper 
Hi at ho sold. Conductors aro charged 
with being in collusion with him. - 


i ■ V ' ' j / , 




* j 

-' ■* * , 






.We Ha to Lost Mil c h Acn te nc • * In the 
.' -~" j- "•'*- . Advance of Tlaje, ~ ,.\' 

How! Infinitely minute' must- be the- 
pnrtlcloa Unit, finniiate from the object 

".which, the ilog la tracking I l'et mat* 
tcr^li -extremely: divisible. ". The tenth, 
part of a grain oE musk will continue 

"for- yen ra to II II a room with odorifer- 
ous: par tides, and n't the end of that 

■ time will not be nppreclubly'dlniliilah- 
ed In weight, by .tlie finest" balance A. 

■ cable Inch of-itlr rising from the Mama 
of n Btinflcn-burner'liiia been' found 
to contain no fewer than 480,000,000 
dilsl particles. A t^ron'of blood which 
might be suspended from the point of 
n needle contains about a. million of 
red flattened corpuscles. St til, though 
matter Is so mnrvclously divisible, tho 
olfactory nerves are Infinitely more 
sensitive.' Much lias yet to. be Inves- 
tigated with regard to the differentia- 
tion of the points In these' nerved bo 
.that they mny r dlacrlmlnate "with such 
apparently mlrnculous accuracy; yet 
even tho results In the scent of dogs 
•bow how murreloualy fine Is their 
discriminating power. Our sense. of 
smeit, unless In' the trained chemist, 
Is not even go acute as that of the 
semi-savage. The' aborigines of Peru 
can, In the darkest night nnd In tb* 
thickest woods, distinguish respective- 
ly a white ninii, n negro and one of 
their own race by the smell. Much we 
have gained by civilization, hut not 
without some loss to out bodily ener- 
gies, and senses. Man's "recuperative 
power after an Injury Is In the Inverse 
ratio to his social advancement. Sim- 
ilarly he seems to become less acute 
and delicate In the sense of smell as 
he fares better nnd lives more comfort- 
ably. The faithful dog^ puts him te 
shame.— London Mall." 



Still Another Oasc. 

Fraukflvlllo, Wla., Oct. 12. — Many to- 
ciarknble cures are -being reported 
from all over the country, but there Is 
one right here In Pranks vlllc which is 
certainly worth publishing, and which 
has hot as yet been given to tho public. 

Mrs; Louis Mnrklson of this place 
had been a sick woman for quite a 
long time and could not find anything 
to give her any help. She suffered nil 
the painful symptoms of what ls-gen- 
erully known as female weakness. Ev- 
ery woman who reads her utory will 
understand these distressing conditions 
which combine to make the lives of 
many women one long burden of 
weakness and suffering. 

Sirs. Mnrklson elm need one day to 
hear of a now remedy called Dodd's 
Kidney Pills, that was said to be n 
splendid medicine for women's weak- 
ness, She determined to try some nnd 
soon found herself getting better. SI10 - 
kept on with the pills and was cured. 
Speaking of her case -Mrs.- "Mark Ison 

|^"*!I r can" arid do praise Dodd's Kidney 

■ JJCiU? OBTnTremedy for female weakness. 

"^* They^je' life best medicine I have ever 

knowmUlilrtavedonc mo a great deal 

- Osgood .".- -- 

V'OrorrullnR^tliu Motion." 

Not- long ago' <$ic of tho Judges of 
. the Rochester; 'N.' Y., district, who Is 
very fond of boasting, lnvltedn Mend 
. of his, n lawyer, io take a. sail with 
him. At the start the wind was brisk, 
and soon ■ freshened Into a gale that 
caused the', little craft they were In 
to toss nnd roll In a mariner that 
caused the lawyer's features to twist 
Into expressive contortions. Tho Judgo 
noticing his friend's plight, laid a 
soothing hnnd on his shoulder and 

-/'My dear fellow, enn I do^any thing 

for you?" 

"Yes, your honor,*' replied the low- 

* .ycr.'Jn plaintive tone, "you will greatly 

; oblige mo by overruling this motion," 

7»iaU 7 Hold with IT.-J, Barrett. f«r 

. Featal ". 
The rctumjof^flftoon" new' Indictments 
fcy tho. federal granS Jury- ;. practically 
winds rip'.tha -Investigation ojfv-tire ?)?«■£: 
office :' DepNirtinent, 
d uri n g ' which ' sp- 
prori mutely, thirty 
person* UtfVa bwa 
held for trial. Among 
those Indicted, to-day 
'ixe General James 
:-N, ■ Tyner, '_- _ former ■ 
Assistant * Attorney 
General, for th* 
PoitoHlco ' Depart- 
ment, . and Harrison 
^.''JJnrrott,' who" was 
-in assistant. Both 
***** * TVMKU - aro charged with 
oor»plracy t» defraud the poTCrament, : 

Tht authorities have 'heea efpaofc&Dy 
utriouj to obtain I ndicbn cots against 
Barrett, 'who la -hold rcfiponelhlo for pd- 
mhsion to tho mails of tho gct-rlch-qulck 
turf kchemos.' Tyner, it Is said, gav* 
Bmrrctt a frco. hand In airanglag and 
passing upon theso canca. 

W. D; Doremuft is alio ladlet«d in qotj- 
noctlon with. snW.of tho Doromus stamp 
eaneollng machines, There are addition- 
al Mils agnliiBt Gcorgo W; DoavertT'ond 
State Son ator George A, Greene, of Notf 
York. Harry 0, Hullcirbnck, of Nerw 
York, whose firm formerly, "held the con- 
tract for supplying money order forms, i* 
eho among those Indicted to*day. He to 
ohorsod wlt*i conspiracy to defraud, . la 
connection with John T. Metcalf, fonner 
chief of tie money order division, and 
'his sou, Norman R. Metcalf, both, of 
■n*hom havo been previously Indicted. Aa 
additional bill wastfound against August 
W. Machcn, Other bills were not rria&o 
public, ponding serylco by the ofDceis. 

General Tjner Is paralyzed . at hit 
home-la Washington. He haa -been oon- 
nocted with tho postal aorvlco for years, 
Ho WBa Pofltmastcr General In 3S70-77, 
«ft«Divard First Assistant PostnLuster 
General and Assistant Attorney General. 
He Is nearly 80 yoara old and la serious 
physical condition. Barrett, ( whn> Is In- 
dicted Jointly lYith hhn. Is Ma nephoiv, 
and came from North Carolina, Ho was 
assistant nttorney until Dec. 31, -when 
he resigned. There are two Indictment* 
against Trncr and tliree against Barrett 
Bond was fixed for Barrett la the sum 
of 510.000 and for'Tyner'for 55,000, fur- 
nlslicd In both cases by a flcranton, Pa., 
surety company. 

Postmaster General Pnyno . Is no*w 
awaiting tho report of Fourth Assistant 
Bristow. , Tho ncrt atops will ho tho trial 
of Machen In Washington and Attorney 
Johns and Daniel Miller In Cincinnati. 

:■ '■ "'-'■'. ''•'■ • -'-^- 

,-■■;. . 



Pe-rwha Drug Co., Columbus, Ohio: 

Gentlemen: —<k' I can cheerfully say that Mrs. Schley has taken P^ 
rdftia and I believe wi^go0^0f^^^. S. SCHLEY— Washington, D. c. iff 


ADMIItAL SCHLEY, one. oflthe foremost, notable heroes of 
the Nine tee th Century;.; ''A. In arhe that starts terror in tbe' 
heart of every Spaniard. tIAjknah of ateady.nerve, clear-head, 
undaunted courage and prompt decision. 

Approached by a friend receraly, his opinion was asked as to 
the efficacy of Peruna, the national catarrh- remedy, Without 
the slight est hesitation he gave tli« remedy his endorsement. It 
appeared on later conversation , tl it Peruna hag been used in his 
family, where it is a favorite reme y. ' 

Such endorsements serve to i idicate the wonderful hold that 
Peruna has upon the minds of the American people. It is out of 
the question that, so great and- arrious a man Admiral Schley 
could have any^ other reason for gi ing-his endorsement to Peruna 
than his positive conviction that ,6he remedy is all that he says 

it is. 



The International Lire Steele Kipotl* 

1 Ion— On a of tho Feat area of the Cltjr 

and the ' Grcateat Kxhlbiton of IU 

Kind In the World, 

Chicago no' sooner gets, tho Centennial 
cclGbrutlan of Hie pnst week out of tho 
wuy than sho begiaa' to consltlcf means 
for making the International Lire Stack 
Exposition, to be held this fall, better 
rhaa any ever held In tho past This, 
far Cliieiigrj is not di 111 en It to accomplish, 
for over $33,000,000 of live stock ivas 
handled at the Union* Stock Yards last 
rear, almost tliree hundred thousahd car- 
loads of lira stock being, received at -tho 

Chicago market during this period 
makes tho- city one of f 
■ tOek centers In the wor 

Crazy Annrchlat Attempt* 'to Vcree 

Wax Pout White Motiae Guarda, 
Frefildcnt Reoflevett Monday narromly 
had a nnrrqrr escape from doath at the 
hands -of a crazy .nnorchlft who la now 
locked up In the go^crnmont Lnanne aay- 
ltim. Only after a desperate atruifffllo 
■was tl»o 'man, who gave, hta name as Po- 
ter Elliott and his home as Minneapolis, 
©verpoTvered by the pollco and removed 
from tha^Wiilto Ilouec. 

Ho had camo Jrom MlnnoajxiTts to 
"take control of the BOrcrnxncat," and It 
Is hollered he had planned te onaooiaatd 
tho President Sunday morning od Ma 
way homo from churcli. Elliott occupied 
a seat in tho'gaJlcry.'overlobking th« n*w 
In rrhlch tho President «at and left tha 
building just beforo tlw concl.nsloq of the 
■o^co-and book^np 1 a poVttlon^on' tie 
aldowalk a fen* rods away. 

When the President eans>.otit'.iittd\ 
walked briskly down tha atroot. ElAofct 
stepped suddenly forward, 'hold outtila 
hand nnd said: "Roosevelt, shako' hands 
with Elliott." 

Without slackening his pneo the Presi- 
dent raised his hat and held out his hand, 
enying, "I am filad to «ee you,"-' and pass- 
ed on, • It Is helloTcd the man wa« dia- 
concccted by the President's manner and 
had not the norve te P«t hl» plan of. isur- 
der Into execution. 

A, little before noon Hfoodny MUott 
•ntcred the venhlbule of mo White H*ws* 
and demanded to bo admitted to se« the 
President. It was evident that he wa» 
crazy and nha attend anta 'denied hiaa od- 
mlswlon. IIo attempted to forco hla way 
In and It was only after a hard atsugglo 
that ho was overpowered end carried to 
a police van that bad been sirapaoncd. 
Ho was placed in tho" van In tho custody 
of two officers. 

Seeming to realise then for nho- first 
time that ho Wftfi under arrest, Elliott 
begnn/tho furious etrugg!e_ with' his. cap- 
tors for liberty, no drew 'a ' rewlver 
from the right trido pocket of his trous-^ 
«rs and attempted to ahoot.Offlcer James 
Olssell. -The, offlccr . grabbed ■ his hnnd 
snd wrenched tho weapon from, hlau 

- In O10 strugglo In tho ran Elliott had 
broken a glasa panel with hla head, se- 
verely cubdng Mb head nnd faee. OCflcer 
Cleaell cuHtntned a serious cut on hla 
right arm. Tho van woe. hurried to the 
emergency hoepUol, where the Injuries 
of both OIsbcU and Elliott were dressed, 
Elliott ia undoubtedly violently lnaane. 

.The fact is Peruna has overcome all. op position and has won it» 
Way to the hearts ; of the peopie. The "natural timidity ^hich so 
many people have felt about givinEr endorsements ta any remedy i» 
giving way. Gratitude and a desire to help others has inspired 
thousands of. people to give public testimonials for Peruna. who 
heretofore would not have consented to such publicity; . 

Never before in the annals of medicine has it happened that so 
many J m en of national and international reputation, have ) been 
willing to give unqualified and public endorsements to a "proprietary 
remedy. No amount of advertising could have accdmplished.such 
a result. Peruna has won on its own merits, ■ Peruna' cures - 
catarrh of whatever phase or location in the human body. This is • 
why it receives so many notable and unique endorsements. 

" Address The Peruna Drug M'f'g Co., Columbus, Ohio, for free; 
'literature on catarrh. 

■ &■•■ 3 

mokes^ tho. city one of the 'greatest live 
jbek centers In the world. 
The International Lira Stock Exposi- 
tion has been an educational agency of 
tho groatest value to thoso who have 
visited the chow in recent yoars from the 
'cattlo ranges and feeding grounds of tho 
West, These sources of taupply are placed 
with I a easy reach of tho city by such 
trunk lines of railway as the Chicago and 
Northwestern, which .brings to ■' Chicnco 
each year 70,000 carloads of 1 1 vo stock, 
raised and fed In t lie territory It reaches, 
The people living In this rich agricultural' 
(region, tributary to Chicago, arc orinc- 
jlnf- each year more Interest In the better- 
ment "of their stock. The exhibition at 
the Union Stock Yards during the In- 
'tcrnatlonal Exposition this fall will be 
•one of tho most notable ever seen, and 
.Its chief value will bo along educational 
lines, looking to tho Improving of breeds 
and raining of stand and 9, which means 
juet so much more money in the pockets 
of the producer. 

Full particulars na .to. tho program of 
tho International, together with" "an- 
nouncement of low railway rates via The 
North western Line, will appear later, 

IVnltino; tbr ihe Trnfn, 
"Hello, RlbB, ho ain't on tbla /train!" 
Thus braketnnn oc ' baggagemastcr 
greets a big black-n'nd^whl'te dog-wlilch 
every' evening trots ''down, to | the sta- 
tion In d small Pennsylvania, town:to 
meet tho trnln on which hla master 
used to come home. The Indianapolis 
Sentinel tells the story: 

Ribs'- mnster baa not come on the 
train for mnny months. He was the 
conductor of a train which was wreck- 
ed, -nnd wils killed. But Ribs has 
never missed a train. He stands, on 
the platform wagging njs tail, his 
tongue hanging out, an expression of 
anxious hope in his big eyes, waiting 
for his master. 

When orie n 6f tho trainmen explains, 
"Ho ain't on this train." the ml 
ionguo goes slowly back Into tlie big 
mouth, the strong ja,ws close, tho sbag{ 
gy tall drops, and Ribs turn and walks 
hnck to his kcnncL But on tlio follow- 
ing day he appears promptly .In time 
for his muster's usual train, and waits 
until some one of tho pitying train- 
hands tells hlin, "Ho ain't come In 


]iejcnnc» and Arapnlioca Have At* 
wiiyn IJccn Closely Associated. 

From, n' very early period tha 
jhcyennes and Ampahoea have been 
oore or less associated with each 
>thcr. They 6ecmed to have lived 
niore or less in tho aarhc localities, 
iaovlng from tlmo to time from tho 
tamo general causes.. Their language 
Js essentially different, so they do not 

nderstand each other's language. 

.his, In many cases, they have done, 
largely through tho sign language, 
which is common to western Indians. 
These two tribes have largely inter- 
^narricd. These Intermarriages havo 
existed for many years.- There are 
many cases of men 50 years old and 
more, speaking both languages, who 
can say that they ore half Cheyenne 
imd half Arapahoe. 

' IJko tho Obercnnos, the Arnpnhoes 
have been divided, a portion of the 
: irapahoes now being on a reservation 
la' Wyoming, - while others associated 
wlttr the Gheyenncs'are now In Okla- 
homa. The are more sub- 
missive to the white man's rule and 
obey more readily tho government 
orders, Under wise and benetlclent 
management on the part of the whlto 
man they are capable of being made 
an Industrious nnd self-supporting peo- 
ple. They arc, In their way, a religious 
people. The Arapnhoes have a large 
number of songs more or less religious. 
They aro nlso now very much diseas- 
ed, Tuberculosis In its various forms 
abounds. The, death" rate In recent 
years from vnrlouB ennses la large.— 
Arnpnhoo Bee. '■■;- 

on referring to the warden that he 
bad -already sent all be possessed to 
his mother. The thought of her need 
and possible death from want drove 
him nearly to distraction, and yet he 
felt himself utterly powerless to help 
her. In the same prison was another 
man, also serving twenty years, When 
he learned of his . follow' prisoner's 
anxiety he took al^ his own earnings, 
twenty dollars, which" represented tho 
hard toll of four years, and sent them 
to the old mother, though It 'meant 
depriving himself of all the little extra 
comfort ho might have purchased. 
There. Is a sequel to this story. Both 
men came home to us. They become 
earncsj; Christians and have good po- 
sitions to-day where they, have prov- 
ed themselves absolutely * worthy of 
our confidence. They are earning 
good "wages" and are trusted by tholr 
employers.— From Mrs. Booth's Me- 
moirs In Leslie's Monthly. 

His Point of View. 

Mrs, Peekem — I just received a letter 
from an old schoolmate of mine, in which 
aha tolls tnc that she had been married 
enly three days when her husband was 
arrested . for bigamy and Bent to prison 
for ten years. Wasn't that awful? 

Peekem— Oh, I don't knowl Some men 
seem to have more- luck tlinn sense. 

: _.j Tito Prisoner anil Ills Alotbor. 

A young man was serving aT twenty 
years' torm In prison. Only a year 
more stood between him and liberty. 
The old mother, over seventy ■ years 
of nge, who had stood by -her boy oil 
through these weary years, was very 
sick and reduced to direst poverty. 
Her husband bad died and she had 
reached tho point whero Blckness mado 
earning impossible nnd eviction was 
Imminent. In this hour of distress 
sti'o appealed to hor boy^for help. Ho 
whs ablo to make a Utile money by 
overtime work. It' was very little. 
Only a cent and a half a day, ar five 
dollars in a whole yean He found 

Pa Knew, of Course, 
"Paw, what's a veterinary surgeon?" 
"A veterinary aurgcon, ray aon, 1* 
(ahem) a doctor who examines veterans 
to &eo if tliey onght. to have pensions. 
Better write that down some whero so 
yon won't forget It." — Kansas City Jour- 
nal. • ' ■ 

Returned Hta Love. 

Friend—What's tflio matter, old man? 
Doesn't she return your love? , - \ 

Jilted One— That's just the trouble. 
Sbo returned It and told mo to giva It 
to soma other girl. — Princeton T iger. 

Only Waiting. 

He^ — Olmrlie seems a willing *Joto to 
that wealthy MJss Fortunus. '■ 

She— I'«s;-In fact, quite eager for the 
bonds, — Ynlo Record. 



Will the woman who 
su fife rs w i t h sick 
headache please try 

Dr. Caldwell's 



Your druggist sells 

PEPSIN SYRUP CO., Monttcello, III. 



Cranaeh is known an tho friend of Lu- 
ther. Several pictures of the creat re- 
former, painted by this master, arc still 
In existence, - 

.Calico ia named for Gnllcut, a town In 
India, where It was first printed. 

FITS P«nn«n8nlly Cured, h'oflu annrrouinetiMfor 
rill) M d»7'» ufb of Dr. Klina'i Unit Ntrrt, fU- 
lU Dr 'nEK »S .QOtrikl bottle tndmnuth 
KLINE. Lid,. Ml Arch St.. rhlUdetpdO, r». 



e. n. 

W. L. 


, Yon can sava from $3 to $fi yearly by :| 

vetruitt; W, L, D auglss $3.5,0 or $& shMf. 

They equal thoio,"" 
that hsra been cost-, 
tng you from 8* -00 
to WS.00. Tho Lm- 
menso.salo of W- L. 
Douglas' shoos proves 
tholr superiority ovei 
si! other miik ei. 
■"-Sold by retail shoo 
dealers everywhere. 
Look for name and 
srlco on bottom. 

Htst Dod[Iu biei Cor- 
•BiCalt praiti there ti 
tslo* In nonslsi shotn. 
Corona la ten higher* 
■ride Fat. LestherittKie. 

Fat i Color Hvtltli uieJ, ... 
Our 34Qllt£dg* Unecnnnot br equalled at any prlc*. 

■hoes bf saill, J& renlN extra. Illattratad 
btalorfn*. \f. I. UOUULliJ, Br«cktoa,J 




Printers* Materials 

Of all IdEtJi far tale at )nw»t market prioea, M*r*ipa- 
mt OntflU a a-jeekltT. -Foreitlmatai and t qll partica. 
8 I to OS South Jeffcrion St., Oaten* a, HL 

ybars/bra Clear Head* 







BOdfaldatn and IsaulMfant I»i»tl«. Thli drink U 
tnidafrum hmht, inu Id Jiitiixircil tur UM »» eaillj" M 

U*. U Umaikd •*i.aai#B Ten." or 


1 All drusslitl er l>r rnnil SI rti, »n<! CO eta, Dur H to 

J»7- l.nne'ii I^nmllT ftlriUrlns mn-rce tlijj 
LoiTfil* eiirli liny. 7n nnltr to be b»*llur UiUla 
(aaoeuarr. AdJiau. u, I", Wuudirard, lo Ilor, M.lf. 

IJrlcf Nona Itetaa, 
Muttkogee, I. T., -la to harei a new 
$05,000 hotel mid thoatec corohhwd. 

Missouri Is going to break another ree> 
•srd this year with a bumper nut crop. 

Tho collection of tho collateral Inher- 
hnnco tar In Mloflourl alnce tho fimt of 
the yotur bus been $78,074.00, 

Motorrrean Jacob ICncldler of Olucla- 
oatl waa fatally Injured by a collision of 
his electric car ivlth a lumber Tvaj-on. 

Henry Steers, formerly president of 
tho Blovonth Ward Bank of Now York, 
waa drowned at Wostport Harbor, Mass., 
whlla Rahing. 

' Proiik "Hnnvmoad of Topckft, Kan., 
and general foreman of the lroa bridge 
irorka of <to Santa JTo road, was killed 
by a tall at Elk Vftlta, Kan, 

Judge H. Tylor Oamphell of Bristol, 
Ten n., haii resinned hia position am onelat- 
tant ■ to Attomey General Knox. Tho 
■work has kept him too much on tho road. 
In tho Circuit Court at Salisbury, JIo., 
Jasper Coleman wn'« ienTencrd to twen- 
ty yonrs In tho penitentiary for killing 
Rufus j3or at Dalton, &vo weeka boforo. 
Harmon D. Wilson, for aovcral years 
past tho'"KansM Notc«" man of tho 
Topeka Capital, and ono of tha B<*t 
known nfnvepapcr inonln Knnsas, died 
•t his homo in Topoka of typhoid' favor. 
O. P. Dexter ot *Mdrwialk, .Oonn-r a 
man of wealth, waa . iaSot' r and klllodj. 

'•ware or Oititmt nt*j. fur C'atarrli thql 

Con fain lloretirj^v ..' i?* 
tut mercury •sill e«r«ly dustroy tlio soaso ot 
.mi'li and completely denuijto I lie wltaie system 
Klimi cntcrlnjr It tliroii&h tha mucoin Kiirfacns. 
buch nrtlelos (lipnltt never bo osod oxcapt on 
■ircscrl»tkms from reiuitablQ ptuiilclacie.astliB 
iliimiifio tlioy will do Is leufoUl (o tlioKood you 
rau iiosslblv derive from ttiem. Hall's Calnrrli 
Cure Hinnufactured by V.J. Clioney & Co., Tole- 

do. 0,,co a lalni no mercury, audi* taken Into r- 
nally, ncttutt illrtclly iiiwn lliu blood anil jtui> 
cons fcurtoces ot the system. In buylm* Hull's 
Cntarrli Cure t>0 snio you «el Hid ccntiluo. It U 
takta tntarutiUy, aiut intwlw la Toledo, Ohio, by 
Y. J. Cltenoy & Co. Tostltnontals (res. 

Bold by LiMifoilsts, prlco Tec. per bottle. 

Hull's Family I'ltli are tbc beat. 

Ho Ohnra;ed n. Dattory. 

"i'es, sir, during tlio la to war "with 
Spain 1 charged n bnttt-ry single-hand- 
ed ." 

"Oh,, come, now, you weren't at tho 
front at all," 

"I know. I had n job here In an elec- 
tric stomge plant." — Phllndeinlila Press, 

It's tha poonte tt!io 
Auubt mid baoouie 
cured whl lo tlnsyd'njiit 
wlto praise Doan's Tills 
Wio hif-lioit. 

Achlac; bscls oro eased, 
lilp, bock, and loin nalna 
orercome. SwIUagM the 
Umba oud dropsy signs 

They correct urine with 
"..'Ic if- dust leJlcnent, lilgli 

Colored, pain in ptwiilnf-, 
dribbling, rrequency, bed 
wet ring. Dean's Rldnoy 

dribbllne, rrequoocy;, 
wetting. Dean's Kl*. 
Pills remoro calculi and 
Emvel. Itcltere liesrtrwl- 

E It (it Ion, ilcepltMiiH-as, 
eadncbo, nerrousaess, 
dlizlncss. . 

TjtTLonTiiit, Mils,— "I 
WedOTerytlitm forr. weak 
hock and (Cotna relief until 
I used Dosn'a Pills." 
; J, H. Lewis. 

P. Q...- 


Tar It**> trUl faor, thil coupon to 
t Pflrr-Hniiiirn Co., HufTilo, N. IT. It ktMTa 
iraee It tiuufncltnt, wtit* XtdretN on up*, 
riltillp. .'-..' * ■" ■ 

Tlio reason joo can ■ 
Cet.thls trial free li ho- 
cause lliey oure Kidney 
Ilia nrnl will proro It to 

Wbst BnAXcn, Mien,— 
"Doan's Kidney HUs hit lbe 
case, wlilch was an unusual 
detlre to urinate— bad to 
get up Are or six tluaesot 
a night I think diabetes 
was well underway, tbe 
foot and ankles swelled, 
Thore tras nn lntcnso nala 
a ot 

to tho back, the best 
which would feel like put- 
ting one's J land up to 1 




tlDE one's linal up 
lamp chimney, I bare 
used the free trial and two 
full boxes of Doan'n Pills 
with the as 11 traction oj 
fecllntr that I am cured 
Tboy are the remedy par 
MHHD< F* jjAUJi-iu.>. 


To prove the healing; and 
cleansing power of Pon- 
tine Toilet Antiseptic? 
we will mail a large trial 
package with book of In- 
structions absolutely 
free.' This Is not a tiny 
sample, but a Urge package, 
enough to convince anyone 
of Its value. Women aJl 
_ over the country are prais- 
ing Pajttine tor what It has done in local 
treatment of female. 11 1», curing oil Inflam- 
mation and discharges, wonderful as a cleins- 
Ing vaginal douche, tar sore throat, na 
tarrh. at a mouth wash , and to remove 
taq whiten- the teeth. 

p vaginal douche, for sore throat, nasal ca- 
and to remov 
Bend to-day;/ •*»*] 
cardwilldo. "I --W 

tetd bj arasslita or ttmt, pettpald 
etnU. I««el»ti, 9*dtfootloa luiriPlcfl 

8, N.U. 

No. 4: 

W -rrillai to AircriLMrs, pi-.sts da not 
1 Hon yes isr tfas Adfcrttuacst la Ibis ; 

— *.Yj 

Mill nf* tho Colors. 
It in a "his plainly to be icon 

That men who paint tlio town 
A glon'lns rod must hnve tho" "green'! . 

AtiJ freely plnnlHt down. 

I have used PIso'a Cure for Consump- 
tion with Kood results. It Is all right.— 
John W. Henry, Wox (Hi, Fostotia, Ohio, 

O^4,1 ? l ._. — -V , , 

lloldn tlio ReaOrjfl;;. I 

p ypr — \\ri i0 holds Hhc^VSwrtl. In" jonr 

rt'iilnmrrblln c-lllb? ' ; ' ( ' if J^iT 

nntotnohilo club? ;- 

tt T^: 

Jack— Shaffwr; ■■■oyar i hlmwtf. 

rilTNMt PJU>BfcHtf$^EcVdo iiot* 
■tain the hnnds or sprit tfi§- kettle, «• 
teptgrecQ nnd purple.:^S^»^5'. f:: ' . 

Borrorrln'j Is tho caiiitiij &jjid^ he . death 
lot every mnn> MtaW.-^SttrValter % Iiifc 


n.rWlnilbW'.a Bootbjk 
hlnil lolttm tb« 1W 


lTBinr.f»r'Otiid-^ s 

f nfltina 




(Oc BOX 

1 '-OABCJ, 


I Oandy Oathartio are always put up In bliio' metal box; our 'trade-marked, 

"•l^^etf tioirtbe cover - tablet ootogonal, atamped OOO. Never sold in bulk I Imitations 
Md flubBtttntos aro somottmes offered by unscrupulous dealers who try to palm off,tetaw ^hen 

■ SStofctoie'callod for, beoauae-tbefliko pays a.Uttle more profit. Got the .iieuulne, OAB- 
n I?ET3and with it satlBfaotiou or your money refunded under Iron-olfid auarantee, 10,000,000 , 
■r^salear, that's the'sale of OABOAl^S today, and merltaid it Thoy are a.. perfect cure ' 

Jnonffut'-ion Appeiiuubltlfl, BmouTOeBa^Sour A Btomaobi Sick Headaehe, Bad Breath, Bad 
kLS^^ aid all Bowel^aaea .- iUl dru!^, lOo, ^ ■Sample and 
;. : --booklet tree.jAddr^^ateTllng^me dyOo.iOblea^.-p 





■ i.'v'.' 




■ .'■/hankbjS'-' . '1'W: A 

.v v 

Bui/ flntrS'U'.jficJwiw, and 'tfd&'ftntral 
' Stinking •Bui&neBii? ' ' ■ -1 " 


i\w , 

z* " •"WrscdissiM©i>nrRAL 

■ i *-* — l: ■' Aatloch j-'Statlon'- 65 Milaa /North of ChicaaD 

' k :TV-r* ; V r ■ "f J MB CAIM-Atitloih Station. 

ooiKO sonnr . . 

■V • Ar. at Aiitiocii 

8:85 All— No, 6. Dall/MStmiinjIOiifJ AM 

1 Ml— No. i, Dnlfyel Similar 9:15 PS! 

- ■ 6:30 I'll 


4;OOPM-No.l3, Dnllr 



-*LV,"Antloeh. .-'- . . Ar.CMIengo. i 

7:10 AM-No. H. Dally .......... lOiS] AM ,. 

ll;17AM-No. B, Dully tfx.Stiniliij 1;0GV1I ,r. 
-" *:ai I'M— No. 0, DlilU OX Similar . 0:10PM - 
^UiflPM-No, a.-..e .. Dully.. ... -10:10 PM 

■Patrons cnii now botinl or leave ttic nbavo trains 
at TlulstiVHl street. Chicago. Uisknul ut the Contra! 
station It ho deslreil.jt 
. ■ , J. H. lIANCOUK. Agent. AutlocU;.. 

nibets at 
Mpntlay ev 

'SCAMP Ko.E57M. W.A. 
U at f t30 the Hrnt and third 

• -•'tlInit..oI ev?rr month, 
lijWomlmArmih.Antlocu, Illinois, 
visiting Nl'I tutors always welcome 

;. Q, H. UOCKNBr, V. C, ' 

C, M. Confkm Clerk. 

OEQLOIT LODGE. No. B27, A. V. & A.JT., holds 

*j». reeiilar communications the First nnd Third 

.■ WBdnMilnr evenings b! evnrj month. Vlsltlmr 

Brethern iiiwajs welcome. =««ik 

L..M. Hdohbs, sec, e. L. Simons, w; ar • 

LlA 11 i attack' of. la . grippe' left me' 

-£?, ,1 -- Gh en y - Pectora 1' .and it 
cured me promptly. 11 •,*-: . 

A . K . R and! os, No aorajs , 111. 

You forgot to bUy,abois 
•tie of Ayer's iGherry" Pec- 
toral' when your cold. first 
came on, so you let it run 
along. Eyen now, "with 
aU your hard coughingi'it 
will not disappoint you, 
There*s a record of sixty 
years to fall back 6n. 

"Three iItcSj L ttc:, Men All dfo U l»(i, 
SmHS'S^' ;L°rV° r, ir , L 1,0 t i i', ri ,ak0 "■ 

: •■ ■ '-■'> .■■' - •' f "-\V?^?*' 

."Conscience C6rporrtiori,^-~^.*V 

One of ths corporatlons*la^jr^or»; 
fcmntzed" under, the ,ln,ws of Mafno"^ 
known aa Tho C6iiacl6nco. , .L5w : Cor- 
.pprntloh, Rnti Ita' purpoao'lavipprovldp 
a transportn'tlon ' ""medliinv.'.for-.,. coh• , 
EcJonco money or consclcnco ' l>f oticr-' 
ty, real or persoual". Us\ letter. head 
beara the .balance Bcnle. ' of Jiistlcbi 
■with "conHclence law" in the lower, 
balance and "Legal La w'Mntlio.uppori 
Along the aide of the ahe'ol nro' these 
mottoes: "The foundation of true 
success In lire Is revealed In the'lloly.' 
Bible and !u no otberboolt;" "Do into 
others as j-ou wjali them to upjUhtd 
you," and "As you sow, so shall you 

iESS*** wUIIiic. 
•J. U, ATKR CO., Lcuvell. Mnss. 

rnWTNDISTEICT COURT. NO. 017 meets the 

It t^a,aafflr flr nlKllt *" ^n^* 
WALtAfiK B. d«om. Chancellor. ■ 
A. D. Johnson, Recorder. 

Drink Cider by the Hour. 
Cider Is now so cheap iri Gorman 
Switzerland that it Is being- -supplied 
In unlimited quantities In. many "cafes 
at' so rnuch an hour, tho consume? 
drinking "at discretion." • 

Broke Into His Hoiiae. 
■■ S, L« Quinii of CavendisU, Vt. wns rob- 
bed of his 'Customary health by an invaHJoa 
of ChronicConstipation. When Dr. Kinp;s 
New Life Pills broke into 1 hia house, hii 
froublc wns nrreated and now ho ia entirely 
cured. They nre guarantead to Cure, 2.5c 
nt W. P. -'Hi.Il> tlruff sloro. 


"' ■'■■■-'■. --X^-.s '■ 

-.^fi'e^Endj"- :: " : ' 
^'^; Wti^Tndrb- 
agej and; retain^; 


?SvSlW^' la "pubUo affairs until 
tt^^wjey of her life. ■ ■"'■' . '-■ ; ;'" 



Small rrelflht Car*. .- 
The carrying capacity of the aver- 
age- German freight car - la] ten , to fif- 
teen -tons. Cars of double that capa- 
i'clty are '■ to bo tested. 

;-T heW Is on s I n Co u tra 1 R a 1 1 way . 

up-to-date; transportation facilities 

and all pointa^oaet nnd south, 

to St.P'aul, Minneapolis, Asu- 

Jul nth* nnd -the p-reat Northwest. 

-, /an Sleepers; "dining and cjtfe' care 

■^/lodern concbea ninkffup tho equip 

Agent can. give you complete in- 

lation. Jas. C. Pond. Gen. Pnss\ L j\ ff 'fc. 

Knight or the North Pole, f 

Peary Is certainly entitled to- be 

/called the Sir Thomas Llptoii. of the 

North Ppje. He and Llpton" have 

equal pluck, equal enthusiasm, and, 

■ unfo>tuuate!y, equal success: 


Blank Cartridges. 
*The blank cartridges which caused 
over 400 deaths from lockjaw In July 
are made by one Canadian and four 
American manufacturers. 


After Life Filled with Adventure, 

Meets-End on Land. 
v-.Capt. William Henry Hull, an old- 
time New Bedford whaler, with an ad- 
venturous career. Is dead. Capt. 
Hall wns born at Oyster Day. L. I, 
seventy.two years rigo, and took to 
the life of n sailor when a youth. 
■ ;He rose from a man before the maat 
to the command of a whaling vessel, 
putting out from New Bedford, and 
his adventures In the. years ho fol- 
lowed the sen covered all qunrtera of 
the globe, facing death n score of 
times. Ab a whaler he penetrated far 
tnto the arctic regions, and as the 
commander of merchant ahlps sailed 
four times around the 'world. He was 
onco cast among cannibals In tho 
South Pacific, but' escaped death by 
winning their friendship. 

On one .of his trips ho was ship* 
wrecked rind '-with members of his 
crew was thrown upon a Bmall desert 
Island: -For forty "days they main- 
talned Uf Q with birds' eggs and such 
sea food as they could get. Finally 
Capt. Hall and threo of tho crow 
volunteered to row to New Zealand, 
600 miles away, in a rowbont. After 
n peflloua trip- they reached New- 
Zealand and returned to the (stand In 
a Bchooner for their mates. 

A baby that proves .Uhe DalMhian 
theory when you turn this pag, up- 
tlde down. ' ii ■ 


Cut Hair While Asleep/, 
Miss Blanche Pacettl, a prett-'gin" 
of Savannah, Ga., is in hysterI«over : 
tho loss of her hair, which, It ^iE sal d, : 
was the most beautiful in the itatef 
While in a Bomnambullstlc tranef tho 
other night Miss PocettI sheared way 
her tressea. Her hair, reached -b" her 
feet and was or fine color and'sllky 
texture and was the pride of-hrself 
and her parents. v rj '...';. 

She retired in the evening In pefect 
health. She has -not been somnibbu'- 
lisUc and she knows no; reaeoirvhy 
bhe should have arisen In theji^ht- 
While asloop she walked to ajholo, 
got her mother's scissors nnd est! bit 
her hair close to her head, leavinrthe 
coil on the table. The scissors she. 
took with her and placed thenro: the 
floor by the bedside. 

When MIsb Pacettl . awoke 1b the 
morning she notlceijfa strango light-, 
ness about her hoad. : , J She raised her 
hands and was horrified to dlawer 
sho had lost her halK 

.. ■O'entmi] Syrup. , 

e wnnfto impress on our readers'thaT 
Boschee s Gerinan Syrup : is Voaiti ve W tho 
ODly : propiirnlion oh tho thjirket today that 
does rehevo and curo'VwitauIupUon. It 
conta.inB.lhcapecifics, eiich as pure tar, ox- 
ractsof gups, etc., which have beui. ao 
niRhly jntlorsd for the cure oFcoubIis, colds- 
and consumption by the great' modical con- 
RnAsMr The conauuiptiTO, wlielhrr hi 3 
.dinoBo is in tho throat or lungs, Siusi have 
reat.nt.nsght, and be freo from the spasm 
of Ldry .nntUrnckiiig - cough in the morning 
.The-disensed parts want resl,'heali Dff an( j 
soothing treatment, and tho patient' needs 
fresh air, Roodfood, etc., G crmnn Ryrup 
will .give., free; and; ■ expec Lorn tion in the 
mpming^wlth speedy and permanent re- 
lief., Small boltlo*, 25 cenU, regular size 
containing nearly four times as ranch, 75 
cents. At nil driiggiBts, 

Stocks Asiatic Vlneyards,- 
v The vineynrds of central Asia are 
all from American stock, -Ohio has a 
large and regular oxport trade In cut- 
tings with tall the- wlhe-growing couri- 
tries, owing -largely to, the fact that 
the American vine la. free from many 
common, parasites, ' \. 

z ' ■■'■£, '■'<' ■'■■ ■- ".'Why; Corn vjpops, ■■ 
\' .The. scientific-- reason' JtoW the pop. 
ptng 'of corirhas" been . inveattgatod' by" 
%,\ :^ ra emo>.^df; 'Philadelphia, v who 
nndsi that, thq ehdbrsperm- Is 'more'- or 
lesB .:tranaluceht -_ahdi:hdrny, 'and ''its 
colia contain^; closely arranged poly- 
gon nl atarcKgrains, having, a central' 
rarefied area.- The. ; dogreo'"of the" ex- 
pansion -pr.triaae' cells depends upoh : 
the rolative .amount "of wntor and air 
•in . the^grain; -v. ' .- ■ :, - ■•■ ;. .-" 

Old Subject of Argument. '-. 
Tho practico^that so many- of our 
children have of stutlying at . home 
after school -hourf- is not a good one. 
They need * : that time f or '. rest ' and 
recroation, Tho body needs educat- 
ing not less than the 'brain, and'there 
can be no strong, healthy mental do-" 
volopnient without a corresponding 
physical one.— Los Angolos.Tlmosi -"■' 

: -;/^>^ihe Bills/, ; ; ^ r _ 
P. f national, .con gross of dresimnk'era 


.Vas^ecentty held In" Chicago;- -Thlbsltu ' /l 

Ibe.^art Ist's , Iderir of .. i ta ■„ eft ec t on tb^T l ] / ; '" ' " 

man that-, has "to; pay the bills fJ^Xmi 
thlnka thnt-Just.tb rcrid about thBp'ro-- 
ceedings of :th"e: congress; is calculate^ 
to make a man feel tired arid 1-jnely In- 
the region of tho liockdth'oolr.' ■ ' " 


- Juey Spry. . 
; A Hoboken ciilwn at tho age of 103 
climbs flvo flights of stairs even- now 
: and then and likes the. exercise. -And 
he Is not in training for' the golden 
stairs at thaL 

Sugar .Consumption. 
The. United States "'Imported • dur- 
ing tho fiscal year 6,217,077,005 pounds 
of- sugnr, about- one-fourth, of .It bo- 
lug beet sugar, and. produced 0,000,000 
pounds. This "makes a per capita con-' 
Bumption of seventy- two pounds. 

Good Sign.' 
" Chicago" beef packars declare thnt 
thore'ls no reason for an Increnso in 
the price" of beer. This assurance thnt 
a; reason' Is considered necessary. Is a 
hopeful indication.— Washington Star. 



Catholics in Ceylon. 
The Roman Catholics have tbe 
largest following of any'de nomination 
In the Island of Ceylon, which has a 
population of over 3,500,000. 

Confessions of a Priest. 
Rev. John S.'Cor, of Wake, Ark., writes 
For twelve years I suffered from yellow 
jaundice, I consulted a number of physici- 
nns and tried all sorts of medicines, but 
cot no relief. Then I befran the use of 
. Electric Bittors and feel that I am now 
cured of a diseuae that had me in ita grasp 
for twelve years. If you want a reliable 
medicine for liver and -kidney trouble, 
stomach trouble, or gcnoral debility,- got 
Electric Bitters, Its guaranteed by W. T 
Hill, only 50' cents. 

Mr. John H. Bullom, Editor of Ihe Gar- 
land, Texas News, has written a letter of 
congratulations to .the manufacturera of 
Chamberlains Couch Remedy as follows; 
"Sixteen years n«o when our first child 
was a baby he waa subject lo croupy spells 
nnd we would be very uneasy about him. 
We began uaing Chamberlain's Cough 
Remedy in 1887 and finding it such a re- 
liable remedy for colds and croup, we hnvo 
never been without it in tho house since 
that time. We have five children nnd 
have given it to all of them with good re- 
sults, One «ood feature of this remedy is 
that it is not disagreeable to take and our 
b'ablea really like it. Another is that it ia 
not dangerous and there .ia no risk from 
giving an over dose. I congratulate you 
upon the success of your remedy. For ante 
by all druggists. 

Focussed Searchlight on Gull. 
Coming out or St. John harboithe 
other night tho searchlight ''of! the 
steamer bound for Dostou^wai fo'- 
cussed on a seagulLnnd followed tho 
bird In Its bewildered ftlgKt^f The 
night wns pitch dark, nnd all- tint 
could be eeen In tho' black sky wTjsiae 
bird like n spangled creature in trie 
brilliant rays of the s'oarchllgh't It 
wns a wlerd and fascinating plctuV 

Walks In His Sleep. 
Rising in his sleep,- a Swiss) v:-k- 
man, living nenr Noufchatel, IsWd 
to have walked' n quarter of nfkllQ 
only awaking when he put h Isrj bot 
!n a pool of wator. by the roadsj*. ^ 

Beer Drinking- In Germany^' 

Tho* yearly consumption < of-'t«r 

averages fifty-seven, gallons avWl 

throughout the Gorman empire'; ia' 

Increase or nearly 50 "per cent'sico 

Marries Girl' of ■9.' " 
A youth of tycnty-five was mnrrled 
w> a girl aged- & in a suburb of Ath- 
ens. At first the priest, refused to per- 
form the ceremony, and, it was only 
when commanded by hiB hishon that 
ne» consented. 

Many Are Wlllin*. 
Samuel W. Ham.mers; who keeps a 
country store near '.Gettysburg, p a 
advertised for a wife recently, and in 
the. course of a -few days 
answers. from 2,700 -women 


Rotmild IHood Balm for the Blood. 

If you suffer from ulcere, eczema, scrofu- 
In, blood poison, cancer, eating sores", 
itching akin, pimples, boils, bone pains, 
swellings, rheumatism, catarrh ■ or any 
blood or ekin "disease, we advise you , to 
take Botanic Blood BnIm(B.B. B.) Es- 
pecially recommended for" old, bbiUnate 
deep-sealed cases; cures when nil else foils; 
heals every sore, makes the blood pure nnd 
rich, gives the Bltin tho rich glow of health 
Druggiata, 81 .per 'large bottle. Samples 
sent free by writing Blood Balm Co., At-. 
lanla.Gn. Deacribo trouble and free ined- 
cnl advise sent in sealed letter. Medicine 
sent at.once prepaid. No.WSyl- 

, Cat Fou nd ; 8 1 1 k Ha t Con van lent. 

When r the; Bummer began, George", Jersey City put his silk 
hat In n closet for the season. - He 
wanted; to wear tho hat recently, but buya new one. '• Nellie, 
tho; Louao cat, who .dlsappoared on 
Monday, had converted tho old hat' 
Into a cradlo forhor four new kittens. 

A Lore tetter.. 
Would not interest you if you're looking 
fcra guaranteed Salvo for sores,, burns; or 
piled, Otto Dodd, of. Ponder, 51 o. writes; 
I suffered with an ugly sore forayear.-bnt 
a box of BucklenV Arnica Salve cured me. 
Its tbe besCaalve on earth. 25 rants' oV-W 
T; Hill's drug aloro. 



Travels Far In Balloon. 
Horr Heinz 'Zlegler, a Bavarian 
aeronaut,- Is said to have -traversed 
765 miles In twenty hours In a 'bal- 
loon, going with" the; wind and croBa- 
ing the Carpathians -on his' Journey. 
He .attained a bight, it Is added, of 
WIS yards, finding -currents with - a 
velocity of Blxty miles an hotir. 



where tho 
epicurean feaeta, 


A Woman Aeronaut. 
To the Santos-Duniont No. 9 has 

fallen the honor of being the first 

airship to be steered by a feminine 

hand. The distinction of being the 
-8J?si«Ji"0mnn navigator of the air has 

hoen secured by MUo. da Costa, .a 

youngs countrywoman of M. Santoa- 
DumpnL The ; lo^ner'-bf the airship 
relinquished his post at the wheel, 
Mllev^a-^Co^ta-clambered up Into thr4-^ He «al'l:-, "Senator Burrows wants 

car, r ,tyid ,the balloon rose ^wlth the 
lady alone on board. The guide ropd 
was, lt-is»truo f held by mechanics 
down below- but Mile, da Costa took 

, ; "the wheel'^and safely put_the vessel 
tbrou&b'.ona or two; simple "evoluUons. 

-Thus guided, , the -airship conveyed- 
ter from 'Bagatelle -to tho Polo Club 
grounds, where Mile, da Costp„alIght- 
edC naturally rather proud of herself, 
and was. congratulated by her friends, 
A well-known actress of light' comedy^ 

•-who, rs long agcras two yenr, began" 
begging : and imploring -Mv- Santos-Du- 
niont to. take her up in one. of his air- 
Bhipa, Is now gnashing her teeth with" 
ehyy,— -Paris correspondonoe . London' 

Senatorial Gourmets. 
A party of tourists visited the Sen- 
J ate restaurant In Washington. Thev 
• peered about in every corner 
"So this is tho place 
senators eat their 
Is It?" asked a lady with g7ay "ring! 
ots and a determined cast of coun- 

"Yes, ma'am," the guard replied.' 
Precisely at that moment ti waiter 
gave an order for the two senator* 
from Michigan, who were lunching to- 
gether. p 

'^"Murder Statistics. 

number of murders .a mtaoi 
Inhabitants Is, In .Englnnd, .5J3; (a> 
Germany, 5.45; In France, 11,66;. b 
Austria, 15.42; In Italy, 70.11, aifth 
Spain, 44.70. ■ ^ tV" ' 

: - 

Silk Workers for America;^} 
Within a year more than two^thW 
and skilled workmen have left-Vtli 
French silk factories of Roubalx'ud 
Turcoing for tho United States.^; 

Lock 131 - Feet High. %'' 
The lock to be placed in the Ita. 
ube-Oder canal wilt ' 

Cures Eczema; Itohlng Humors 

".. Especially for old chronic cases take 
Botanic Blood Bnlm. It gives a healthy 
blood supply to the effected parts, heals all 
tho eores, eruptionB, acaba nnd scales; stops 
the awful itching and burnincr.of eczema,' 
swellings, suppurating, watery sorea etc' 
Druggists 81. Sample/free nnd prepaid 
by writing Blood Bnlra;Co., Allnata, Ga. 
peseribo trouble and free medical ridvice 
eent in eeaie'd letter. , No 2— 48yl 

'*•} . ' - " . 

jr. - — r* r * ' 

Buys American -.Wheat. 
: Australla/as arOBult of last year's 
drought, b9Ught since January 7,000 - 
000 bushela of wheat or its equlva- 
Iqnt In flour from the Pacific coast, 
and 1,000,000 buBhels from New York. 

Wireless Messages In "Navy. ' 
Japanese warships .equipped with 
wireless telegraph apparatus have 
sent and received.. messages to arid 
from Japan at a distance of; about' 
fifty miles. .* _■' " 

British Army Recruits. 
The BrlUsh army under the new 
scheme requires 50,000 recruits an- 
nually. According to the director- 
general's- report only 68,000 are ex-: 
nmlned annually, and of theso about 
23,500 are rejected, giving o'defie'Ioncy 
of 5,500 a-year, which England hopes 
to make up by colonial assistance. 

Amerlcan'Sllk Mills. . 
While the United' States had only 
elghty-Bix silk mills in 1670, "with a 
total capltal'ofjS.SSfl.gOO; it'httd.EOO 
factories In 1&02 with a capital of $£>7 t - 
330,000, nn Increase in the number of 
mills- of 700 per cent and of capital 
of 1,700 per cent. "... 

John L. Sullivan's Will. 
t « ,n he flrat "rac In hla life, John 
U Sulllvnn.haa made a will,: and we 
understand that, -in it he has • be- 
queathed hiB. thirst to Editor Reavoa 
or Uie Hardeman Free Press.. Now 
lot Mr. carnegle leave blm something 
•wi ' h (oh .to quench IL-Memphta 
(Tenn.) Commercial Appeal. 

A. Play Wright's Way, 
William Gillette, the playwright; 
nays > that he has no "theory" about 
his work. He tries to produce what 
the. publio .will pay for. and bo satis- 
fied with; and he considers this a bet- 
ter plan than to strlvo to reach on 
Impossible Ideal. 

rnia, Md. 

Arid Devote Plenty ; 'of f Irrie to "it 
f It Is hard for a man to see a pretty 
girl; with luscious,- pouting, rosy lips, 
without thinking, that ;he would like 
to have the opportunity to teach her 
how to whistle,— Somervillo JournaL 

- Will Start at the Bottom. 
,k Franklin Farrell,. Jr., the son of » 
Connecticut millionaire and a recont 
graduate of Harvard, has entered hla 

an apple nnd a glass of milk and Sen- 

a , r ,. A ^f r wa ? U a <I,ah of ^Ploca 
pudding. ^-Saturday Evening Post 

-Henry Clay, 
. ; Henry Clay's birthday wns cele> 
hrated on Easter Sunday In Hanover, 
va. , where he was born 126 years ago. 
He has not failed of this honor since 
his death In 1862. In Kentucky also he la 
remembered. Few persons now live 

^JM , the maElc of Clay's. presence 
and the love of the people for hlm- 
for while the. others of the great 
three— Clay, Calhoun and Webster— 
were admired, Clay was loved 

bo 131 feet hlii, father's foundry at Derby -wit] 
and the highest In the world. 1 purpose of learning tie Tade D f m 

••■-- • ■■•■»-- I'foundrraaanin fl n i* B ^t„ Mn 

'" . : wiia,.i._E, 

:Mr. Wm. S. Crane, 'of Cntifo.- 
Buffered for years from- rheumatism a 
lumbago. He was finally advised to try 
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which he did 
and it effected a complete cure. This lin- 
iment is fo ranle by all dr uggists. 

Dearth of Sardines. 
The Prince of Monnco on board his 
yacht Princess Alice, Is reported to 
have undertaken an expedition to 
ascertain- the cause pf the. dearth.- ol 
sardines along the Brittany coast; ' 
Not the Same, 
lady who .plays .bridge whlat 
cannot be expected, to countenance 
tbe man who plays poker, 
feront— Duluth News. 

Saved. Tivo From Death. 
Our little daughter had nn almost fatal 
nlrnck,of whopping cough and bronchitis, ~> 
writes Mrs". W. K. IJaviland.'bf Armonk, 
N. Y\, but when all other remedies failed, 
wo saved her .life with/ Dr. King's Now' s 
Diacoverr, * Our nieco who had consump- 
tion in nn advanced stage, also used this 
wonderful medicine and today she, la per- 
fectly well,. Desperate throat- and lung 
diseases yield to Dr. King's Now" Discov- 
ery as'to no olber roedicino ori' WrthV' In- '' 
fa 1 1 i ble for cough s anil co I da ,"■ - 50c"'. aijd 
81 .00 bottles guaranteed -- by -W. >T. ?>ni|f*fe^'' 
Trinl bottles free. , ." --!■..--'..';."'>: /?p,; J-.l: •>• 

Wutfe Great jVI«SS^^**,-- r ' 
Memorial tablets are. to be nictaVby '*&■*■- 
the London county. "council "to Holly 
Lodge, :Cnmpden hill, Kensington, tho 
housp In which Macaulay died; to 4 1 " 
Whitehall gardens, Jn. which Sir Rob- - 
ert Pool died,, and to /22 Theobalds* 
rood, tho house In which Disraeli waa 


That's. dlf- 

-Electrons and; Atoms. 
If an electron Is represented by a 
sphere, an Inch in diameter en atom' 
of matter on tho same scale la a mile 
and a. half. Or, If an atom of matter 
is represented by ,the: alze of a thea- 
ter, an electron la represented on the 
same scale by a printer's fuHstop. 

E recti - ; Many Churches. 
The. board of church extension of 
the Methodist Episcopal "church has . 
aided in the erectlon'or saving of over 
12,600 churches, expending nearly 
18,000,000 for theso purposes. ' 

"H'l, Shoe. Exports. 

Art ^« r, - ca U n °w"Mp"6rtIng about 17.- * 
^.OOO^OOiworth, of shoes a year of, 
^hleh-.GrcatTBritalii i geVa .pn^thlrd. '' ' 

SOWfed by dollats tifyoxi viSft 

.. Germans. -In South Brazil. 
"Tn" "South Brazil 30 per cent of the 
people nrq Germans. 

Swimming In Dead Sea, 

.The human body being lighter than 

the water or the Dead sea, swimming 

In it 1b not difficult, the head alono 

tending to sink In the wator. 




thing has ever equalled it 
Nothing can ever surpass it. 

Bend model, sketch or photo of Invention for 

patcu lability, Forfrft 


free report on 
How to Bectirc' 
Patents and 

For free booK, 
write i 
■ to 


Dr. King's 


/8ES4 1 " »"■* 

50c & fl.00 

A Perfect For All 





Money back |f It f«H l( - Trial Bottloi n-«. 





to any address 



•SuTlaaH &*2vS ^"^"r^e^'^'sacUlessBen.Hur .'would pe required le supply 

W?S£SJ r- V* '*" V ?"*^ *h.t.Bea-:Hur «a:do for yoo'ii a money .'save, 
EW■l^^JIl^ W V , ^^»* l,r, * Be ^ H«-r Flour will bring n your Lc 
ffi%^&^£&* ^ e^^*& .h.. y you never „w -il^.tt^ 

^th^h-o^A^d cbox^ 


epec'iedMrs byvlnttlllBeat merfbltifj r ' ? ' ^"u" "'VT'''* C"*\". " , f ,B " c ." ,,t, ."o»"' ".!■ handled, ind packed ln"-ln^ 
»*.■*;««,*.,. r : • '■!, , „ ." „ '■ Utl loDB experience^ aod every barrel Is- tested before Ii leaves our mm.' aii .i7 \ • 7 

: 'V- : 


snKtt «^jR 5 pfourr i]i "^ iindu,e ^ Asa 

?*ffi3*m& R0Y AL, MILLINQ CQHEA^Ilttnncapiil'la, Mfnh. 

if* ■ 







^ 2 IP